Coca- Cola – Happiness Factory Saga

Happiness Factory 1 – 2007
 A journey through a coke vending machine into a fantasy land of wondrous characters and spectacular landscapes contributing to the delivery of the bottle.

Happiness Factory 2 – 2008
 It was just a normal day at the Happiness Factory, until the unbelievable happened – the red light went off and the Happiness Factory ran out of Coke! A heroic worker goes on a quest throughout the lands of this magical world and discovers the secret that gets the Factory working again.

Happiness Factory 3 – 2009
 The third installment of Happiness Factory tells the story of what happens when a contagious yawn rips through the Happiness Factory and how only Coca-Cola can break its spell…and restore physical and emotional energy to the Factory.

Behind the scene

The Making of

Happiness Factory Case Study
Transmedia storytelling expert Jeff Gomez, will deliver a case study on Coca Colas Happiness Factory, demonstrating how an entertainment IP can successfully be distributed and monetized across multiple platforms. Gomez works on some of the biggest entertainment franchises including Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean, and Hasbros Transformers

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam

Executive Creative Directors: Al Moseley, John Norman
Creative Directors: Hunter Hindman, Rick Condos
Directors: Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick



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