Eurobest (1991/2010) – 20 years of Grand Prix

Grand Prix 1991 – SUMO/Levi’s Jeans

Advertising Agency: McCann-Erickson, Milan

Grand Prix 1992 – MICHAEL JORDAN/Nike

Advertising Agency: Simons Palmer Denton Clemmow & Johnson, London

Grand Prix 1993 – MELT TOGETHER/Häagen-Dazs

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London

Grand Prix 1994 – CREEK/Levi’s Jeans

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London

Grand Prix 1995 – ELEPHANT/Rolo Nestlè

Advertising Agency: Lintas, Amsterdam

Grand Prix 1996 – MUSEUM/Centraal Beheer

Advertising Agency: DDB, Amsterdam

Grand Prix 1997 – ST GEORGE/Blackcurrant Tango

Advertising Agency: HHCL & Partners, London

Grand Prix 1998 – SAFETY ON BOARD/Samsonite

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Campaign Company, Amsterdam

Grand Prix 1999 – WEDDING/Volkswagen Polo

Advertising Agency: BMP DDB, London

Grand Prix 2000 – LARA CROFT/Sony Playstation

Advertising Agency: BDDP@TBWA, Paris

Grand Prix 2001 – BEAR/John West

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, London

Grand Prix 2002 – THE SCULPTOR/Peugeot 206

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Milan

Grand Prix 2003 – COPS/Volkswagen Polo

Advertising Agency: DDB London

Grand Prix 2004 – WATERBOY/Evian

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris

Grand Prix 2005 – KARL LAGERFELD FOR H&M/H&M

Advertising Agency: RAF, Stockholm

Grand Prix 2006 – TEAR/Audi RS4

Advertising Agency: DDB España, Madrid

Grand Prix 2007 – POWER OF WIND/Epuron

Advertising Agency: NORDPOL+ Hamburg

Grand Prix 2008 – DOG/Volkswagen Polo

Advertising Agency: DDB London

Grand Prix 2009 – CAROUSEL/Philips TV 21:9

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB Amsterdam

Grand Prix 2010 – WRITE THE FUTURE/Nike

Advertising Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Amsterdam

Aarhus University – The Human Website

The brief
The University of Aarhus wanted more students to apply and at the same time brand themselves as an innovative and open-minded university with the students in focus. The challenge was to position The University of Aarhus as a modern university that truly understands their students by breaking away from the general perception of universities as inaccessible Ivory Towers. Therefore we decided to create a momentary feeling within the students that they were already there.
The University of Aarhus needed a stronger profile in order to stand out from the other universities in Denmark. One of the general perceptions of the universities is that they are inaccessible and disconnected with the real world. The University of Aarhus wished to turn this perception into their advantage by positioning themselves as the one university that shows a sincere understanding of (future) students’ situation.
By taking the website to the students on their shared home ground, the university certainly gave an unmistakable proof of the interest in the students and their life.

The creative solution.
We created an interactive theatre play as an exact copy of the university website, this way making an important and explicit step towards showing the students a sincere interest. A supersized laptop was built specifically for the occasion and placed in the heart of the town. In this, a theatre crew imitated the many functions of the university website: chats with student advisers, information search and pop-up films. At the end of the play, a paper pdf was downloaded and handed out to the spectators.

The results.
On the spot, a huge crowd of people gathered to see the performance, and the applause spoke for itself. The number of visitors on the university website increased by 52 percent, and the number of students increased by no less than 13 % at the University of Aarhus.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Denmark
Creative Director: Michael Paterson, Jesper Hansen
Art Director: Jacob Nusbaum
Copywriter: IbenKruse Knudsen
Year: 2010

To infinity and beyond! (the Infinity Symbol in advertising)



Delta Airlines

Playboy TV

FIAT MilleEconomy 2009

Mars (Dove Heart Chocolates)

Istituto Hematologico

Super Interessante (Magazine)

Eveready (Battery)

Red Cross

Compaq NonStop

Volkswagen Sharan with free GPS

PKW (World AIDS Day)

Rawafid (Al-Futtaim Group)

Mennen Speed Stick Deodorant

Toronto International Film Festival

Beach Park


Permanence Matters (Glatfelter Paper)

BMW M3 Coupé – Light Wall Reflection

The brief was to promote the BMW M3 Coupé with a very special billboard at the Hamburg airport – a 50 x 2m light wall in the middle of the arrivals hall. The BMW M3 Coupé is one of the fastest coupés in the world. Its performance really exceeds all expectations. Our aim was to transport the benefits of the product, as well as to get the most out of the advertising space.

Checking the location and realising the shiny, reflecting floor in the rather dark arrivals hall, we came up with the idea to work with the reflection.
For a car that knows no boundaries, we created a billboard that doesn’t either. We designed a headline out of a special font: letters, which can be mirrored. Their reflection on the shiny floor made them complete.

We created a campaign that illustrated the brand- and product-values: through innovation – one of the most important brand values – BMW manages to achieve more than what seems possible. The billboard exceeded its maximum for a car that exceeds maximums. We reached the 1.07 million people passing* in a way no normal billboard would have reached them.
Furthermore, we simply doubled the media space and the attention – which saved us 41,000 Euros of media budget.
* Source: Hamburg Airport, for our publication time between October and December 2010

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Munich
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Creative Director: Maik Kaehler, Christhoph Nann
Copywriter: Andreas Schriewer
Art Director: Manuel Wolff, Roman Becker
Year: 2011
Gold Lion (Design Lion)

IKEA – IKEA Cat-alogue (Happy Inside)

Cats are the undisputed champions of comfort. Whether it’s your bed, your sofa, or your lap – once they are happy, they settle in. So, to launch IKEA’s 2011 catalogue and its new brand positioning ‘Happy Inside’, we decided to conduct an experiment, and put IKEA products to the test. We released 100 of these felines into IKEA’s Wembley store, for real, to see where they went and what furniture made them happy inside.  The experiment was manifest in multiple ways, from a behind-the-scenes film to an online competition. ‘Wembley Cats’ was a commercial that brought ‘Happy Inside’ to life featuring the music of Mara Carl.

The brief
Our problem was the public’s perception of IKEA as a cheap, low quality retailer. We wanted to make sure that IKEA was seen as providing more than just more “stuff”, and what it provided was seen as not “cheap” but something that went beyond price. Our solution was to draw out the truth of IKEA’s design philosophy, that IKEA’s products are designed to make anyone, no matter how much money they have, feel “Happy Inside”. The website objective was to drive depth of engagement with products, amongst people who had already enjoyed the Cats TV spot and “Herding Cats” film.

The creative solution
Cats was the first campaign to use our new brand idea for IKEA – “Happy Inside”. The objective was to increase brand appeal and announce the launch of the 2010 catalogue. Our target audience was broad – “the many people” in IKEA-speak. The challenge was to find a simple, emotive way of showing how IKEA can make you Happy Inside.

We wanted to do an experiment, not just an ad campaign. We wanted to take the planet’s best experts in comfort – house cats – and find out what they would do in an IKEA store. To produce the campaign we released 100 cats, for real, into an IKEA store and filmed, measured and recorded what they did in order to produce a range of video and interactive assets. We wanted to prove that IKEA’s products can make you Happy Inside, so we performed an experiment. We released 100 house cats, the experts in comfort, into an IKEA showroom, for real… and filmed them. If they were happy – they’d settle down and go to sleep. We captured this and created an online film showcasing a behind- the – scenes look at the experiment. We then used the footage to produce a website that allowed users to guess which piece of furniture the cat would settle down on. If they guessed right, they won it. We also cut the footage into a 60 second commercial which brought ‘Happy Inside’ to life. We even commissioned a documentary into house cats and their relationship with their owners in the home. Finally, we used press and banner advertising to launch the campaign featuring our experts getting comfortable on IKEA furniture.

By encouraging people to consider which items were most likely to make our various cat personalities feel ‘happy inside’, we drove users to actually think about the entire range of IKEA products from the new catalogue.

The website and Facebook
We used the footage to produce a website that allowed users to guess which piece of furniture the cat would settle down on. If they guessed it right they won it. The website integrated with Facebook and with such success that at one point, Facebook blocked it for generating too many. The site experience was appropriate to the brand because people had to think about how IKEA products made cats ‘happy inside. And in order to that, you had to think about how they made you ‘happy inside’. Which is of course the central brand idea. Not only that, but it also encouraged people to explore the entire IKEA catalogue.

The results
The Cats campaign was a huge hit with consumers online – the YouTube films garnered over 4m views between them and the website was visited by 225k individuals, spending an average of 5 minutes each. This figure would have been higher but for Facebook shutting down some of the site’s functionality after the first weekend due to it generating too many posts. IKEA’s brand tracking has shown gains in top-of-mind awareness and the perception that the brand is “warm and human” and despite a declining UK furniture market, IKEA has seen gains in market share. There has been interest from several IKEA countries outside the UK in running the Cats campaign.

The Making Of – a look behind the experiment of IKEA UK’s release of 100 house cats into its Wembley store in the UK. 

Advertising Agency: Mother London
Creative Directors: Mark Waites, Robert Saville, Stephen Butler, Feh Tarty
Copywriters /Art Directors: Tim McNaughton, Freddy Mandy, Joris Philippart, Cat Howarth
Production Company: Stink, London
Director: Mark Pytlik
Year: 2001
Shortlist and Bronze Lion (Cyber)

Nedbank – Power to the people (the world’s first Solar Powered Billboard)

Generallly billboards are viewed as visual pollution. So we created a billboard that actually gives back to the community. By attaching solar panels, the billboard is able to supply energy to the school that feed 1100 kids, in one of South Africa’s poorest townships. This socially-aware approach to outdoor not only changes the public perception of billboards, but also builds the brand personality of our client, Nedbank, who through social upliftment projects are seen as the bank that cares about more than just money. Their payoff line, “Make Things Happen” is elevated from mere words into a tangible demonstration.

This billboard was the first of many that are being rolled out across South Africa in an attempt to create advertising that makes a real difference.

Apart from the value to the community and the 1100 kids that are being fed daily with the help of the power supplied by the billboard, the piece received extensive coverage in the mainstream media (beyond the “media and marketing” pages) with numerous write-ups in national publications, coverage on national radio and television news. It was also picked up by Contagious Magazine as a leading example of branded utility. All this “talk value” has played an invaluable role in the establishment of Nedbank as the bank that cares about more than just money.

According to AdAge, What ultimately swayed the jury in the favor of the NedBank “Power to the People” work was that the solar power being collected by the billboard was helping to power several community buildings, including a schoolhouse. That the work made a difference in the community made all the difference to the jury. At a time when it is so common to have short-term promotions, that the “work that continues to work and continues providing” was key”, said jury chair Jean-Remy Von Matt, founder-chairman, Jung Von Matt, Hamburg.

Advertising Agency: Net#Work BBDO, South Africa
Creative Directors: Julian Watt
Art Director: Jonathan Santana
Copywriter: Brad Reilly
Year: 2007
Grand Prix

Fallon Worldwide – The You Are Fallon Project

The Brief
Celebrate nearly 30 years of creativity, and, at the same time, figure out a way to display awards in the lobby of our new building. Let’s honor the work and the people behind the work—in a transformational way.
The Idea
Youarefallon grew into a massive project that had employees past and present from around the world donating awards—nearly 300 pounds of them—which were then literally melted down and poured into a handmade form created by a local artisan. The finished plaque hangs in our new lobby. E-mails, posters, and videos were made to persuade past employees to donate awards and share their stories and memories. A Web site was made to coordinate the donations and to display the work, photos, videos, the “making-of” film, and the final result: the finished plaque.

To celebrate 30 years of award-winning advertising, and to remind new clients of Fallon’s ongoing commitment, the You Are Fallon project was born. Former and current creatives were asked to donate an award from their Fallon days.

120 Lions, Pencils and Clios were then melted into a 200 lb. copperplate that now hangs proudly in the Fallon lobby—a constant reminder that the foundation of the agency is, and will always be, the work. Posters and videos solicited the awards. A Web site revealed the work and the stories behind it. Today, everyone who enters Fallon is greeted by this copperplate.
127 creative awards donated by Fallon alumni. Over 200,000 hits and a 180-lb. copperplate that now hangs in Fallon’s entrance as a daily reminder of what Fallon will always stand for, above all: the work.

Advertising Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Executive Creative Director: Albert Kelly
Creative Directors: Dean Buckhorn, Scott O’Leary
Copywriter: Roberto Lastra
Art Director: Sara Ramsey
Year: 2009

Jeep Grand Cherokee – Twig Stone

The objective of the promotion
The objective of this promotion was to communicate and to create an interest around the launch of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011. To do that, we needed to reach the target audience for the car – people with an adventurous profile – in a striking manner. We wanted to explore the adventurous side of these people in an unusual way and to encourage them not only to buy the car, but also to live the adventures with it.

The Idea
People who love Jeep also love adventure. That was the starting point of our thinking. So, in order to reach the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s adventurous consumer, we sent boxes containing objects from very distant places: rocks from Patagonia, twigs from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and water from a lake in Tierra del Fuego. Along with the objects, we also sent the exact coordinates for the objects’ places of origin and a proposal: return the rock, twig or water to where they came from, traveling this route by Jeep. Whoever actually made that trip would have all the hotel costs paid by Jeep.
The promotion gave people the chance to do something they love: facing an adventure. Unlike a common promotion, the box people received didn’t have a gift, but an object that should be returned. Therefore what people really got was an excuse to take the car and make their way to where the box contents should be returned. As a further motivation, Jeep would agree to pay for the lodging of the ones who faced the adventure. Linking Grand Cherokee 2011 with this adventure was the best way to introduce it to this audience.

The Results
The client had a high response rate: 30% of total people who received the boxes got in contact for more information about the car. And 12% of people actually bought the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011. This is an impressive figure, since the result the client used to get with similar actions was never more than 5%.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brasil
Creative Director: Ruy Linderberg
Art Director: Alexandre Pagano
Copywriter: Cesar Herszkovicz
Year: 2011

Volkswagen – Funwagen

Volkswagen Netherlands have just launched a fantastic new Facebook promotion called the VW Fanwagen. Centered around two of their most icon vehicles, the Campervan and the Beetle, Facebookers have the chance to vote on which one they want rebuilt into a one of a kind, fully specced up social media hub.  Features of the classically styled, yet fully featured vehicle include a social media dashboard where your friends status updates will be printed out in real time, a like thumb shaped gear stick and a revolving relationship status on the numberplate!

All fans have to do is head over to their Facebook page and cast their vote on who they want to win, Beetle vs Campervan.  Participants then add a part to the vehicle, share with friends, and then sit back and wait for the result! As you can see below, the VW Campervan is certainly leading the charge, and I’m not surprised considering you can still buy a VW Beetle!

Advertising Agency: Achtung!, Netherlands
Year: 2011

LG SolarDOM Microwave – Seafood Aquarium

Objective: to launch LG SolarDom with its selling point: “The new microwave that can cook food faster.”.
Creative Solution: we create robotic-seafood in multiple varieties that you can cook in our microwave. We selected one of the biggest department stores in South East Asia as the scene for our creative solution. This fish tank is located within the food court. We let Grilled Saba with Soya, Fried Mackerel and Deep-fried Shrimp swim like real fish in a tank inside the food court. With the headline – “Ready to eat. LG Solardom cooks food 4 times faster.” This clearly demonstrated our idea that the LG SolarDom can cook food faster so it’s like taking fresh fish out of a tank and eating it right away.

Results: the electronic section within the department store saw 60% increase in consumer inquiries.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Trong Tantivejakul, Marcus Rebeschini 
Executive Creative Director: Jon Chalermwong
Art Director: Somchok Kunjaethong
Copywriter: Parist Auttayatamavittaya
Year: 2011
Gold Lion