Be playful

Be contextual

Be useful

Be spectacular

Be contagious

Be experimental

Be ownable

Be personal

Be sociable

Be a storyteller

Be trasparent

Be creative.

13 Comments on “About”

  1. ege says:


    I am willing to exchange links with your blog. If you are interested in link exchange, please email me for further details.

  2. Ellen says:


    Great site! Do you have an email address if I want to send you new work?

  3. Ellen says:

    Thanks, brilliant!

  4. giaco72 says:

    Buon punto di riferimento. Complimenti.

  5. thefutureofeverything says:


    We are looking for some creative people to join in a project we are working on. We would love to have you join us!


  6. Bill says:

    Be trasparent?

  7. Maricruz C. Merlo (National Geographic Channels International) says:

    How can I share some of our creative work with you?

  8. marianna says:


    I am a young researcher in cognitive science, working on the construction of a web-based non-commercial collection of Visual Metaphors, which are images where one thing is represented through another thing (project promoted by the VU University of Amsterdam, Metaphor Lab: http://www.metaphorlab.vu.nl/en/research/funded_research/vismet/index.asp).

    Now I am contacting artists from all around the world and collecting the images (e.g. advertisements, political cartoons, artworks, etc) at this address: vismet.proj@gmail.com.

    I was wondering whether you ask for permission to reprint these images on your blog to the companies of the products involved (ex Coca Cola). Or whether you claim just a fair-use.

    Thank you!!

  9. rura88 says:

    I am impressed by your work.

    There is so much material I did not know of that actually exists.

    My sincere compliments.

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