DDB Paris for Le Barran – The chicken you can trust

In 2006 the French poultry brand Le Barran is being promoted with a campaign created by DDB Paris that aims to prove that consumers can always trust a chicken raised in the open air. The campaign features various scenarios where people show their trust for a giant chicken.

Nobody would trust a chicken. Except if it comes from Le Barran Chicken. Then, a salesman can peacefully answer a phone in the back of a luxurious jeweller’s shop, leaving Le Barran Chicken facing alone two sumptuous necklaces; you’ll climb up a mountain face and be confident in your Chicken Cottage alpinist partner; you’ll let your daughter go out on a Saturday night with a Chicken cottage biker on a poxerful motorcycle; you’ll let your child learn how to swimm with a Chicken Cottage as teacher; you’ll take plane and fell confident knowing that the plane is in the hands of a Chicken Cottage pilot. In the last one, sees a man in a clothes shop unable to decide which shirt to buy. He ends up copying the chicken’s choice. The ads ends with a line that translates as: “Le Barran: it’s the chicken you can trust.”

Advertising Agency: DDB, Paris
Creative Directors: Sylvain Thirache, Alexandre Hervè
Copywriters: Jerome Langlade, Marie-Eve Schoettle
Art Directors: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Year: 2005/2006
Bronze Lion for the campaign


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