Ogilvy South Africa for Harley Davidson (2004/2007) – Born to be creative

Harley Davidson Rentals (Tattoo) – 2004

Creative Director: Gerry Human
Copywriter: Neil Ross
Art Director: Mike Groenewald
Photographer: David Prior
Bronze Lion

Harley Davidson T-shirt – 2004

Creative Director: James Daniels/Gerry Human
Copywriter: Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Mike Groenewald
Photographer: David Prior

Harley Davidson (Charity Event) – 2005

Creative Director: James Daniels/Gerry Human
Copywriter: Irene Perrevos
Art Director: Jayson Dicks
Photographer: David Prior

Harley Davidson (Bikes for women) – 2006

 Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Vanessa Gibson, Robyn Bergmann
Photographer: Clive Stewart
Gold Lion for the campaign

Harley Davidson Motorcycles (Dog/Baby/Granny) – 2006

 Creative Director: James Daniels
Copywriter: Konstant Van Huyssteen
Art Director: Mike Groenewald
Photographer: David Prior
Silver Lion for the campaign

Harley Davidson Motorcycles (Ronnie’s Sex Shop) – 2006

 Creative Director: James Daniels
Copywriter: Konstant Van Huyssteen
Art Director: Mike Groenewald
Photographer: Mike Lewis
Bronze Lion

Harley Davidson Aftershave (Shaving Cut) – 2006

 Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Trevor Sacks
Art Director: Suzanne Strydom
Photographer: Clive Stewart

Harley Davidson (Breakfast Run) – 2006

Creative Director: Fran Luckin/Gerry Human
Copywriter: Derek Shevel
Art Director: Karry Barry
Photographer: Robyn Vickers

Harley Davidson Clothing (Fire/Pee/Smoke) – 2006

Future Riders Apparel
Creative Director: Fran Luckin/Gerry Human
Copywriter: Derek Shevel
Art Director: Karry Barry
Photographer: Kary Barry

Harley Davidson Tour (Class photo) – 2006

Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Sanele Ngubane
Art Director: Peter Little
Photographer: Shahn Rowe

Harley Davidson Motorcycles (Affair) – 2006

The man who rides a Harley-Davidson commands the kind of respect that’s way beyond anything the average guy will ever experience.
Creative Director: Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Bennie Du Plessis, Derek Shevel
Art Director: Karry Barry
Production Company: FreshWater Film
Director: Slim Grippa

Harley Davidson Clothing (Boots/Jeans/Shirt) – 2007

Creative Director: Gerry Human/Jonathan Beggs
Copywriter: Alison Hingle
Art Director: Mike Martin
Photographer: David Prior

Harley Davidson Veteran Club (Veterans) – 2007

Creative Director: Gerry Human/Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Haidee Nel
Art Director: Vanessa Gibson
Photographer: David Prior

Harley Davidson Gay Tours (Tours) – 2007

Creative Director: Gerry Human
Copywriter: Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Robin Bergmann
Photographer: David Prior

Harley Davidson Pin Up Calendar – 2007

The Brief
To showcase Harley’s customisable bikes to a growing market of lady riders in a fresh and interesting way.
The Solution
We took the idea of the perennial bikers’ ‘pin-up’ calendar and gave it a little twist. We replaced the girls with typical Harley guys posing suggestively on 6 classic Harleys that are customisable for women. The calendars were then mailed to prospective lady buyers on the Harley database.
The Results
The calendars met with hugely positive responses both from our client and the lady riders themselves. An initial print run of 1000 calendars was mailed to the market but due to high demand, two additional editions were ordered and sold at breakfast runs. Although not initially intended as items for sale, the revenues generated from sales were a welcome bonus

Creative Director: Gerry Human/Fran Luckin
Copywriter: Bridget Johnson
Art Director: Vanessa Gibson
Photographer: David Prior

Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai – The 70-Meter Spit

Spitting is a national habit in China. The Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai wanted an anti-spitting public awareness campaign targeting migrant workers in Shanghai. Most migrant workers have been educated the sputum in spits contains germs that spread diseases. But many do not know the germs are not contained within the spot of the spit. The wind helps to carry the germs that are in the spray of the spit to further distances. According to the Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai, germs can spread to as far as 70 meters depending on the wind conditions. So how do we make them see this fact?


The solution is simple: make the germs visible. Make the message obvious to the migrant workers. We created charcoal artworks that show how far the germs could spread from its source. A total of 51 artists consisting of graffiti artists, graphic designers, and fine arts students were involved in this gigantic piece of social art. And in the middle of the artwork we have an arrow that points to a spot of spit. On the arrow we fit in the message. We chose places that are near the migrant workers’ living quarters to showcase the artwork.

Results and Effectiveness: public awareness was heightened further by various media coverage. The extra publicity helped to spread the word about this unknown fact about spitting to more people.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Lee
Art Director:Xiao Kun, Kelvin Leong, Kevin Lee, Deng HuaZhang Lei, Robin Wu
Copywriter: Kit Ong, Adams Fan
Illustrator: Nial O’Connor, Huang Haibo, Bao Siwen, Minsheng Zhang, Xu Xueyong, Hui Yao
Year: 2011
Gold Lion/Shortlist (Grand Prix For Good)

Studio Brussel – Black Boy Wanting Water

Brussels, Belgium-based Mortierbrigade’s out-of-the-box pro-bono creative, “Black Boy Wanting Water,” won a Titanium Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival this year, as well as Lions in the Direct and Media competitions. A member of the Film jury, he spent much of his time reviewing commercials, but as the week progressed and his agency’s work was honored in one competition after another, his anticipation built. The excitement culminated at the end of the week, when the work walked away with the Titanium Lion.

“We never expected to win that,” says Mortier, a 40-year-old writer who co-founded the agency three years ago. “It was unbelievable.” 

The agency started working on the campaign last October, when it was asked by client Studio Brussels, a radio station, to come up with a campaign for its yearly “Music for Life” fundraiser. The “Music for Life” event, benefiting the Red Cross and its water programs, aimed to raise awareness about the problem of limited drinking water in Africa. “We were looking for another way to approach this problem, not to just make an advertisement,” says Mortier. “We wanted to find a much more direct way of confronting people with this problem.”
Instead of creating a spot asking for help, the agency had a young black boy, Gaetan, run into live broadcast studios to grab the glass of water usually unnoticed in front of newscasters or show hosts, drink it, then run off again. “We thought by having this boy [take] it we could say it’s maybe not so normal to have a glass of water, and make it clear it’s not in reach for millions of other people,” says Mortier.

To keep the reactions as real as possible, the agency informed only the the shows’ producers in advance, keeping the on-air talent in the dark. “They didn’t know this was going to happen,” says Mortier. He adds that it “wasn’t so easy” keeping the project quiet, but the station owner, government-owned VRT, gave the agency access to the live broadcasts of five prime-time shows, including political, sports and entertainment programming.

The five- to 10-second interruptions, which took place for three days over a weekend in December, were filmed and later broadcast as a commercial that explained who was behind the events and why. Mortier admits the agency wasn’t sure how well the idea would work. “It was live, so we only had one shot,” he says. “We had to cast a little boy who wasn’t afraid to interrupt live television recordings. Not easy. But Gaetan did it with a lot of flair.”

The work stirred the curiosity of the Belgian public, and by the time Monday morning rolled around the media was buzzing about the TV oddity. The radio station soon explained it was behind the stunt, as did the TV programs, and the PSA ran for a few weeks after the fundraiser. “It gave us the opportunity to tell this story one more time,” says Mortier.

Paul Woolmington, co-founder of Naked Communications in New York and a member of the Cannes Titanium jury this year, says the panel was impressed with the simplicity and inventiveness of the program. “I love the idea that something so taken for granted and universal could be hijacked in such a provocative and relevant way,” he says. “The idea and execution is so simple and brilliant, but finding the right person with vision and authority to make it happen is very difficult. Anyone tried to get through to Rupert recently?”

The effort raised 3.3 million euros, with 1 million euros donated by the Belgian government. For a country of 10 million people, it’s an impressive figure, notes Mortier, particularly since the initiative was broadcast only in Belgium’s Flanders region, the Flemish part of the country.

(from Adweek)

Advertising Agency: Mortierbrigade, Brussels
Creative Director: Joost Berends, Philippe DeCeuster, Jens Mortier
Creative: Dieter Vanhoof, Tim Driesen, Joeri Van den Broeck
Production Company: Caviar, Brussels
 Year: 2008

Harry Potter in advertising

Playstation 3/Blue Ray

Marani Eyewear

Crisol Bookstore

Harry Potter at PVR Cinema

ODEL Department Store – Harry Potter Promotion

 Promotion done at the Department Store ODEL, for the release of the new Harry Potter book. The spoon was magically moving in the cup on its own.
This simple yet innovative deployment immediately captured the public’s attention. A captured video was posted on youtube and became one of the top 40 most linked videos of that week, resulting in 53,880 views, as well as newspaper and TV coverage.
With an investment of merely Rs.2,000 (USD20), the campaign generated a total of Rs.100,000 (USD1,000) in Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). The entire stock of 150 books was completely sold out in hours, generating a total revenue of Rs.412,500 (USD4,125). The Return on Investment for this project mounted up to 256 times.
ODEL, Colombo’s premier department store, had to compete with all the major bookstores who were frantically promoting pre-bookings for the much-anticipated “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.
We wanted to bring a bit of Harry Potter Magic to ODEL. Shoppers at Odel’s in–store eateries were amazed to witness a self-stirring cup of coffee. Beside it lay a mock copy of the “Deathly Hallows” carrying the message, “Book your copy right now for a deposit of Rs.500.”


Videomarathon 2003 – Reality sucks

BED Club – Drag Show

Electronic Arts – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

LT Libreria Tecnica

Fundacìon Par

Suzuki Motorcycles School

Odyssey Multimedia Center – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Super Glue

Harry Potter BlueRay Collection – Promotion

The objective of the promotion
To advertise the arrival of the Harry Potter saga in high definition at Livraria Cultura.
The Idea
We’ve recreated one of the most famous passages in the saga – the passage through platform 9-3/4, using a technology called fogscreen. We’ve projected over a smokescreen the wall of the platform. So, people could cross the “brick wall” as if they were wizards.
By it’s innovativeness, it was an important attraction in the store, taking customers directly to the movie’s shelf, prompting an interaction with consumers, enjoyment for all ages, hundreds of spontaneous mentions in blogs about advertising, innovation, the series fan clubs among others, in Brazil as well as abroad. It allowed a “magic” experience for consumers, bringing them close to the series reality.

Titanic Magazine – Harry Potter Dies Promotion

The objective was to create a low budget promotion reinforcing the Titanic’s image as Germany’s number one satire magazine while generating new subscribers. On 27.10.2007, the very day when the last Harry Potter book was finally released with much ceremony, the Titanic, in true kill-joy spirit, revealed on various advertising mediums around the book’s point of purchase (pedestrian zones and book stores) that Harry would supposedly die on page 652, thereby eliciting the very strong reactions that a magazine of its nature is meant to.
What better way to promote Germany`s No. 1 satire magazine, famous for eliciting both malicious joy and laughter in equal measures, by creating a promotion that would do just that. The response was overwhelming: after the promotion the number of subscribers increased by 2,3 %. And the following edition of the Titanic magazine was sold out so the print run had to be increased by 5 %.
For the consumers this promotion was confirmation that Titanic is the best, therefore meanest satire magazine in Germany.


Red Peppers Audio Boks

Terramycin Plus Ointment

Beloura Shopping Center

Harry Potter at The Sun Theatre – Ambient

Seventy MM – Online Book

Mike Hutcheson’s book

Coca-Cola Cinema Ticket

Coca-Cola wanted to invite some executives from important Spanish companies and their families to the Première of the latest Harry Potter film. We were asked to create an invitation for that event that could fit in a A5 envelope.
Harry Potter is a film based on the power of magic so we came up with the idea of a blank card, with no text. A magic card. So in order to read the text you had to use a trick. The magic trick was rubbing the surface with a wet cloth. But of course the text would disappear again after a while.
No response was expected in any way by this action. However Coca-Cola got a lot of congratulations calls.

Kinokuniya Bookstores – Harry Potter mounth

Winnie the Pooh teaser trailer: How do you spell adventure?


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Athena Underwear – French athletes butt naked during a photo shoot

Athena, number one seller of men underwear in retail stores across France is launching its brand new line while anouncing its partnership with the French Athletics team. The brand strategy brought by EURO RSCG 360 brings a new playful spirit to the brand. Gone is the idealized image of the muscle man, welcome fun and humor for a campaign as colorful as the new boxers. 4 athletes strip down in the first step of the integrated campaign in a series of outdoor ads and a making of that reveals the naked truth about advertising.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG 360, France
Executive Creative Director: Hugues Pinguet
Art Director: Thomas Derouault
Copywriter: Dimitri Hekimian
Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Retoucher: Asile
Director: Agathe Riedinger

Newcastle Brown Ale – Trapped in a Schooner

Newcastle Brown Ale announces today an out of home advertising campaign so innovative that it truly lives up to the beer’s nickname: “The One and Only.” Building on Newcastle’s highly successful appeal to “Taste the Lighter Side of Dark,” three branded public art projects will debut this summer in San Diego – all designed to get people talking, texting, posting and “checking in,” as they check out what Newcastle has to offer. The curtain lifts on the first project “Trapped in a Schooner” at the historic Del Mar Racetrack in time for opening day, July 20th.

“Trapped in a Schooner” will entertain race fans through an optical illusion.  One person stands in a special location, while another climbs inside a larger than life replica of Newcastle’s traditional glass, the Geordie Schooner. The effect: it looks like they are trapped in a giant pint of Newcastle Brown Ale (what a pity).

“Newcastle Brown Ale is all about breaking conventions. It’s a dark beer that’s surprisingly easy to drink. And this campaign is all about doing something that goes way beyond conventional advertising,” says Charles Van Es, Director for Newcastle Brown Ale. “Our drinkers won’t settle for an ordinary ale, and we wanted to give them something extraordinary this summer, with these engaging, one of a kind projects.”

From the race track to the pubs, Newcastle Brown Ale will be encouraging fans and friends to post pictures of the Summer Spectaculars to their personal social media networks. Foursquare check-ins at the Schooner installation will also be rewarded with special Newcastle Brown Ale merchandise, furthering the buzz and word of mouth value of these projects.

“We think the guys who drink Newcastle, are a bit different. As a discovery brand, the consumers who order a Newcastle make a conscious choice to stand apart from the perceptions that most domestic beers thrive upon, so it was important for our out-of-home to reflect the sense surprise people have when they try our ale…in other words “it’s not what you might have first thought”, adds John Vitro, Executive Creative Director. “By getting people to engage and participate in the marketing we have the chance to express the wit, intelligence and wry smile that could only come from a British import like Newcastle.”

Advertising Agency: Vitro, San Diego
Executive Creative Director: John Vitro
Creative Director: KT Thayer
Art Director: Paul Lambert, Kevin Lukens
Copywriter: Schuyler Vanden Bergh