Thaivertising (15 best thai commercials ever)

Giffarine EQ-10 Skin Care –  Belly Button Face (2003)

Two sons try to get revenge on their mother’s plastic surgeon. He lited so much that her belly button is where her face should be. Family photos will never be the same again if only she had used Giffarine EQ-10 wrinkle cream.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Gold Lion

Soken –  Kill Bill Kill Bill/Tititititanic/X…X…X (2004)

This series show the problems when you play a DVD player. It then recommends a Soken DVD player instead. Kill Bill Kill Bill: the officer man talks to his colleague about the ‘Kill Bill’ DVD. When he is speaking, he is repeating himself again and again. Why? Because his DVD player doesn’t play smoothly. Tititititanic: the office girl talks to her friend at the elevator about the ‘Titanic’ DVD she saw yesterday. However, she isn’t speaking smoothly. Why? Because her DVD player can’t play smoothly either. X…X…X: the Junior Visualiser talks to his co-worker about a Japanese porn DVD. When he is speaking, he freezes up. Why? Because his DVD player is frozen.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG Flagship Bangkok
Gold Lion for the Campaign

Samart Ringtones –  Pole Dancing (2004)

In a train, there is a beautiful woman standing and holding a pole. When she bends down to fix her shoes, the “Cherry Pink” ring tone from another passengers mobile starts to ring. The office girl who is in the position of bending while holding the pole suddenly looks just like a stripper pole dancing. The power of ring tone.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Thailand
Bronze Lion

Unif Green Tea –  Worms (2004)

A man and a worm clash over the best tea leaves at the top of a plant.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Bangkok
Gold Lion

Ford Ranger OpenCab –  King Kong (2005)

A giant kingkong hand snatches a banana-laden truck. Playfully the monkey mistreats the truck. The kingkong”s dad arrives, telling junior it’s lunchtime. Junior ignores dad and continues
playing. Dad picks up the car, tossing it away and smacks junior’s ear. Super : In a man’s world you have to be tough.

Advertising Agency: JWT Bangkok
Gold Lion

Krungthai Bank –  Headman Villager Lee (2005)

Having a huge piece of log. Pooyai Lee, a Headman Villager gave his idea to the villagers to produce something, starting with a boat, table set, and a cutting board, and all were failed. Until he was left with the idea to make a toothpick. The morale: “without a thoughful plan, any huge capital can be blown away.”

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Bangkok
Bronze Lion

Scotch –  Date (2005)

A couple are in a restaurant.The girl looks depressed. She tells her boyfriend not to work so hard. She asks if he has some time for her. He put his hand on hers. Suddenly he taps his finger on her hand and moves it around like a computer mouse. Super : Scotch. Antidote for workaholics.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mother Bangkok
Bronze Lion

Bangkok Insurance –  Tyre/Twister/Robbery (2006)

Bangkok insurance wants to communicate the message “Maximum care” and we created a series of TVCs based on that. The idea is to show that the chance of being lucky in certain accidents or situations is less than 1%. The executions play with people being unbelievably lucky in perilous moments.

Advertising Agency: Creative Juice/G1 TBWA, Bangkok
Gold Lion for the Campaign

Baby Face Foam –  Love Story Campaign (2006)

Decades ago before DVDs, the classic Thai selling method was free outdoor cinema that sold a product during a show. We brought that back… We created “The Love Story” series of 4 episodes that not only sells but also pokes fun a conventional ‘Beauty’ commercials.  Airing schedule: prime time on the two most popular channels in Thailand every Friday, Saturday & Sunday starting from June 24th.

Advertising Agency: Jeh United Bangkok
Gold Lion for the Campaign

The Thai Olympic Fibre Cement –  Shakespearean Gecko (2007)

Sharing the fate of Romeo and Juliet, one lizard sacrifices his life to be with his lover because of the cracked ceiling problem.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Thailand
Silver Lion

Bangkok Life Assurance –  Salesman (2007)

Bangkok life assurance creates brand awareness by focusing on their unique selling point:their salesmen’s sincerity. Consumers normally are disgusted by salesmen but with Bangkok insurance this perception will totally change.

Advertising Agency: Creative Juice/G1 TBWA
Silver Lion for the Campaign

Sylvania Light Bulb –  Pic-Nic (2008)

“Nothing to be scared of if there is light. The light is your true friend”.
This is a story about being scared of the dark. During a picnic in the daytime, a father introduces various kinds of Thai ghosts to his son. He has fun getting to know them. Once the light was off, everything became scary.  After the launch, this television commercial became the “Talk of the town” and has been requested for download by consumers from many websites.

Advertising Agency: Jeh United Bangkok
Gold Lion

D7 Coffee –  Wake up Thailand! (2008)

D7 coffee TVC series were created by tying the functional benefit of coffee with controversial issues in Thailand. D7 coffee stimulates not only the body but also the morality of the person.

Advertising Agency: Creative Juice/G1 TBWA
Silver Lion

Muang Thai Life Insurance –  Bridge (2010)

Shows a family walking along when the father received a phone call from his doctor. He finds out that he has liver cancer. With the family distraught and worrying about how they will support themselves, Muang Thai offers them the assurance they need.

Advertising Agency: JWT Bangkok
Silver Lion

Thai Life Insurance –  Silence of Love (2012)

This commercial asks the audience to stop and think about the immense value of the care that fathers provide to their children and the sacrifices they make in the name of unconditional love. The story is told through the eyes of a teenage girl who feels alienated because of her inferiority complex due to her father’s deafness. She refuses to accept her father’s love and turns to other sources. When met with disappointment she decides to commit suicide. However, her father discovers her in time and does whatever it takes to keep his daughter alive. As she recovers at the hospital she finally comes to the realization that, even though her father is not perfect, his love for her is perfect and that it was herself who overlooked all his parental acts of love. It’s past time to care for those who have cared for you. Thai Life insurance. Caring for Thai lives.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mother Bangkok
Bronze Lion


15 Most Insightful Call for Entries Ads

1 – ADC-UA Awards (Ukraine)/Agency: Leo Burnett Ukraine

2 – The 2002 Marketing Awards/Agency: Taxi Canadamarketing-awards-hack-small-18780





3 – Art Director’s Club CdF 2006/Photographer Vincent Dixon

4 – The Art Directors Club CfE 2002/Bozell New York








5 – The Singapore Creative Circle Awards 1997/Leo Burnett Singapore


6 – Creative Club of Belgium (Call for entry 2005)/Agency: Duval Guilarme, Brussels

7 – The KBP Radio Awards, C.f.E 2007/Agency: BBDO Guerrera Ortega, Philippines




8 – The Art Director’s Club CdF 2009/Agency: Publicis New York

9 – Clio Awards 2004/Agency: ALMAP/BBDO




10 – The Art Director’s Club Cdf 2011/Agency: DDB New York







11 – Crèa Awards 2007/Agency: BOS, Canada








12 – The One Club Call for Entries 2007/Agency: Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa




13 – AdAwards Call for Entries 2006/Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Paris


14 – ADC 92° Annual Awards/Agency: The Conquistadors Collective, New York




15 – The Tinta Awards Call for Entries 2012/Agency: Young & Rubicam Philippines




Songvertising – 32 best commercials with singing people


In a follow-up to last year’s rapping farmers ad, Yeo Valley launched a tv spot during the first ad break of The X Factor live show. The one-off, two-minute music video features a farming-inspired boy band called The Churned, singing a ballad entitled Forever. The ad was shot on location in Blagdon, in the heart of rural Somerset. The launch tied in with a Facebook karaoke competition, where users could sing along to the Yeo Valley track. The winner appeared in a 30-second version of the ad, which ran during the X Factor final on 11 December.

Advertising Agency: BBH London
Year: 2012



An epic send-up of big budget ads, featuring a cast of thousands. Song lyrics: “It’s a big ad / very big ad/ it’s a big ad we’re in./ It’s a big ad/ my God it’s big/ can’t believe how big it is/ it’s a big ad for Carlton Draught / It’s just so freaking huge! / It’s a big ad/ expensive ad! / This ad better sell some bloooooody beer!!!

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Year: 2006
Gold Lion


3 – PUMA – Hardchorus

We open on a small group of hardcore soccer fans, also known as hooligans, standing in a classic British pub. Suddenly, one of them starts singing the first words of “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden. Another hooligan joins in, and as the camera pulls out, we see that the whole pub is packed with hooligans. They all sing together with the power of an entire stadium of fans during a soccer game, turning the cheesy love song into something big, beautiful and romantic. After the last chorus, a super appears: “It’s match day. It’s Valentine’s Day. Let your better half know how you feel. Dedicate and send this song at”. Followed by Puma’s “Love = football” next to the Puma logo.

Advertising Agency: Droga5
Year: 2010
Gold Lion for the Campaign


4 – NORTE BEER – It’s Good to Have Friends

Beer means friendship, and this campaings presents in funny way the different kind of friends we all have.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires
Year: 2009
Silver Lion for the Campaign


5 – T-MOBILE – Welcome Back

On October 27th 2010, thousands of unsuspecting passengers arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 were given a welcome home to remember. People were greeted by a 300 strong choir and vocal orchestra singing a medley of songs, completely a cappella, to welcome them back into the country.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Satchi,  London
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


6 – COCA-COLA – Hilltop

Advertising Agency: McCann Erikson
Year: 1971


7 – HEINEKEN – Singer

A blues singer can’t sing the blues – his life is too contented. A sip of lager soon changes that. Heineken refreshes his blueness.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Haward- Spink,  UK
Year: 1992
Gold Lion


8 – HONDA – Impossible Dream

A man travels on an incredible journey using some of Honda’s landmark products whilst miming to the Andy Williams song ‘The Impossible Dream’. His journey comes to an abrupt end when he leaps off a giant waterfall in a Honda Powerboat into the mist below. Surely, this is the end of his dream? However as Andy Williams reaches the crescendo of the song, our hero returns in a Honda Hot Air Balloon to finish off the song in style. Garrison Keillor – the voice of Honda – sums it all up with ‘I couldn’t have put it better myself’.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy,  London
Year: 2006
Gold Lion


9 – COCA-COLA – Choir

Here’s Coca-Cola celebrating along with Santo its 125th year, and once again, we are guilty of naivety. We believe that, even today, the world is not far from the world that we dream of. In fact we are so naïve about thinking this way, that we decided to carry out an investigation to evaluate just how justified our reasons to believe in a better world were. We are proud to present to you “Choir”, created by Santo for Coca-Cola Latin America and their new communications platform: “REASONS TO BELIEVE IN A BETTER WORLD”.

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


10 – T-MOBILE – Singalong

When T-Mobile invited the British public to be part of their next event, people turned up to Trafalgar Square, not knowing what they were letting themselves in for. Thousands of microphones were handed out as it was revealed they’d all be singing karaoke together. After a number of songs, and with a surprise guest appearance from Pink, the event culminated with everyone singing the timeless classic, ‘Hey Jude’

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Satchi,  London
Year: 2010


 11 – NIKE FREE RUN – I Would Run to You

Love makes people do crazy things. Like run across the country. See how strong running reunites a long distance couple.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2012
Bronze Lion


 12 – NIKE – Pretty

As Maria Sharapova marches to her tennis match, she passes people who sing I Feel Pretty. She slams a ball cross to court, putting an end to the singing.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2007
Gold Lion


13 – BASF – Dear John

The ad, set in army camp, features a soldier receiving a letter which goes to the tune of “Dear John”, the country song written by Lewis Talley, Fuzzy Owen and Billy Barton and made popular by Jean Shepard during the Korean war. As the song finishes the sergeant adapts the classic line from Humphrey Bogart, “Play it again John”.

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, NZ
Year: 1982
Gold Lion


14 – REXONA – Sensitive Armpits

A tough lumberjack is chopping down a tree. As he rearranges his cap, we notice at the same time he does that his underarm begins to song a sweet song. The corny melody is really annoying him. At this point, we see different cliché images of rough and tough men all undergoing the same situation. Finally, one of them applies the New Rexona Men Sensitive and succeeds in shutting up the underarm voice. A male voice in off says: New Rexona Men Sensitive. Even the most insensitive guy can have sensitive underarms.

Advertising Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


 15 – STARBUCKS – Glen

Glen jumpstarts his day by drinking a Starbucks DoubleShot. As he opens the can, Survivor appears in his apartment. They follow Glen through his full morning routine, singing a personalized version of “Eye of the Tiger.”

Advertising Agency: Fallon, New York
Year: 2004


16 – GOOGLE – Demo Slam: Realtime Karaoke

Google is more than just a search bar. However, most of us don’t use, let alone, are aware of its many features. We needed to find a way to share all this free technology with the world. To educate everyone about all of Google’s innovations; we decided to change the way people learnt about it. We got precisely the people who didn’t use this free tech, to explain to the others why they should. Because, only they would be able to explain it in a way that would be fun to watch, and understood by all. By bringing in just a little bit of courage, creativity and fun; each of them pushed the role of technology in our lives and inspired the rest to use it in ways never imagined before.
Transforming something few were aware of to something the whole world cared about; we were able to re-define the role of technology in everyone’s life. From celebrities, scientists, soccer moms, teens to even sports personalities; everyone came forward to find new ways in which technology could make their world a little better.

Advertising Agency: Johannes Leonardo, NY
Year: 2011
Gold Lion for the Campaign


17 – DISCOVERY CHANNEL – I Love the World

We developed a new brand idea for Discovery Channel: Discovery is the
World’s Biggest Fan of the World. We wanted to celebrate all that is epic, beautiful, inspiring, fun and just plain crazy in the world. Fellow fans—from spacewalking Astronauts to Alaskan fishermen to Zulu warriors to Stephen Hawking to Discovery hosts like Mike Rowe and Bear Grylls—sing along to an old campfire song re-written to express how each of them loves the world. In other words, to tell people why Discovery Channel thinks “The World is Just Awesome.”

Advertising Agency: 72ndSunny, USA
Year: 2008


18 – MATCH.COM – Piano

This is a film for the online dating service,, which features a couple finding each other as they examine musical instruments. He strums a guitar and she plays a keyboard. Together they make beautiful music, and it’s clearly the start of something special.

Advertising Agency: Mother, London
Year: 2010
Gold Lion


 19 – WILKINSON – Mow the Lawn

Girls in a front yard sing about mowing the lawn in order to promote Wilkinson/Schick Quattro razors for women.

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York
Year: 2009



We saddled up a horse, found a modern day cowboy that happened to have a hole in his neck due to a tobacco-related laryngectomy, and sent him to Manhattan to sing.

Advertising Agency: Arnold/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion


21 – ARNET BROABAND – Numa Numa

The ad shows some of the funny stuff you can find on the Internet.

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2007


22 – EVIAN – Voices

A man in a lift, a jogger, a secretary by the photocopier, a man in his car, an elderly lady…in all these scenes from everyday life, we see people singing with their childish voices.

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Year: 2003


 23 – NIKE WOMEN – Surgery

A group of women run away from a plastic surgery clinic dancing a choreography to a reggaetón tune.

Advertising Agency: Madre, Buenos Aires
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion


 24 – DIESEL – Anthem

Sing-a -ong Diesel Island national anthem. Why is your country fucked up?

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion for the Campaign


 25 – PROCTER & GAMBLE – You’ll Never Walk Alone

This 60-second commercial shows a lifetime of moms by their children’s sides doing the daily, sometimes mundane, things that help their children grow up to be Olympians. All the while, they sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Carousel. The ad builds from a child’s birth and culminates with the Olympics and a proud mom seeing all her hard work pay off. We then cut to a card that says, “Thank you, Mom,” followed by a series of product brand images that ends on the P&G logo with the voice-over, “P&G. Proud sponsor of Moms.”

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2010
Bronze Lion for the Campaign


26 – BURGER KING – Americas Favorite/More Mayo/More Cheese

Introducing the Whopperettes.

The Whopperettes return with a story about extra cheese.

The Whopperettes return with a story about mayo.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Year: 2006
Silver Lion for the Campaign


 27 – CADBURY DAIRY MILK – Night Runner

Fallon and Cadbury keep Great Britain pumped for the Olympics with a new spot that re-creates “The Final Countdown” — but adds multiple voices singing from the towers and buildings while a runner makes his way, presumably, to the Olympic Gold. An accompanying interactive feature encourages Britons to upload videos of them singing similarly inspirational songs to help team GB to victory.

Advertising Agency: Fallon London
Year: 2012


28 – LOTTO LOTTERY – Ballroom Blitz

A taxi driver refuses to let passengers into his cab. Instead, he walks over to the queue and starts to sing for them. The man who joins in is chosen as the lucky passenger.

Advertising Agency: New Deal DDB, Norway
Year: 2001
Bronze Lion


29 – CADBURY DAIRY MILK – Simply the Best

Part of Cadbury’s “Keep Team GB Pumped” campaign for London 2012 Olympics, swimmer Rebecca Adlington is serenaded by royal guards, dinner ladies and butchers with Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

Advertising Agency: Hypernaked, London
Year: 2012


30 – AMP ENERGY DRINK – Walk of no Shame

AMP wanted to introduce three new products with specific energy functions, designed to help our target, people who live their lives to the fullest. We also needed to increase brand awareness and embed ourselves into their daily life. We wanted to be the most relevant, unlike our hyper-masculine energy competitors. “Walk of No Shame” was an ode to the infamous walk that young people take “the night after” going out. With the look and sound of a mini-musical, AMP showed how one can take a “walk of no shame” as it gets you back on your feet.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Year: 2009


31 – LABATT BLUE BEER – Big Song

A young man tries to make up to his girlfriend by singing her a song around a campfire – “Out of the Blue”, and it turns into a huge sing-a-long.

Advertising Agency: Ammirati Puris, Canada
Year: 2001


32 – PEPSI – Pepsi Generation

Advertising Agency: BBDO, USA
Year: 1984

Starbucks – The Big Picture

The brief
To launch Starbucks’ new Green Initiative, we set out to demonstrate the power of people coming together. Our goal was to show how each individual’s small action can add up to create an amazingly big impact.
On March 18 – 19 in New York, we created a massive event where thousands of New Yorkers traded in their paper cups for reusable mugs. Artists used the individual paper cups to create a giant mosaic image of a sequoia three – representing the vast number of trees we can save if we all made one small change.

On Facebook, 790,000 fans participated from around the world. And as a result of the documented event, over one million people brought a reusable mug to Starbucks on April 15th. During the event, thousands of people traded in their paper cups for reusable mugs.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Creative Director: Linda Honan
Art Directors: Kim Haxton, Stuart Matz
Year: 2010

The 10 Best Commercials to watch on Halloween

1 – Volkswagen – HORROR MOVIE

The quality and reliability of a Volkswagen are known to be extremely high. Accordingly, you will never see a Volkswagen that won’t start in a dangerous horror movie scene.

Advertising Agency: DDB Germany
Creative Director: Amir Kassaei, Stefan Schulte, Bert Peluecke
Copywriter: Sebastian Kainz
Art Director: Marc Wientzec
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion

2 – Nike Footwear – SCARY HOUSE

A little girl finally musters up the nerve to ring the doorbell of the scary house at the end of the street. When frightened she runs away by getting in the mindset of the fastest woman in the world: Marion Jones. It’s a race against fear through the backstreets of Savannah.

Advertising Agency: Weiden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Director: Bill Grylewicz, Andrew Loewenguth
Copywriter: Mike Byrne, Hal Curtis
Art Director: Bill Karow
Year: 2005
Bronze Lion

3 – Nike Sportwear – HORROR

A spoof of the horror film classic “Friday The 13th” but with a twist ending. We see the villain hunched over gasping for breath as Olympic athlete Suzy Hamilton escapes in the distance.

Advertising Agency: Weiden + Kennedy, Portland
Creative Director: Jim Riswold
Copywriter: Ian Reichenthal
Art Director: Scott Vitrone
Year: 2001

4 – SWR Television Station – LULLABY

Serial murderers, monsters and horror characters from well-known splatter, horror and violent films sing Brahms’ lullaby (Lullaby and Good Night). The film ends with the question: how much violence do your kids see before they go to sleep? SWR Television. Against violence on TV.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mother Frankfurt
Creative Director: Peter Rommelt, Simon Oppmann
Copywriter: Peter Rommelt
Art Director: Simon Oppmann
Year: 2004
Bronze Lion

5 – Smart FourTwo – BACK SEAT

Sometimes it’s more secure to drive a car with no backseats. Note: All scenes in the commercial were filmed referring to the cinematic look of the originals.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Germany
Creative Director: Matthias Eickmayer, Stephan Meske
Copywriter: Szymon Rose, Florian Barthelmess, Jonathan Skupp
Art Director: Steffen Gentis, Annette Berkenbusch, Mereike Ceranna
Year: 2007
Silver Lion

6 – 13eme Rue Tv Channel – SCREAM

Scenes of famous horror films with women screaming…

Advertising Agency: Betc Euro RSCG, Paris
Creative Director: Stephane Xiberras
Copywriter: Oliver Couradjut
Art Director: Remy Tricot
Year: 2007

7 – K-Fee Caffeine Drink – COMPLETE CASE HISTORY

Ever been so wide awake? Then another: K-fee. Canned caffeine with

Advertising Agency: Jung Von Matt, Germany
Creative Director: Costantine Kaloff, Ove Gley
Copywriter: Daniel Frericks, Eskil Puhl
Art Director: Frank Aldorf
Year: 2005

Silver Lion for the campaign

8 – Stihl Chainsaw – MASSACRE

The Stihl easy2start chainsaw range feature an effortless , every time starting mechanism.
A wonderful product benefit that gives life to this spoof of the horror genre. Dramatised in a style that looks and feels as much like a cinematic experience as possible, this is an ad that changes shape with a twist.

Advertising Agency: Cummins & Partners, Melbourne
Creative Director: Craig Conway, Sean Cummins
Copywriter: Dave Lunnie, Melissa Turkington
Art Director: Dave Lunnie, Melissa Turkington
Year: 2006

9 – Gainomax Recovery Drink – SCARY

By old habits, people eat bananas after working out. But, bananas are for monkeys. Instead, maximize the effect of your exercise and drink Gainomax Recovery: it’s better for you. In this horror movie a monkey threatens us. Don’t take his bananas. If you do, he’ll come after you.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Stockholm
Creative Director: Fredrik Preisler, Adam Kery
Copywriter: Amalia Ptsiava, Adam Reuterskiold
Art Director: Gustav Egerstedt
Year: 2008


10 – Cingular Mobile Phone Service – HORROR

Filmed in a “horror movie” style, scary teenagers ask their parents for cellphones.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Creative Director: David Lubars, Bill Bruce, Susan Credle
Copywriter: David Locasio
Art Director: Rich Wakefield
Year: 2006

BBDO Chile and The Dark Side of Playstation

Playstation 2 – BOXER/SOLDIER (2006)

Creative Director: Cristian Schinadeermann
Copywriter: Matias Lopez, Marcelo Correa
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete, Fernando Riveros
Photographer: Lautaro
Typographer: Ricardo Salamanca
Gold Lion for the Campaign

Playstation 2 – RUBIK/PUZZLE (2007)

Creative Director: Joaquin Bascunan, Cristian Schinadeermann
Copywriter: Cristian Schinadeermann
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete, Fernando Riveros
Photographer: Lautaro
Typographer: Fernando Riveros

Playstation 3 – ORCS/SOLDIERS (2008)

Creative Director: Joaquin Bascunan, Cristian Schinadeermann
Copywriter: Cristian Schinadeermann
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete, Fernando Riveros
Photographer: Lautaro
Typographer: Ricardo Salamanca

Playstation 3 – JOAN OF ARC/ROMMEL (2009)

Creative Director: Emerson Navarrete
Copywriter: Emerson Navarrete, Fernando Riveros
Art Director: Emerson Navarrete, Fernando Riveros
Photographer: Eugenio Recuenco

Wrigley’s Extra Polar Fresh – Mint Parking Ticket

The challenge was to distribute the fresh mint taste of wrigley’s extra polar fresh not only to the consumer, but also onto everyone’s lips. To successfully achieve our goal, wrigley made use of an everyday observation: when you drive into a parking lot, you haven’t got a free hand for your parking ticket, so you put it in your mouth. This gave wrigley the idea to create the world’s first flavoured parking ticket. Wrigley printed tickets with a very thin layer of mint and placed them in parking lots. when drivers put the ticket in their mouth, they experienced the fresh flavour of Wrigley’s Extra Polar Fresh gum. Drivers had the taste for more, and there was an increased sale of Wrigley’s Extra Polar Fresh in stores close to the parking lots. A test-run showed that this promotional idea was well received by consumers and fit for a nation-wide promotion.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf
Chief Creative Officers: Christian Mommertz, Sebastian Hardieck, Wolfgang Schneider
Executive Creative Director: Carsten Bolk
Art Directors: Michael Plückhahn, Gustavo Vieira Dias
Copywriter: Isabel Campagna

Mars – Message From Mars

Describe the challenges and key objectives
Engage youngsters with the Mars brand; allow them to participate with the brand. Prove that Mars, as an iconic brand, is able to keep coming up with innovative, fun stuff. Raise brand awareness by doing a remarkable campaign.
Describe the brief from the client
Mars is one of the most classic brands in its category: it’s a true iconic brand.
To stay top of mind the brand has to keep proving its relevancy and therefore shifted its focus on engaging youngsters (16-24) with remarkable campaigns and actions.
Mars asked us to create a sales activation in which we engage the target audience. Not by telling them the ‘feel good energy’ brand proposition, but by giving them the opportunity to experience the brand in a whole new way.
Describe how you arrived at the final design
We erased the logo from the Mars bar thereby creating a black bar. We developed a set of stickers with the complete alphabet in Mars typography, including punctuation marks.
This way the bar became an interactive object that gave people the possibility to create their own messages and give these to friends, colleagues or family. Interaction was thereby created through the heart of the brand: on the package where normally the logo is printed.
Give some indication of how successful the outcome was in the market
The black bar and the campaign around it stimulated the target audience to create messages and personalise their Mars bars.
24.000 extra sticker-sets where ordered via the campaign-website. Mars saw an increase in sales of 12 % in OOH and 5% in grocery. Additionally brand preference amidst youngsters increased by 4%.

Advertising Agency: FHV BBDO, Netherlands
Creative Director: Mark Muller
Copywriter: Mark Muller
Art Directors: Joris Tol, Gijs Sluijters, Thomas Aberson, Demy Sapthu, Joris van Elk
Photographer: Studio Beerling

HBO – Voyeur Project

Describe the objective of the promotion.
The campaign goal was to fortify HBO against increasing competition by strengthening the brand’s relationship with super-fans. Incredibly engaged in all forms of media, they seek intelligent, cutting-edge entertainment experiences. Super-fans recognize HBO as one of the few brands that respects their intelligence. They don’t just watch HBO programs – they’re completely involved and engaged before, during and after a show.
The creative task was to ignite this same level of passion around the HBO brand itself. Success would be determined by positive shifts in brand perception metrics, improved bonding levels among super-fans and increases in online brand buzz.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation.
In order to impact perceptions among an already positive audience, it wouldn’t be enough to tell super-fans that we are the leaders at cutting-edge, innovative storytelling – we needed to show them.
HBO Voyeur took the act of watching, already an integral part of the HBO experience, and intensified it. The viewers became essential players within the story – their gaze the very essence of the concept for HBO Voyeur: sometimes the best stories are the ones we were not meant to see. It encouraged viewers to seek more, become a part of the story and engage with the content.
Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service.
In order to encourage the participation beyond passive viewing that is so critical to super-fans’ experience with the brand, HBO Voyeur was expressed as a multi-media, multi-platform program, each touch-point acting as an invitation to engage with the project as a whole.
It began with a life-size projection on the side of an apartment building in downtown Manhattan, creating the illusion that the wall had been cut away and allowing viewers to experience the story by seeing the lives inside. The campaign extended to, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile, with each content experience uniquely tailored to its platform.
Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results.
HBO Voyeur strengthened super-fans’ perception of the HBO brand:
74% said Voyeur set the HBO brand apart.
72% claimed it made them think HBO is better than other networks.
60% said it made them more interested in the HBO brand.
The campaign led to improved feelings towards programming, even though Voyeur was not linked to any specific shows. (Hall and Partners)
3,200+ people visited the Manhattan event.
Over 1 million users visited within the first 3 weeks (Google Analytics).
The campaign was mentioned in 500+ blogs, prompting conversations and debate (Nielsen BuzzMetrics).


Launched in the summer of 2007, HBO Voyeur was a multimedia brand campaign created by advertising agency BBDO. Using the concept of voyeurism, the team created a series of fictional, interconnected characters and stories set within a NY apartment block and these were expanded to create a multiplatform brand experience.

‘It had been a long time since HBO launched a brand campaign, so it was important that the team assembled was able to articulate a refined brand strategy that truly captured the essence of the brand, into high quality, innovative and break-through creative,’ recalls Cindy Matero, director of brand strategy at HBO. ‘HBO Voyeur at its core was a brand initiative and our long-term relationship with BBDO meant they have a deep and firm understanding of the HBO brand and our innovative communication strategies, as well as the nuances of the relationship with our consumer.’

The creative team at BBDO was selected because of its mastery in communicating brand messages in a non-traditional way that leverage all forms of media. According to Matero, the success of HBO Voyeur can be attributed to the close collaboration between BBDO and the brand team at HBO; a partnership that transcended traditional agency/client relationships and resulted in a campaign that was innovative, on strategy and of the highest quality.

After working together for more than a decade, the established relationship between client and creative was especially strong. On this particular project, it was also extremely collaborative, with the client remaining closely involved from beginning to end.

HBO and BBDO shared work and project details on a consistent, at times daily, basis. The client also consistently demonstrated tremendous respect and support for the creative team and its work.

‘In fact, because of the magnitude of the project and all the different moving parts, at times it was as if we were one with the client, all working closely together, hand-in-hand to get things done,’ according to BBDO’s creative team. ‘Our challenge was twofold; to ignite the passion of HBO super-fans without leveraging the brand’s most powerful asset, its programming, and also to demonstrate the evolution of the brand across multiple platforms. Although the project grew in scope, this initial focus never changed.’

The main focus of the campaign was a silent film showing the residences and residents of a fictional urban apartment block in New York City. The campaign’s stellar launch saw crowds gather on the corner of Broome Street and Ludlow Street when the four-minute film was beamed onto the side of a nearby whitewashed apartment building.

Divided into 12 moving parts, the film mimicked a cross-section of the building’s infrastructure, allowing it to show the interiors of all eight apartments simultaneously, as well as the stairwell. Onlookers instantly became voyeurs.

For Matero, seeing the film projected life-size onto the side of a building in Manhattan was the most memorable moment of the campaign. ‘Everyone who worked on the project attended this very successful event and represented all of the hard work and collaboration on the project,’ she recalls.

Creatively developing eight interconnected stories that could play out, fully synchronised, in four minutes was a considerable challenge for the creative team. In addition to developing over 30 different characters, they also mapped, timed and choreographed all the characters’ movements.

The actors had to learn the technical elements of their roles before finding a way to inject characterisation. Part of the challenge for the actors was to portray character and emotion from a distance, while steering clear of pantomime.

The cast and crew were brought together in a mass workshop to perfect the performance. The core film was shot on two sound stages and filmed one ‘floor’ at a time, including activity in the stairwell.

While one floor was being shot, the other side of the sound stage was being dressed. With no dialogue, shot entirely from the perspective of the voyeur, the film required the actors to perform as though they were on a theatre stage.

Each element was carefully choreographed and later meticulously stitched together in post-production. The final film represents an entirely new concept.

In addition to being projected onto the building, the film was also extended to, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile, as well as other media-sharing platforms such as Flickr and YouTube.

Along with additional interactive content, viewers were able to find more information about the individual characters and their lives, by looking both online and in the real world. This further heightened the experience for those keen to get more involved.

While many campaigns begin and end with the creation of a single character, HBO Voyeur reaches an entirely new level. It is a startling achievement for a single campaign, from the creation of multiple characters, each complete with their own story, to the way in which their lives are cleverly intertwined, to the outstanding direction of the filmed sequences, to the perfect choice of music, to the innovative use of multiple platforms.

Moreover, by incorporating multiple platforms with specific content created to optimise each one, yet never to the detriment of another, HBO Voyeur encapsulates where the advertising industry should be right now.

‘HBO Voyeur was a multi-platform initiative with original content developed for each,’ notes Matero. ‘The creation and implementation, as well as the complex marketing plan behind the project, was nine months in the making. This level of detail required constant communication and many conference calls and meetings every week.’

The complexity of the project and range of skills required meant there were also a number of additional collaborators on the project. These included RSA for film production, Asylum for visual effects, Search Party for music, Big Spaceship for online development and Butcher for editorial.

A team of account managers at BBDO was responsible for managing and overseeing the entire project, ensuring everything was carried out professionally, from developing the strategic thinking behind the project to securing the location to ensuring the media plan was working.

The team’s tasks included liaising between the client and the agency project team; researching, securing and managing outside companies as partners (including PR and event marketing specialists and an online agency); working with the New York City authorities to secure the necessary approvals for the projection location; and generally tackling entirely new concepts in a creative manner.

HBO Voyeur was a complicated project with many different facets. A number of its elements had never previously been attempted, so the project’s account managers needed to be open-minded and creative.

One of the biggest obstacles for the creative team was finding and securing the location. It was crucial to find a building that would work with the creative concept – a stripped-away wall – in a location that could both accommodate an audience and was visible to passers by.

The building used was almost as much of a character in the tale as its inhabitants. For this reason, and to ensure the film was shown in context, Manhattan’s Lower East Side was chosen. Finding an appropriate space there was not an easy task. In the end, a location scout was hired to find the right venue, but the complications did not end there.

‘Our perfect building was adjacent to a Department of Transportation parking lot, which required approval from the city at a time when projecting on the sides of buildings was very controversial,’ recall the BBDO account managers. ‘We worked with seven different NYC government offices to secure permission to use the space. It was the positive relationships we developed with decision makers and influencers, as well as our passion and persistence for the project, that ultimately allowed us to bring it to life in the location we had chosen.’

It was the responsibility of the production and account teams at BBDO to oversee the budget with the client and, because there were so many firsts with this project, unexpected elements throughout the process increased the budget from the original estimate.

Also, as the project developed, elements were added or extended, which also resulted in budget increases. However, these were always discussed by the full team (agency, client and partner) and agreed upon in advance.

‘We faced an unusual challenge in that the project evolved and grew over time, with an endless number of tentacles and ideas – the only thing standing in our way at times was budget!’ says Matero. In fact, were she to repeat the project, this is the one element Matero would alter, allocating more money to expose many more people to the outdoor film in more cities.

For the creative team, the key lesson from this project was that anything is possible for an agency that is truly committed at all levels to create and produce a unique and amazing project, no matter what the obstacles, working alongside clients who are equally committed.

‘It is possible to communicate a strong and succinct brand message in a non-traditional form, and still have it connect deeply with consumers and elevate the perception of the brand,’ concludes Matero.

The HBO Voyeur website received a record number of hits: 1.2 million in the first four weeks, with an average time spent on site of nine minutes. The original content on all HBO platforms, including HBO On Demand, HBO Mobile and HBO on iTunes, also garnered above-average usage.

Additional post-campaign research revealed that HBO Voyeur communicated a strong and positive brand message. This was a resoundingly successful campaign by any standards.

HBO Voyeur Project on Wikipedia

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Executive Creative Director: Greg Hahn
Copywriter: Greg Hahn/Mike Smith/David Carter
Art Director: David Carter
Production Company: RSA Film/Little Minx
Directors: Jake Scott/Chris Nelson

Mercedes-Benz – Emirates Take Off

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Mercedes-Benz communicated to the agency that the new C 63 AMG has acceleration that must be experienced to be believed.
Our challenge was to replicate the exhilaration of a test drive without actually driving the car. Something that kept coming up in the briefing was “when you put your foot down you are thrown back into your seat.” This became our proposition.
Creative Execution
The new Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG has incredible acceleration. We wanted people to feel this for themselves in a completely new experiential manner.
To make this happen, we filmed a commercial and then aired it on Emirates in-flight movie screens at exactly the same time as the plane was accelerating down the runway. This enabled viewers to watch the car accelerate on the screen, while experiencing the incredible G-Force for themselves.  As the G-Force pushed viewers back into their seats they experienced the closest feeling to an actual test drive.

Agency: Impact BBDO, Dubai

Executive Creative Directors: Jennie Morris / Jeremy Southern
Art Directors: Mark Held / Andrej Arsenijevic
Group Account Director: Fadi el Aswad
Account Manager: Albert Lorenzo
Copywriters: Grant McGrath / Darren McCall / Jeremy Southern
Director: Omar Abbas, Boom Town