Sponsored Heroes

“Imagine if one day capitalism reaches the point, where the big brands starts to sponsor the superheroes. How would this influence their images?”

Being a superhero doesn’t seem to be a lucrative gig, but what if it was? Brands sponsor athletes and celebrities all the time, and with the increasing popularity of superheroes, it’s not all that shocking to think that The Incredible Hulk could one day be rocking a massive Monster logo across his chest.

Italian graphic designer Roberto Vergati Santos imagined many of our favorite superheroes sponsored by our favorite brands. The aptly titled ‘Sponsored Heroes’ series sees characters from both the Marvel and DC Comics universe, and includes all the members of The Avengers, Batman, Wolverine, and many more. Batman can be seen sporting a Nike suit of armor, while Iron Man has been stamped with the golden arches of McDonald’s,  and Captain America is seen holding a massive UPS shield. Check out some of the superheroes from the collection below.

IRON MAN – Sponsored by McDonald’s





HULK – Sponsored by Monster Energy





WOLVERINE – Sponsored by Adidas



BATMAN – Sponsored by Nike








FLASH – Sponsored by Red Bull





AVENGERS – Sponsored by Coca-Cola



SILVER SURFER- Sponsored by Apple




SUPERMAN – Sponsored by Giorgio Armani



IRON MAN (Sponsored by McDonald’s) vs CAPTAIN AMERICA (Sponsored by Burger King)


Freddy Krueger (and Nightmare on Elm Street) in advertising


Burger King/Open Late

Picasso (Bed & Mattresses)

GSC/Developers against Piracy

Horror Night at Playcenter

Nulaid Eggs

Screamfest (Independent Horor Film Festival)

Post-it notes

Fonzies Chips

MTV/Nightmare on Elm Street Campaign

During some ads for America’s Best Dance Crew, Freddy Krueger comes out of nowhere and interrupts them as a way to advertise A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Direct TV

Songvertising – 32 best commercials with singing people


In a follow-up to last year’s rapping farmers ad, Yeo Valley launched a tv spot during the first ad break of The X Factor live show. The one-off, two-minute music video features a farming-inspired boy band called The Churned, singing a ballad entitled Forever. The ad was shot on location in Blagdon, in the heart of rural Somerset. The launch tied in with a Facebook karaoke competition, where users could sing along to the Yeo Valley track. The winner appeared in a 30-second version of the ad, which ran during the X Factor final on 11 December.

Advertising Agency: BBH London
Year: 2012



An epic send-up of big budget ads, featuring a cast of thousands. Song lyrics: “It’s a big ad / very big ad/ it’s a big ad we’re in./ It’s a big ad/ my God it’s big/ can’t believe how big it is/ it’s a big ad for Carlton Draught / It’s just so freaking huge! / It’s a big ad/ expensive ad! / This ad better sell some bloooooody beer!!!

Advertising Agency: George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
Year: 2006
Gold Lion


3 – PUMA – Hardchorus

We open on a small group of hardcore soccer fans, also known as hooligans, standing in a classic British pub. Suddenly, one of them starts singing the first words of “Truly, Madly, Deeply” by Savage Garden. Another hooligan joins in, and as the camera pulls out, we see that the whole pub is packed with hooligans. They all sing together with the power of an entire stadium of fans during a soccer game, turning the cheesy love song into something big, beautiful and romantic. After the last chorus, a super appears: “It’s match day. It’s Valentine’s Day. Let your better half know how you feel. Dedicate and send this song at pumahardchorus.com”. Followed by Puma’s “Love = football” next to the Puma logo.

Advertising Agency: Droga5
Year: 2010
Gold Lion for the Campaign


4 – NORTE BEER – It’s Good to Have Friends

Beer means friendship, and this campaings presents in funny way the different kind of friends we all have.

Advertising Agency: Del Campo/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires
Year: 2009
Silver Lion for the Campaign


5 – T-MOBILE – Welcome Back

On October 27th 2010, thousands of unsuspecting passengers arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal 5 were given a welcome home to remember. People were greeted by a 300 strong choir and vocal orchestra singing a medley of songs, completely a cappella, to welcome them back into the country.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Satchi,  London
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


6 – COCA-COLA – Hilltop

Advertising Agency: McCann Erikson
Year: 1971


7 – HEINEKEN – Singer

A blues singer can’t sing the blues – his life is too contented. A sip of lager soon changes that. Heineken refreshes his blueness.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Haward- Spink,  UK
Year: 1992
Gold Lion


8 – HONDA – Impossible Dream

A man travels on an incredible journey using some of Honda’s landmark products whilst miming to the Andy Williams song ‘The Impossible Dream’. His journey comes to an abrupt end when he leaps off a giant waterfall in a Honda Powerboat into the mist below. Surely, this is the end of his dream? However as Andy Williams reaches the crescendo of the song, our hero returns in a Honda Hot Air Balloon to finish off the song in style. Garrison Keillor – the voice of Honda – sums it all up with ‘I couldn’t have put it better myself’.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy,  London
Year: 2006
Gold Lion


9 – COCA-COLA – Choir

Here’s Coca-Cola celebrating along with Santo its 125th year, and once again, we are guilty of naivety. We believe that, even today, the world is not far from the world that we dream of. In fact we are so naïve about thinking this way, that we decided to carry out an investigation to evaluate just how justified our reasons to believe in a better world were. We are proud to present to you “Choir”, created by Santo for Coca-Cola Latin America and their new communications platform: “REASONS TO BELIEVE IN A BETTER WORLD”.

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


10 – T-MOBILE – Singalong

When T-Mobile invited the British public to be part of their next event, people turned up to Trafalgar Square, not knowing what they were letting themselves in for. Thousands of microphones were handed out as it was revealed they’d all be singing karaoke together. After a number of songs, and with a surprise guest appearance from Pink, the event culminated with everyone singing the timeless classic, ‘Hey Jude’

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Satchi,  London
Year: 2010


 11 – NIKE FREE RUN – I Would Run to You

Love makes people do crazy things. Like run across the country. See how strong running reunites a long distance couple.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2012
Bronze Lion


 12 – NIKE – Pretty

As Maria Sharapova marches to her tennis match, she passes people who sing I Feel Pretty. She slams a ball cross to court, putting an end to the singing.

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2007
Gold Lion


13 – BASF – Dear John

The ad, set in army camp, features a soldier receiving a letter which goes to the tune of “Dear John”, the country song written by Lewis Talley, Fuzzy Owen and Billy Barton and made popular by Jean Shepard during the Korean war. As the song finishes the sergeant adapts the classic line from Humphrey Bogart, “Play it again John”.

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, NZ
Year: 1982
Gold Lion


14 – REXONA – Sensitive Armpits

A tough lumberjack is chopping down a tree. As he rearranges his cap, we notice at the same time he does that his underarm begins to song a sweet song. The corny melody is really annoying him. At this point, we see different cliché images of rough and tough men all undergoing the same situation. Finally, one of them applies the New Rexona Men Sensitive and succeeds in shutting up the underarm voice. A male voice in off says: New Rexona Men Sensitive. Even the most insensitive guy can have sensitive underarms.

Advertising Agency: Ponce Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


 15 – STARBUCKS – Glen

Glen jumpstarts his day by drinking a Starbucks DoubleShot. As he opens the can, Survivor appears in his apartment. They follow Glen through his full morning routine, singing a personalized version of “Eye of the Tiger.”

Advertising Agency: Fallon, New York
Year: 2004


16 – GOOGLE – Demo Slam: Realtime Karaoke

Google is more than just a search bar. However, most of us don’t use, let alone, are aware of its many features. We needed to find a way to share all this free technology with the world. To educate everyone about all of Google’s innovations; we decided to change the way people learnt about it. We got precisely the people who didn’t use this free tech, to explain to the others why they should. Because, only they would be able to explain it in a way that would be fun to watch, and understood by all. By bringing in just a little bit of courage, creativity and fun; each of them pushed the role of technology in our lives and inspired the rest to use it in ways never imagined before.
Transforming something few were aware of to something the whole world cared about; we were able to re-define the role of technology in everyone’s life. From celebrities, scientists, soccer moms, teens to even sports personalities; everyone came forward to find new ways in which technology could make their world a little better.

Advertising Agency: Johannes Leonardo, NY
Year: 2011
Gold Lion for the Campaign


17 – DISCOVERY CHANNEL – I Love the World

We developed a new brand idea for Discovery Channel: Discovery is the
World’s Biggest Fan of the World. We wanted to celebrate all that is epic, beautiful, inspiring, fun and just plain crazy in the world. Fellow fans—from spacewalking Astronauts to Alaskan fishermen to Zulu warriors to Stephen Hawking to Discovery hosts like Mike Rowe and Bear Grylls—sing along to an old campfire song re-written to express how each of them loves the world. In other words, to tell people why Discovery Channel thinks “The World is Just Awesome.”

Advertising Agency: 72ndSunny, USA
Year: 2008


18 – MATCH.COM – Piano

This is a film for the online dating service, Match.com, which features a couple finding each other as they examine musical instruments. He strums a guitar and she plays a keyboard. Together they make beautiful music, and it’s clearly the start of something special.

Advertising Agency: Mother, London
Year: 2010
Gold Lion


 19 – WILKINSON – Mow the Lawn

Girls in a front yard sing about mowing the lawn in order to promote Wilkinson/Schick Quattro razors for women.

Advertising Agency: JWT, New York
Year: 2009



We saddled up a horse, found a modern day cowboy that happened to have a hole in his neck due to a tobacco-related laryngectomy, and sent him to Manhattan to sing.

Advertising Agency: Arnold/Crispin Porter + Bogusky, USA
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion


21 – ARNET BROABAND – Numa Numa

The ad shows some of the funny stuff you can find on the Internet.

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2007


22 – EVIAN – Voices

A man in a lift, a jogger, a secretary by the photocopier, a man in his car, an elderly lady…in all these scenes from everyday life, we see people singing with their childish voices.

Advertising Agency: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Year: 2003


 23 – NIKE WOMEN – Surgery

A group of women run away from a plastic surgery clinic dancing a choreography to a reggaetón tune.

Advertising Agency: Madre, Buenos Aires
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion


 24 – DIESEL – Anthem

Sing-a -ong Diesel Island national anthem. Why is your country fucked up?

Advertising Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires
Year: 2011
Silver Lion for the Campaign


 25 – PROCTER & GAMBLE – You’ll Never Walk Alone

This 60-second commercial shows a lifetime of moms by their children’s sides doing the daily, sometimes mundane, things that help their children grow up to be Olympians. All the while, they sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical Carousel. The ad builds from a child’s birth and culminates with the Olympics and a proud mom seeing all her hard work pay off. We then cut to a card that says, “Thank you, Mom,” followed by a series of product brand images that ends on the P&G logo with the voice-over, “P&G. Proud sponsor of Moms.”

Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Year: 2010
Bronze Lion for the Campaign


26 – BURGER KING – Americas Favorite/More Mayo/More Cheese

Introducing the Whopperettes.

The Whopperettes return with a story about extra cheese.

The Whopperettes return with a story about mayo.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Year: 2006
Silver Lion for the Campaign


 27 – CADBURY DAIRY MILK – Night Runner

Fallon and Cadbury keep Great Britain pumped for the Olympics with a new spot that re-creates “The Final Countdown” — but adds multiple voices singing from the towers and buildings while a runner makes his way, presumably, to the Olympic Gold. An accompanying interactive feature encourages Britons to upload videos of them singing similarly inspirational songs to help team GB to victory.

Advertising Agency: Fallon London
Year: 2012


28 – LOTTO LOTTERY – Ballroom Blitz

A taxi driver refuses to let passengers into his cab. Instead, he walks over to the queue and starts to sing for them. The man who joins in is chosen as the lucky passenger.

Advertising Agency: New Deal DDB, Norway
Year: 2001
Bronze Lion


29 – CADBURY DAIRY MILK – Simply the Best

Part of Cadbury’s “Keep Team GB Pumped” campaign for London 2012 Olympics, swimmer Rebecca Adlington is serenaded by royal guards, dinner ladies and butchers with Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”

Advertising Agency: Hypernaked, London
Year: 2012


30 – AMP ENERGY DRINK – Walk of no Shame

AMP wanted to introduce three new products with specific energy functions, designed to help our target, people who live their lives to the fullest. We also needed to increase brand awareness and embed ourselves into their daily life. We wanted to be the most relevant, unlike our hyper-masculine energy competitors. “Walk of No Shame” was an ode to the infamous walk that young people take “the night after” going out. With the look and sound of a mini-musical, AMP showed how one can take a “walk of no shame” as it gets you back on your feet.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York
Year: 2009


31 – LABATT BLUE BEER – Big Song

A young man tries to make up to his girlfriend by singing her a song around a campfire – “Out of the Blue”, and it turns into a huge sing-a-long.

Advertising Agency: Ammirati Puris, Canada
Year: 2001


32 – PEPSI – Pepsi Generation

Advertising Agency: BBDO, USA
Year: 1984

Halloween in advertising

Pizza Hut – Halloween Menu

Objective: to create fun and excitement for the annual festival in the proximity of the restaurant, at the same time drawing in customers with the special menu items.
Idea: while Halloween is a relatively small festive event in the Hong Kong market, there is a younger segment of Pizza Hut customers who are aware of the event, and are also Pizza Hut customers. In order to attract this crowd, a special menu has been developed for the promotion, including mostly items made with the one ingredient most consumers love about Pizza Hut’s pizzas – cheese! As the most important key to success for appealing to a younger crowd, the key to success lies in the ability to entice and draw in customers with interesting news through a display that they find relevant. With “cheese pull” having been established as an iconic visual device that Pizza Hut owns in the market, and cheese being a core ingredient in the menu items, the ghoulish face formed with the holes naturally represents the cheese as it stretches.
Results: while exact sales figures cannot be given out due for confidentiality reasons, a surge in customers during the period of the promotion, sizeable number of orders for the items in the festive menu, and long queues outside the restaurant are strong anecdotal evidence of the success of the promotion. Clients have also received favourable comments from their management team as well as their acquaintances.

Burger King

White Night Condoms

Fisherman’s Friend

McDonald’s – Happy Halloween

Guinness – Happy Halloween

Leo Burnett Chicago for McDonald’s


NMRA Insurance


Mitsubishi Motors

Volkswagen Beetle – Trick or treat?

STP (Motor-Oil Company) – Happy Halloween


Lynx Deodorant

In&Out Gay Bar – Halloween Party

Riverside Properties – Don’t drink and drive this Halloween

ETV Channel – Halloween Movie Festival

Theatric Plus (Halloween supply store)

This piece was wildly successful. It increased traffic to both the store and website, while the store celebrated their most successful Halloween ever. There were queues outside the store throughout the week of Halloween. Many of the customers that did visit the store praised the witches’ hats idea to store owners. Furthermore, the store owners were more than thrilled about this idea and hope to use it again next year.
Halloween is a very significant event in Canada. Everyone dresses up in costume – both adults and children. Some people leave their costume buying until the last minute. This particular Halloween supply store was small and easy to miss. So how do we drive traffic from the street to the store?
What better way to drive traffic to a store than using natural items on sidewalks as interruptions to passers-by? With construction always happening near this store, the idea was to dress up everyday caution pylons as witches’ hats and place them nearby. Pylons naturally had the right shape and the added black circular base completed the look. What better use of media than using an everyday pylon that resembled the most popular Halloween icon? You can’t miss a giant witch’s hat on the sidewalk! The sticker with store info helped successfully drive customers to the store and website.

Zen Department Store – Halloween Sales

The Brief: To draw customers from our competitor department stores. During this sale season, we have to get the highest brand awareness for our store.
The Solution: We designed a Halloween shopping bag that moves by itself, and placed it in busy areas, including our competitors’ store area.
The results: Customers had high brand recall, which helped generate high in-store traffic and boosted sales.

Gillette Fusion Proglide

The Brief
While Gillette was still the leader in the grooming segment, we were challenged by the client to keep the brand fresh and culturally relevant. The challenge was to create a buzz for Gillette at New York’s highly visible Halloween parade, which boasts of over two-million-strong participation.
The Idea
Gillette’s message of “fewer nicks and cuts with the ProGlide razor” was a perfect message for this Halloween event, which is often defined by costumes of blood, nicks and cuts. We created posters and activation using people with “razor cuts” costumes with the message “Don’t let every day be Halloween” printed on T-shirts. The Gillette spokesperson in the costume handed out razors whenever he saw person with blood and cuts. The costume of razor cuts was a huge draw and drew tremendous appreciation for the ingenuity of the message.
A significant percentage of people in the Halloween parade are young males who are potential customers of Gillette. The event was a perfect setting to connect with them in a fun and relevant way without the product message sounding like a promotion. The message of “Don’t let every day be Halloween” seamlessly blended into the vibe of the parade, giving Gillette tremendous credibility. The promotion attracted a large number of young people who responded by taking pictures of the unique “razor cuts” costume and shared them online through Facebook and Twitter. The local media captured the promotion giving it a huge viewership. Hundreds of razor samples were given out which led to the supplies running out. The Gillette “razor cuts” man turned an everyday common razor cut into a message of relevance for Halloween. The “nicks and cuts” strategy became a foundation for an anti-disposable razor message that is being pursued in a national campaign for Gillette.

Child Abuse Action Group

The Brief
Even though their name suggests action, The Child Abuse Action Group (CAAG) is all about prevention. Our brief from the CAAG was exactly that – to create a campaign to encourage parents to start a conversation with their children about the realities of child abuse and to arm them with the required knowledge to identify possible abusers and to avoid dangerous situations.
The Idea
We had to get parents to educate their children about the monsters that exist in our society. To do this we decided to target parents at a time when monsters are most relevant. Parents would find it perfectly normal to receive a free monster mask whilst out shopping for Halloween outfits and during neigbourhood trick or treating and that’s exactly what our volunteers did. Of course there was a twist. The mask inside the pack didn’t resemble that of a zombie, but instead looked like a very ordinary looking person. The message: The scariest monsters don’t look like monsters. As with most NGO’s, funds are always an issue, the budgets for awareness campaigns are tight and any communication needs to work extremely hard and must absolutely cut through the clutter. We knew we had to ignite a conversation between the parent and the child instantly. Targeting parents at a time when they would be with their kids i.e whilst trick or treating or shopping for Halloween decorations was the perfect opportunity. Speaking to parents about child abuse at a time when their children would be knocking on strangers’ doors made the message even more relevant and impactful.
The masks were very well received. Parents and their children interacted with the masks and talked about them. The client noted a definite increase in calls to the call centre, and traffic to the website doubled in the period following the campaign.

Guinness Halloween Ghosters

The Brief
Because there’s no tradition in stout beer, Romania is mostly a lager market. As a consequence, Guinness is a niche brand. Although Guinness has brand awareness, people are not drinking it because of the special taste and the higher price. The client wanted something to drive sales in the most important pubs in Bucharest for the Halloween night. And the challenge was to do something special and impactful with a very low budget.
The Creative Execution
Guinness is associated in Romania with the Western culture, so its association with Halloween was a perfect match. As a plus, the black color made it look perfect as a creature of the Halloween night. All we had to do was to transform the coasters into scary shadows. The idea was simple and cost effective: to produce special Halloween beer coasters for Guinness. The coasters appeared to be scary shadows of the Guinness glasses and were offered for every Guinness beer that was bought.
The idea had an ‘I want one of those’ effect. People were curious to know what was all about with the Guinness coasters, then they found the idea nice and they wanted their own coasters. Actually some of them liked it so much, that they wanted to complete their ‘collection’. The client reported an increase in sales in different locations between 16 and 20% for that night and – as a side effect – everybody took home their scary – shadows coasters 5+

Nexcare 3M Badages

The objective of this effort was to build awareness of the size variety of Nexcare bandages. We made super sized stickers that looked like bandages and stuck them on various posters found in public places in the Halloween Season. Our target was: adults 25+


The Brief: We had to find a budget friendly and creative way to reach our objectives, taking into account the following restrictions: Weleda is a small brand, only sold is some local shops, which has no huge advertising budgets. Advertising to children is legally very restricted in Belgium primarily under parental pressure. To maximize the effect and minimize parental resistance: we chose to reach both mother and child at the same time. On the moment of truth i.e. the day on which people go shopping massively for candies i.e. Halloween day.

The Soluton: plenty of people were on the streets, carrying the message with them and talking about it. In fact it had a kind of snowball effect; children and mothers were sharing their amazement with each other. What more can a brand dream of than the mere fact that people actually talk about and show sympathy for their advert.

The Results: local spontaneous brand awareness rose by 28% after one week. The event created huge sympathy as new people came to ask for a sample and for explanation about the brand. Another nice effect was the increase of total local traffic in the Weleda shops in the weeks after the event.

Society of Spiritualists

Ben Egnal (Art Director)

Trendy (Snack and Confectionery)


San Francisco Zoo (Halloween Party)

Norte Beer (This Halloween don’t drink and drive)


Iglo Soup

Movistar – Halloween Promoton

Comic Club Shop

Spiderman in advertising

Gracie (Jiu-jitsu Academy)


Bic Adhesive Bar

SL (Snowboard School Laax)

Books More&More (Bookstore)

Spiderman is reading book BEETLES. It is a classic and timeless childrens book written by Jan Karafiat in 1867. It tells stories of a young beatle from his birth to falling love and other adventures and challenges that life brings. It describes wonderfully the psychological growth of a young being and all that one sees and learns about the world.

Readers DEN (Comic Shop)

Premiere TV Channel

Scotch Brite (Non-Slip Gloves)

Penalty (Sport Gloves)

Samsung Navigator

Zurich Insurance

Headline: Without safety nobody wants to take risks.

Argentina Airlines

Power House (Health Club)


Akughry (Home Delivery)

Stroy Master ( Soundproof Windows)

Toyota Hilux

Audi quattro

Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

Big Flix ( Spiderman DVD Collection)

Claro TV Channel

Cruz Roja (Volunteer Recruitment)

Taiba Hospital (Ophthalmology Department)

Hospital Alemàn (Children’s Health Insurance Plan)

Seamils (Telecom Network Solution)

Headline: Out of reach?

RAC (Rescue Helicopter Service)

Veet (Hair Removed System)

Duende Azul (Costumes Shop)

Limitededition.com (Superheroes Miniatures Shop)

Stori Bathroom

Headline: Inside story. Outside Stori.

Sonora Wall Tiles

Prizm Exterior Paint

Mister Potato Head (Spiderman Edition)


LG Smartphone

Heinz Pasta (Spiderman Edition)

Twinsaver tissues (Spiderman Edition)

Anti Mosquito

Spiderman 2 (Coming Soon)

AGF (Mutual Founds)

TV2 (Spiderman Promo)

To create buzz about TV2’s premiere of the Blockbuster Spiderman 2, we created a billboard out of flypaper, which both attracts and traps flies.
The billboard was positioned low to the ground on a heavily used pedestrian route. The letters spelling Spiderman 2, which were left un-sticky, were gradually revealed in the week leading up to the screening.

New Excelsior Theatre

Atari (Spiderman Game)

Burger King (Spiderman Promotion)

Happy Meal McDonald’s (Spiderman Promotion)


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Harry Potter in advertising

Peanuts in advertising

Tom and Jerry in advertising

Darth Vader in advertising

Darth Vader in advertising

Tom Tom Navigation Voices

Darth Vader struggles in a sound-studio to give the right driving instructions. We tried to explain the product in the most logical, natural and entertaining way possible, and by simply showing how it was made.
RESULTS: 5 million views combined for both virals, 1500% ROI (one YouTube view being valued at € 0.25), Number 1 & 2 on the Guardian Viral Video Chart. And best of all… Lucas Film requested that the Darth Vader viral and its sister viral starring Master Yoda be included in the Official Star Wars Blue Ray box set.

Kalahari.net  (Online Store)

Philips  (Light Bulbs)

Playstation 3

TeleCine Happy (The Star Wars Saga in dubbed version)


Silver Snail Comic Store



MCO (Sound Design Studios)

Saewookkang (Shrimp Snack)

Bed Club (Drag Show)

El Pais

Virgin Atlantic Airlines


Direct TV (Your movies in the language you prefer)

Direct TV

Orange (Mobile phone etiquette)

The ‘Goldspot’, so called because of its placement following film trailers and before the main feature, was provided to Orange with just one condition: remind audiences to turn their phones off. The Insight: If there’s one place where consumers reject brand intrusion, it’s in the entertainment arena. It was therefore crucial to make our communication rewarding and relevant to its environment.
Enter the Orange Film Commission Board, a fictitious department ‘inside’ Orange so obsessed with phones that every time a star pitches a project, the characters turn the idea on its head to shoe-horn mobile phones into the plot.

Hasbro (Mr.Potato Head)

Real product, real client and yes, it really ran. We took the famous scene from Return of The Jedi where Darth Vader’s identity is revealed, and substituted an animated ‘Darth Tater’ Mr Potato Head.

Target (Department Store Saled)

Sexual tension in the workplace. For operator Darth Vader, it’s hard concentrating on intimidating shoppers out of bed before Target’s after Thanksgiving 2 Day Sale with Heidi Klum traipsing around. If she can even rattle the Dark Lord of the Sith, just imagine what she’ll do to you at 5am.

IBCC (Cancer Research)

WWF (Earth Hour Direct & Promo project)

Describe the objective of the promotion.
In 2009 Earth Hour Belgium had 500.000 families, 329 companies and 193 cities participating. The objective was to promote Earth Hour in Belgium to get more families, companies and communities to participate than in 2009.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation
The campaign started streetwise in Copenhagen, in December 2009. Our Earth Hour ambassador and hero Darth Fladder promoted Earth Hour in the streets and from that moment on, one could follow his adventures on social media (FB, twitter, youtube, Flickr). Cities and companies were approached by mail and phone. From mid February on, the Earth Hour campaign with Darth Fladder was developed in WWF-media, boomerang cards throughout Belgium, website, and e-mails to associations. In March Darth Fladder appeared at some music and sport events and the last 10 days a national TV and radio campaign mobilised the whole country.
Describe the success of the promotion with both client and consumer including some quantifiable results
750.000 people participated (25% more than in 2009), 649 companies (3219 in 2009) and over 324 communities (193 in 2009). So, all significantly more than in 2009.
– 30.096 unique visitors at wwf.be/earthhour
– 1.222 friends on FB
– 85.000 views on youtube (Life of Darth Fladder)
567 publications in on- and offline belgian press.
Explain why the method of promotion was most relevant to the product or service
To get more followers we needed a leader. That’s what we created in the person of Darth Fladder.
And the Belgian population, as well as companies, cities, and families were enthusiastic. Not only had WWF more participants, the participants also used promotion material of Darth Fladder to promote by themselves Earth Hour towards their personnel/habitants/members.


H-57 Creative Station (Typography, design, illustration)

Hasbro (Star Wars Silver Anniversary)



Burger King (Star Wars Promotion)

Spike Channel

Volkswagen Passat (The Force)

For the all-new 2012 Passat , Volkswagen brings Star Wars™ to one of TV’s most talked about events. Accompanied by John Williams’ iconic “The Imperial March,” the spot features the most infamous villain in the galaxy, a pint-sized Darth Vader who uses the Force when he discovers the all-new 2012 Passat in the driveway. The two iconic brands leverage humor and the unforgettable Star Wars score to create an emotional spot and make Super Bowl ad history.

Shopping Total

Energizer Bunny



Disneyland (Star Tour Ride)

Full commercial for Disneyland’s new Star Tours ride. See what Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers decide to do at Disneyland Park to kill the time waiting for the new Star Tours 3D ride to open.
Darth Vader and some stormtroopers enjoy the Soundsational Parade as they anxiously await the opening of the Star Tours attraction at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

Samsung Galaxy S

This video from Japanese network DoCoMo is an odd advert, but is so weird that its pretty damned brilliant.Well, they have Darth Vader just hanging around with people using the Galaxy S. There is no real explanation as to why he is there, but he is, and somehow it works out pretty good. Lets face it any advert with Darth Vader in it would cool so sit back and enjoy this.