The Saga of Jukka Bros. (an MTV advertising adventure)

Jukka Bros is a MTV campaign, created by Fallon McElligott.  Straight out of the movie, deliverance, Big Jukka and the Two Middle Jukkas are clearly losers – or, should I say, were losers. Thanks to their constant viewing of MTV programmes, the brothers now know what’s cool…

Unfortunately, Little Jukka lives in his own isolated shed and does not watch MTV. Therefore, he ’does not know what’s cool’. The other Jukka kin are ashamed of their little brother because he gives the wrong gifts, wears the wrong shoes and doesn’t know the latest dance moves. The solution? Every spot ends with big Jukka dragging his little brother outside by the ear and then, literally, paddling the MTV logo on to his ass.

What makes this campaign great is how unpolished it is. The facial expressions alone of the two middle Jukkas makes these spots hilarious when they wrestle each other, it is strangely sexual. And when little Jukka is paddled, the looks on the middle brothers’ faces again suggest something oddly sexual.

The appeal of the brothers is simple. They are not pretty. It is refreshing to see advertising that doesn’t preach to us with models or beautiful actors. It is especially refreshing to see MTV drop its guard, telling us what it is about through misfits who we can all relate to. Or, at least, people we can genuinely laugh at.  Too strange. Too different. Too weird. The very things that make  both campaigns brilliant.

Jukka Bros Intro

Meet the Jukka brothers – four ‘rednecks’ living in a forest. MTV provided their only interaction with the outside world. Only little Juka doesn’t watch it… he’s taught a lesson – for not being cool!

Sexy Dance

Little Jukka “bunny-hops” to MTV. Big brother has to teach him a lesson. “Be cool with MTV.”

Fashion Check

Little Jukka wears his jeans too high. Big brother has to teach him a lesson.

Wrong Shoes

Little Jukka wears the wrong kind of shoes. Big brother has to teach him a lesson.

Xmas Story

Little Jakka gives his big brother a woolly jumper for Christmas instead of a metallic-look jacket. Big brother teaches him a lesson.
Advertising Agency: Fallon New York
Creative Director: Jamie Barrett
Art Director: Paul Malmstrom
Copywriter: Linus Karlsson
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Traktor
Year: 2000
Gold Lion for the campaign

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