iPhone 5 Parody – A taller change than expected

Much has been made of the bigger screen space on the new iPhone 5—and it’s a product feature that’s been particularly easy to spoof, as we’ve seen a number of print mockups over the past week that make the phone look several feet high.

Now, here’s a pretty well-made video version of the same joke. This hilarious parody video, showing an “iPhone 5″ with a screen that’s 18 percent thinner and 795 percent taller than previous iPhones. Perfect for those home projects around the house, or reading extra long documents on the go. Panorama photos? Done. Cell reception? Never been better. Face Time? Forget about it. Here comes “Body Time.”And the lengthy phone also proves useful in measuring wall space and firing up your LightSaber. One of the best Apple spoofs I’ve seen…


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