Fallon Worldwide – The You Are Fallon Project

The Brief
Celebrate nearly 30 years of creativity, and, at the same time, figure out a way to display awards in the lobby of our new building. Let’s honor the work and the people behind the work—in a transformational way.
The Idea
Youarefallon grew into a massive project that had employees past and present from around the world donating awards—nearly 300 pounds of them—which were then literally melted down and poured into a handmade form created by a local artisan. The finished plaque hangs in our new lobby. E-mails, posters, and videos were made to persuade past employees to donate awards and share their stories and memories. A Web site was made to coordinate the donations and to display the work, photos, videos, the “making-of” film, and the final result: the finished plaque.

To celebrate 30 years of award-winning advertising, and to remind new clients of Fallon’s ongoing commitment, the You Are Fallon project was born. Former and current creatives were asked to donate an award from their Fallon days.

120 Lions, Pencils and Clios were then melted into a 200 lb. copperplate that now hangs proudly in the Fallon lobby—a constant reminder that the foundation of the agency is, and will always be, the work. Posters and videos solicited the awards. A Web site revealed the work and the stories behind it. Today, everyone who enters Fallon is greeted by this copperplate.
127 creative awards donated by Fallon alumni. Over 200,000 hits and a 180-lb. copperplate that now hangs in Fallon’s entrance as a daily reminder of what Fallon will always stand for, above all: the work.

Advertising Agency: Fallon Worldwide
Executive Creative Director: Albert Kelly
Creative Directors: Dean Buckhorn, Scott O’Leary
Copywriter: Roberto Lastra
Art Director: Sara Ramsey
Year: 2009