The 10 Most Impossible Trailers

1 – If The Incredibles was a Christopher Nolan film


2 – If Mary Poppins was a Horror Movie (Scary Mary)


3 – If Christopher Nolan directed Wall-E


4 – If Shining was a brillant comedy


5 – If Mrs Doubtfire was an horror movie


6 – If Back to the Future was a silent movie


7 – If Batman Begin was a comedy


8 – If Star Wars was a Tarantino film


9 – If Micheal Bay directed UP!


10 – If Harry Potter was a stupid teen comedy


David O’Daniel – Movie Poster for Castro Theatre

David O’Daniel is one hell of an artist, and through his affiliation with San Francisco’s Castro Theater he is gaining quite the following. He creates silk screen posters for classic films that are released in conjunction with the screenings of those films at the theater. He’s got a great victorian-meets-art-nouveau style going on. As you can see, his sense of design is quite striking. Visit O’Daniel’s official website where you can purchase these posters and more.

The Birds

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2001: A space odyssey


The Dark Knight

Donnie Darko

Dr. Strangelove

Easy Rider

The Exorcist



Planet of the Apes



Rosemary’s Baby


Taxi Driver


The Evil Dead

A Clockwork Orange


Daniel Norris – Re-Designed Movie Posters

Daniel Norris is a creative freelance graphic designer with eight years experience in and around London agencies. Daniel created these amazing and single-color print-like movie poster redesigns. It’s fantastic how he turned iconic scenes into graphic icons for the posters.

For more information about him, you can visit his Flickr page