Adidas: Adicolor Project – United Colors of adidas

The adicolor podcast is a series of seven short films created for adidas to celebrate “colour, costomization and personal expression”. The films were created to be specifically viewed on iPods, PSPs and online, which was still a fairly revolutionary proposition back in 2006 when the films were made. A team of excellent directors was put together, with Neill Blomkamp, Psyop, Happy, Tronic, Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel, Saimon Chow and Charlie White each given an entirely open brief to create a film based on their emotional response to a particular colour. The podcasts related to the adicolor global digital campaign for which adidas had asked 20 artists to design a shoe based on their response to a colour. The films feature such surreal scenes as an orgiastic dinner party involving green paintball splashes and a pink-loving teenager’s transformation into a bejewelled figurine. With an original goal of achieving one million views globally, the campaign actually achieved over 25 million views in just seven weeks.

Adicolor BLACK
Stills from Saiman Chow’s film for the colour BLACK. The film is a surreal tale about a lonely, crazed panda.

Adicolor PINK
Charlie White directed the adicolor PINK film, which sees a teenager turn into a bewelled figurine while her pink teddy looks on helplessly.

Adicolor BLUE
Psyop is behind the adicolor blue film, where New York City is turned black and white, apart from the odd splashes of blue.

Adicolor GREEN
Adicolor green by Happy shows a space-age dinner party where everything gets a little out of hand after some green treats are consumed.

Adicolor WHITE
Adicolor WHITE was directed by Tronic and sees Jenna Jameson enthusiastically playing a funfair game.

Adicolor YELLOW
Neil Blomkamp directed the adicolor YELLOW film, a gripping tale about robots and artificial life.

Adicolor RED
Roman Coppola and Andy Bruntel created this animated history of the colour red for the adicolor RED film.

Advertising Agency: Idealogue, New York
Year: 2006


Fred & Farid & Orangina

Orangina – Naturally Juicy (2007)

Anthropomorphism is taken to the max for the fantastical beasts in Naturally Juicy, a surprisingly raunchy spot to promote the fizzy drink Orangina. It aired in France in 2007, the UK in 2008, and has been talked about ever since.
Based on product’s attributes, the natural orange juice and the fizz, the story is about the meeting of a busty sexy deer and a horny bear. We follow them enjoying this naughty world mixing nature and sexiness, furries and craziness. They finally catch each other in a typical hollywood happy ending. Tagline: Naturally Juicy. Commented Todd Mueller, Creative Director/Co-founder, Psyop: “I guess it goes without saying that when you get the opportunity to spray Orangina all over the chest of a sexy bunny girl, you go for it. That was basically the motivation and creative charge throughout the production; raunchy naughty furryness. The agency FFL were amazing to work with and just kept pushing us to get furrier and naughtier. The production team at The Mill and Stink brought everything they had to the table and the results are phenomenal. Now that we are finished, it’s a bit sad to leave this crazy world behind. There’s so much more to find out about this forest and these sexy creatures.”

Its Psyop directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick clearly revel in doing things differently. Mill 3D, led by CGI and Animation supervisor Juan Brockhaus, mapped motion capture data, roughed 3D models and established the timing. You have to admire anyone who can translate human dance moves into those of a ten-foot-tall giraffe or a chorus line of bi-pedal zebras. Details such as fingers and facial expressions were hand-animated, including some major re-animation of the humanised animals.
A tight deadline required some technical hoop-jumping: Mill animators began with unfinished rigs, changed models as they went, while animating over the motion capture. They seamlessly composited CG elements, atmospheric effects and live action. On using the up-to-date motion-captured animatic, compositing supervisor Darren Christie says, ‘On set we used mix and overlay, superimposing animation with live action to get what we needed”

The Making of

Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creatives: Michael Zonnenberg, Joseph Dubruque, Nicolas Lautier, Baptiste Clinet
Production Company: Stink / Psyop
Director: Psyop / Todd Mueller & Kylie Matulick
Year: 2007

Print Campaign

Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Art Supervisors: Feng Huang, Thomas Raillard, Jerome Laan
Art Director: Matthieu Colloud/Nanaë Hassaku/Juliette Lavoix/ Alphée Ballester/Pauline de Montferrand/Olivia Meier/Emmanuelle Durand
Illustrator: Antoine Helbert
Making and Retouching: Julie Poigneau
Year: 2007

Orangina – Giraffa/Hyena (2009)

The Orangina animals is back, but this time they’re a lot less sexy. In a follow up to its sexy animal ad for Orangina Naturally Juicy, Fred & Farid have created two new spots for Orangina Light featuring a giraffe and a hyena in relatively humanised environments. The strap-line reads: “Wickedly Light.”In the first, a giant ‘Giraffe’ in rollerblades and hotpants is seen skating along the beach with two girlfriends when her attention is turned by the sight of a muscular hunk walking passed.  The giraffe quickly alters course, chasing the man down the promenade before biting his bottom.  She then puts him over her shoulder and skates away much to the amusement of her gobsmacked friends.
The second ad features a giant ‘Hyena’ enjoying a drink outside a street cafe with her friends.  When an attractive female passer-by breaks her heel and trips over, the hyena and her pals are sent in to hysterical fits of laughter.  Each spot then closes with the strapline, “Wickedly Light”.

Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Creatives: Alphee Ballester, Thomas Raillard
Production Company: Big Production
Director: The Terri Timely
Year: 2009

Orangina Variété – Indian/Cowboy (2009)

Creative Directors: Fred and Farid
Directed by Juan Pablo Brockhaus
Produced by The Mill

Orangina Rouge – Panthère (2009)

The new bestial-sado-sexual spot from Fred + Farid Paris for Orangina Red, made with blood oranges. An animated panther-dominatrix chick in a bikini cracks the whip, forcing a pudgy, middle-aged guy to strip down to the Full Monty.

Creative Director : Fred & Farid
Copywriter : Frederic Raillard, Farid Mokart, Florian Bodet, Laurent Leccia, Thomas Raillard
Art Director: Florian Bodet, Laurent Leccia, Thomas Raillard
Post Production : The Mill
Production House : Satellite My Love
Director : Martin Bourboulon

Orangina Cassis & Tropical – Aristo/Rastaman (2010)

Orangina Jaune – Anytime (2010)

The product is so well known in France it does not need to be sold in advertising. Orangina is the only soft drink with 16% of orange juice. 90% of people know the product.  “Anytime” presenting Orangina as the ultimate product for oral, intimate and dental hygiene, taste, sports freshness, laundry linen cleaner and detergent. The creative idea of this film is to parody the traditional advertising and to sell the product for the wrong reasons. It has been so much integrated by the consumers that Orangina was the French’s favourite TV ad after the campaign spread.
The 2010 campaign, following on from the success of the 2007 series, features a giraffe, chameleon, horse, panda, panther, Afghan hound, deer, bear, puma and goat. Naturellement.The campaign won a Gold Film award for Fred & Farid and Gorgeous Enterprises at the 2010 Epica Awards.

The making of

Creative Director : Fred & Farid
Copywriter:Frederic Raillard, Farid Mokart, Florian Bodet, Laurent Leccia, Thomas Raillard
Art Director: Florian Bodet, Laurent Leccia, Thomas Raillard
Production: Gorgeous, London
Post Production: The Mill, London
Director : Tom Carty