IKEA – The Smallest IKEA Store in the World

To demonstrate how there’s always a solution for furnishing restricted living space, IKEA came up with a pretty original idea by creating the smallest virtual store in world. Motivated by the increase of limited living spaces, they built an entire IKEA store, that contains 2,800 products, in a 300 x 250 pixel web banner.

The campaign, made by a Dubai-based agency Ogilvy Action, is aimed towards people looking for studio flats as well as one/two bedroom apartments. The banner is placed in real estate sections of community websites.The virtual shop allows customers to browse by department, choose and buy any of the displayed products.

It’s a digital stunt, of course, meant to play upon IKEA’s tradition of space-saving designs. Users can mouse—very carefully—over the ad’s five segments for seats, beds, lamps, accessories and miscellaneous to find the icon of an item, then click on it to bring up a product page, read a description and place an online order.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Action, Dubai
Creative Director: Ben Knight
Art Director: Gary Rolf
Copywriter: Gary Rolf, Sascha Kuntze, James Bisset
Graphic Design: Gary Rolf
Year: 2012

Hot Wheels – Track Tape

For more than 40 years, Hot Wheels products have been a children´s favorite. Although extremely fun, tracks don´t have the immediacy and portability of playing as cars do. How to invite kids to play with Hot Wheels cars and tracks whenever, wherever?
We developed the Track Tape. A simple, economic and fun product that allows kids to transform every place into a true race track. Besides, the Track Tape works as advertising, placed exactly where the target is by the own target market

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Mexico 
Chief Creative Officer: José Montalvo
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz Reyes
Creative Director: Victor Alvarado/Fernando Carrera
Art Director: Victor Alvarado/Fernando Carrera
Copywriter: Fernando Carrera/Victor Alvarado


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