The North Face – Nature elements turned into retail products

The North Face wanted to advertise their outdoor gear products in stores that have no space for traditional advertising displays because of housing thousands of competitive products.
Our solution? Use the only store space available: the stores’ racks and shelves. So we gathered ordinary nature elements (rocks, twigs and leaves) and packaged them as attention-grabbing retail ‘outdoor survival’ products. On the front of the pack we wrote all the different ways a person could use these products to survive in the wild. At the back, we revealed our brand and message.

Advertising Agency: Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Makati City 
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Petch,/Raoul Floresca
Creative Director: Trixie Diyco
Copywriter: Paolo Agulto/Maan Agsalud
Art Director: Janette De Veyra