Contrex Mineral Water – Contrexperience

Nestle launched a new ad campaign for its Contrex mineral water with high calcium content that supposedly speeds up the metabolism, thus burning calories and helping those who drink it lose weight.
Each year a new miracle diet is surfing the internet and the pages of magazines. And yet, we always fail to keep them and the weight we lost crawls back in just a few days. Contrex water realizes that in order to lose weight effectively and sustainably all you have to do is keep a balanced diet, drink plenty of water and work out regularly.

This mentality is the concept behind Contrex’s campaign in which ladies burn 2000 calories in just a few minutes of fun and playful cycling. The ‘Contrexpérience’ commercial obviously targets the ladies since it features a group of women that burn 2000 calories in just a few minutes of pedaling bicycles which then power a neon male stripper.

Advertising Agency: Marcel Paris
Executive Creative Director: Anne De Maupeou
Copywriter: Martin Rocaboy
Art Director: Souen Le Van
Production Company: Wanda Production
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Year: 2011