Coca-Cola Light’s 25th Anniversary – 15,000 Bottles Make A Billboard

Diet Coke, which is also known as Coca-Cola Light in many countries, celebrated 25 years in Spain with a splash. In celebration of this milestone, a billboard made of 15,000 limited edition bottles of Coca-Cola light was unveiled at the Oscar Room Mate Hotel in Madrid.

The objective of the promotion.
2010 is Coca-Cola Light’s 25th Anniversary. A strong communications campaign was designed that mentions 8 million consumers, proud fans of Coke light. This relaunching involves an ambitious plan, announcing the celebration through an important on and offline promotion focussed on:
(1) Paying tribute to the consumers (2) Commemorating the brand’s 25th anniversary.  The unique promotion was made tangible by a special action carried out on a strategic building in the heart of Madrid, a container for the brand’s territories.

From concept to implementation
–To increase the connection with the brand proud of being Light.
– To reach out to the 8 million consumers to make the brand’s anniversary tangible in the street with a special edition of aluminium bottles, which will carry the incentives.
–To motivate consumers with prizes linked to the brand’s territories (leisure, fashion)cost efficiency.
–Strategic partners connection between brands with similar values (RoomMate alliance with Coca-Cola Light).
The solution involved creating a unique promotion made tangible by a special action on a strategic building in the heart of Madrid, a container for the brand’s territories.

Media impact from launching, the exterior banner caused a commotion because of its uniqueness and because it was the first exterior banner in the world made of aluminium bottles. New experiences with users, we took the campaign to the street. Just as Light designers designed their I Light it bottle to commemorate the brand’s 25th anniversary, more than 15,000 unique bottles were designed by consumers, with prizes included. We paid tribute to consumers by delivering 100% of the prizes. Return on investment is quite high thanks to the negotiations carried out with the campaigns strategic partner. The Coca-Cola Light brand appears more than 30,000 times on the 15,000 bottles that make up the banner and closes with CCL I Light it. The banner is placed on the façade of the Oscar Hotel, very much in line with the target public, the hotel is located in the heart of Madrid in Plaza Vázquez de Mella (between Chueca and Gran Vía) and the building was dressed in Light for one month. The RoomMate hotel chain, directed by Kike Sarasola, spearheaded the campaign.

Advertising Agency: Momentum Worldwide, Spain
Creative Director: Raul Perez Serena
Copywriter: Dubra Castineiras
Art Director: Esperenza Merenciano
Year: 2011