Coca-Cola/Copa America 2011 – Cheer-o-Meter

This new initiative of Coca Cola -developed by Ogilvy Action- was launched during an event where over 500 people enjoyed the match Argentina vs. Colombia, all non-stop encouraging in order to keep watching the TV screen on.

With the unconditional support as the main feature of Argentine fans, created the first giant screen that works only with people’s breath for the parties of the national team. As the public speech during the meeting, a “Cheer-o-meter” connected to a giant screen, reflects the intensity of breath and regulates the visibility of the screen that broadcasts the game live. Thus, the more encouraged the fans, the more visibility you have and the less encouraging, the screen begins to fade.
The action was developed from the concept of “Always refresh your breath,” the message that the brand is pursuing various initiatives to be present along with the fans and encourage the selection.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Buenos Aires
General Creative Directors: Javier Mentasti, Maximiliano Maddalena, Silvio Panizza
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Isaia – Alejandro Garone
Production Company: Awards Cine
Director: Matías Goldberg
Year: 2012