Ceres Beer – #ivoteanyway (How a beer did what the government could not do)

I’m an Executive Creative Director. And if you ask people who work with me,  they’ll tell you that when it comes to judging our own works, I’m always hypercritical. That’s why I’ve never posted here any campaign coming from my agency.

But today I’m pretty proud of this project, so I decided to share it. Hope you’ll like it like I do.


Election time is near and Italian politicians, the most aged in Europe, never miss an opportunity to show their distance from young people and their needs. For a bureaucratic obstacle, thousands of students who live outside the country (e.g. for the Erasmus program) will not be able to vote from abroad. Despite the calls of the European Union and the students’ protest, no one can solve the problem. Ceres, one of the most popular beers in Italy, decides to prove that these guys are better than those who represent them in parliament.

Our goals were to boost the brand awareness becoming the main supporters of the movement and to bring the problem to the attention of everyone, inspiring the conversation about the right to vote and the sense of responsibility of young Italians. We knew that it would have also improved the reputation of Ceres, a beer with a high alcohol content: we wanted to show everyone that the guys who love Ceres are responsible and mature people, that care for themselves and for their country’s future.

Ceres is a strong beer. It believes it’s always worth to take a position, to stand, even if it means making difficult or inconvenient choices. Even if maybe you won’t win. This is the essence of the brand, it is called “Inglorious Heroism”, and it is summed up by the pay-off  “The town needs heroes.” Students in Erasmus are real heroes in the midst of their quest to discover the world. These young heroes had been wronged and Ceres decided to help them to vote anyway. Italy is an old, tired country that needs the energy of young people. As the slogan of this operation says, “Italy needs of Heroes.”


We contacted representatives of the students in major European cities. We told them we wanted to organize symbolic elections to make them vote anyway. We launched the twitter hash tag #iovotolostesso (#ivoteanyway), we sent groups in each city a kit with everything they needed to run and publicize the symbolic elections: facsimile ballots, ballot boxes, flyers and posters. We also sent them a few packs of beer to celebrate at the end. The kit also contained instructions on how to create video appeals that students would send us and would become part of a collective promo video. The video was posted on the web, the students used it to spread the word and we sent it to mainstream media.

More groups spontaneously joined in. The symbolic elections took place in 26 European cities on the same days of the Italian real elections. We sent the symbolic results to the media a few hours before the close of official polling stations.



For the cause:

Thousands of students from 26 European cities joined the initiative. The protest achieved unprecedented visibility on all the national media: TV, newspapers magazines, radios, social media, news website and blogs. The operation opened a debate all around the country. #ivoteanyway became a tweet trend with more than 10.000 tweets in 10 days.

For the brand:

Brand search frequency on google: +470% in 10 days. Ceres was the most cited brand during the election week. People reached: 20 millions, one third of the italian population. Media investment: less than € 5,000.

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Milan
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Sergio Spaccavento, Andrea Stanich
Creative Team: Sergio Spaccavento, Andrea Stanch, Alessandro Sciarpelletti, Silvia Savoia
Edit: Danilo Carlani, Alessio Dogana
Year: 2013

Looks! There’s a MINI on the wall!

MINI UK – Climbing MINI

Advertising Agency: WCRS, UK
Creative Director: Leon Jaume
Copywriter: Andy Brittain
Art Director: Yu Kung
Year: 2002

MINI Canada – Corner

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Toronto
Creative Director: Zack Mroue
Copywriter: Zack Mroue
Art Director: Lance Martin
Year: 2003

MINI Canada – Union Jack

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Toronto
Creative Director: Zack Mroue
Copywriter: Zack Mroue
Art Director: Lance Martin
Year: 2003

MINI Canada – Luge

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Toronto
Creative Director: Zack Mroue
Copywriter: Michael Meyers
Art Director: Lance Martin
Year: 2004

MINI Canada – Agrippez-vous

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Toronto
Creative Director: Zack Mroue
Copywriter: Jane Murray, Gaetan Naumoric
Art Director: Rose Sauquillo
Year: 2004

MINI USA – 3D Robot

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami
Creative Director: Alex Bogusky
Copywriter: Rogar Hoard, Mike Lear, Bob Cianfrone

Art Director: Dave Swartz, Paoul Keister
Year: 2005

MINI Cabrio – YO-YO

Advertising Agency: D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO
Creative Director: Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Luca Scotto Di Carlo
Copywriter: Cristino Battista
Art Director: Dario Agnello
Photographer: Armando Rebatto
Year: 2006

MINI Canada – Let There Be Xenon

Advertising Agency: Taxi, Toronto
Creative Director: Lance Martin
Copywriter: Jordan Doucette/Ryan Wagman
Art Director: Troy McGuinness
Year: 2007
Bronze Lion

MINI JAPAN – Missing

The Brief
To build and to maximize a new value of Mini in a Japanese way, and to arouse interest and attract attention toward Mini from not only Mini fans but also from those who had no interest. Taking an opportunity of the updated New Mini launch on the “Mini Day (promotional anniversary in Japan)”.

The creative execution
To describe the New Mini’s exciting charm by putting it into the Japanese favourite “Manga” story-“the New Mini escaped with its own will.”
To expand the New Mini’s fascination and to generate penetration in the market by involving the Japanese audience into Mini’s escape story in the theatrical campaign. The campaign was aimed at 35-49 year olds the liberals of high society. It is the progressive trendsetter that becomes the core target as they invent the fashion. The campaign is developed mainly on Outdoor advertisement and website, without using other mass media. However it was taken up by TV, magazine and outdoor advertising. The story development of the campaign succeeded in having not only a simple recognition of the product but also a deeper personal communication.

Advertising Agency: ADK, Tokyo
Creative Director: Tatsuyuki Hamada
Copywriter: Keisuke Yosahida
Art Director: Toshiaki Oikawa
Year: 2007


In 2006, the MINI was re-launched. Its key feature: more power. And while the new engine creates the familiar “go-cart feeling”, a simple switch of the (tiptronic) button to the “Sport” mode causes the power steering and the gas pedal to respond even more directly. The re-launch’s campaign slogan was “Incredibly MINI. The new MINI.“ And when MINI says “incredible”, they mean incredible. As incredible as a jump from one rooftop to another.
On the one side the ramp, on the other the brand-new MINI Cooper S: for every driver crossing the bridge near this twin high-rise, it had to look as if the car had just achieved such as spectacular feat. Which lent an air of nitty-gritty realism to the message “Incredibly MINI. The new MINI.” And gave a powerful boost to the whole campaign.
The target audience for this campaign was “postmodern trendsetters”, i.e. fun-loving people with a penchant for thrills and spills. Among their values and life goals are independence, spontaneity, rejection of norms, self-realisation, fun and action. The MINI installation was perfectly attuned to this group and their search for the uncommon and sensational.
The “MINI Base Jump“ campaign caused quite a stir, both among the media and the people driving by the spectacular sight every day. The promotion’s aim was to invite people to go for a test drive at their nearest MINI dealership – because statistics show that 60% of those who try one, buy one.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Zurich
Executive Creative Director: Alexander Jaggy
Creative Director: Michael Rottmann
Art Director: David Hanselmann
Copywriter: Thomas Amman
Year: 2007

MINI Malaysia – Loop

Advertising Agency: BBDO/Proximity, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Ronald Ng
Creative Director: Mun
Copywriter: Kevin Le, Ronald Ng, Johanne Chow
Art Director: Mun, Richie Chan
Year: 2008

MINI Canada – MINI Vending Machine

2011 brought on a new year of model updates for the always-iconic MINI and MINI Canada wanted to show these off by highlighting what our MINI target loves most about the car: its individuality. .
The goal was to create a buzz-worthy piece that would let our target audience know that MINI absolutely owns customization.
They decided to showcase the idea of personalizing your MINI, by tactically placing an interactive experience right where our target audience would be found, in an arresting way that only MINI could do.
They created the MINI Vending Machine, the largest ever interactive night projection in Canada, which showcased different combinations of the latest 2011 MINIs. Placed strategically in the club district where our key target audience is found, passersby could interact with it by texting to choose the MINI they wanted. This triggered their MINI to drive to the bottom in 1 of 9 fun, cheeky animations. A personalized-response SMS message was then dispatched to them, that led to MINI’s Facebook page.
Several channels worked together to maximize the campaign: first, our target could both view the eye-catching projection and then interact with it. This was then taken one step further in our ability to gather a data-base of  target audience.
Finally, the projection went viral, and gained immense international exposure.
The Vending Machine was hugely successful; not only did it get 134,861 impressions in two weeks, it received large-scale attention on thousands of sites and blogs all over the world, as well as over 20,000 hits on Youtube in its first week.
The MINI Vending Machine didn’t just light up the street for the public to interact with and enjoy – it created a major buzz online.

Advertising Agency: Taxi 2, Canada
Creative Director: Lance Martin
Copywriter: Alanna Nathanson
Art Director: Jeff MacEachern
Animation: Hatch Studios
Interactive: Forth Wall
Year: 2011

MINI Countryman – The Getaway Billboard

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
MINI launches the MINI Countryman: The 4th car line of the company, after “Hatch”, “Clubman”, “Cabrio”. The biggest one (4 meters). The first with 4 doors and, most of all, the first with 4WD.
The positioning claim is MINI Countryman. Getaway, “Getaway” means the opportunity to have multiple choices and join your passions.
– Objective. The new MINI Countryman is coming to town and we need to present it to the target.
– Media choice:. we have a big-size outdoor media, in the city centre of Milan.
– The challenge. To find a disruptive way of using the billboards, finding an eye catching creative idea.
The purpose is: to be spectacular, using a fibreglass car on the billboard; to be consistent with the positioning: showing the “Getaway” via active sport field (considering the incoming summer season the new MINI is the perfect car able to follow your passion like sea surfing).
Creative Execution
We have the opportunity to use a special three-face billboard.
The idea is to create continuity between the three billboards using a creative execution able to connect them.
Billboard 1. It represent a fake surf apparel brand adv: young surfers pose in front of the camera but three of them seem to be interested on what’s happening around the corner, and one of them, physically, is watching on the main billboard.
Billboard 2. The new MINI Countryman in fibreglass is the protagonist. It has a surf board on the roof and is represented as it is “going away”, out of the billboard. One of the surfers, represented on billboard one, is watching the MINI going away with his surf board.
Billboard 3. An invitation, together with an announcing of the new MINI, consistent with execution: “Welcome on Board”.
Results and Effectiveness
An impactful presence, spectacular and attention getting also during the “installation”, it has created a sort of “event”.
An estimate of 964.000 contacts made in 30 days of exposition.
Great unaided PR activity: the most influent Italian newspapers mentioned the campaign.
Target catch, also through word-of-mouth offline and online (web sites from all over the world posted the images; surfing the net with “MINI Countryman Billboard” the Italian idea is the first between the search results).

Advertising Agency: Bcube, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Alessandro Sabini
Copywriter: Martino Lapini
Art Director: Fabio D’Altilia, Daniele Pancetti
Year: 2011

MINI Countryman – Times Square

Amidst the clutter, neon and noise of Times Square we used the launch of the all-new four-wheel drive MINI Countryman to do something simple, quiet and, dare we say, beautiful. The eight panel OOH takeover has two fiberglass Countryman mounted on an idyllic mountain scene with the words: Let it Snow.

Advertising Agency: Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Year: 2011