Marcel Paris for France 24

France24 International News Chanel – LITTLE BOY/LITTLE GIRL/MONA LISA

A young boy is manufacturing football balls in a sweatshop and starts dreaming he is on a football pitch, being cheered on by the crowd… Before the foreman brings him back to reality.
Speaking enthusiastically, a little girl tells her mum what she has done during the day. But one eventually sees she is speaking to a tombstone in a city that was devastated by war.

Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Art Directors: Sebastien Piacentini
Copywriters: Gregoire Chalopin
Production Company: WIZZ, Paris, France
Director: Stephane Hamache
Year: 2007

France24 International News Chanel – AFRICA/LEBANON/NUCLEAR

Executive Creative Directors: Fred & Farid
Art Directors: Gregoire Chalopin/Sebastien Piacentini/Tristan Dubois
Copywriters: Gregoire Chalopin/Sebastien Piacentini/Tristan Dubois
Year: 2007

France24 International News Chanel – BEYOND THE NEWS

France 24 goes beyond the news and unveils the machine working behind every important international event.
Creative Directors: Frederic Temin/Anne de Maupeou
Art Director: Dimitri Guerassimov
Copywriter: Eric Jannon
Year: 2007
Silver Lion for the Campaign


Chief Creative Officers: Frederic Temin, Anne De Maupeou
Copywriter: Eric Jannon
Art Directors: Dimitri Guerassimov, Romain Galli
Photographer: Owen Franken/Corbis

France24 on Twitter – BIRDS

We all know the role of social networks and Internet in spreading revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.Social networks are now an essential source of information, as evidenced by the results obtained by France24, the French international news channel that broadcasts in three languages (French, English and Arabic).
It’s mainly the Arabic language version that broke all audience records during this period. But the channel as a whole has benefited from an increase in audience : in March 2011, experienced a peak in traffic with nearly 14 million visits and about 59 million page views.
The channel has also been very successful on Twitter thanks to its intense coverage of the Arab Spring, with a large amount of tweets dedicated to the topic, which enabled the channel to quintuple the number of followers of its Twitter account since the beginning of the year.
Based on these exceptional results, France24 and its agency Marcel have decided to highlight the link between freedom of information and freedom of expression on Internet.

Executive Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Veronique Sels, Sebastien Vacherot
Art Directors: Souen Le Van
Copywriters: Martin Rocaboy
Illustrator/Gadhafi: Marie Morency
Illustrator/Mubarak: Souen Le Van
Illustrator/Ben Ali: KIM Florence Lucas
Production Company: Mr Hyde, Paris, France
Director: Philippe Grammaticopoulos
Music/Artist title: Christophe Juli
Year: 2011

France24 International News in Arabic – HU JINTAO/QUEEN/OBAMA/BILL GATES

France 24, the french international news channel, has been broadcasting its programs in the Middle-East for many years. But until recently, only a few were available in arabic. Since October 12th 2010, all France 24 programs are broadcasted in arabic 24/7.
To promote this, we have created a campaign with several movies broadcasted on France 24 as well as several TV channels in the Middle-East targeting opinion leaders.

Executive Creative Directors: Anne de Maupeou, Veronique Sels
Art Directors: Youri Guarasimov
Copywriters: Gaetan Du Peloux
Production Company: WAM, Paris, France
Director: Alexandre Vivet/Gabriel Malaprade
Year: 2011

France24 Live on iPad and iPod – WHITE HOUSE/10 DOWINING STREET/NUCLEAR

Chief Creative Officers: Frederic Temin, Anne De Maupeou, Sebastian Vacherot
Copywriter: Eric Jannon
Art Directors: Dimitri Guerassimov
Photographer: Corbis
Year: 2011