Air France/Music in the Sky – The Sky Has Something to Say

Air France Music is known and renowned for its exclusive musical selections. As suitable for an airline company, they are now inviting music lovers to turn their heads towards the sky with the new iPhone application “Music in the Sky”, designed by its agency BETC.

The principle is both poetic and fun: exclusive tunes are hidden in the clouds and all you have to do is catch them by lifting your iPhone, which automatically adds them to your playlist. Anyone with an iPhone can use the app, but travelling passengers will also have the privilege of discovering new tracks depending on where they are in the world: from Paris to Tokyo to Buenos Aires, the sky will hide its own music.

For the first time, thanks to the application, Air France Music fans will be able to listen to the “on air” selections played on board the planes also on terra firma. To celebrate the launch, unreleased tracks from François & the Atlas Mountains, Eugene McGuinness, Villagers, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Tomorrow’s World will be revealed. Finally, throughout the year, Air France Music will organise competitions in the app with the chance to win unreleased tracks, concert tickets or even plane tickets. The Air France Music application can be downloaded free in the Apple Store.

Advertising Agency: BETC
Creative Director: Florence Bellisson
Art Director: Sebastien Partika, Esteban Lebour, Alexandre Saad
Copywriter: Edouard olhagaray, Guillaume Rebbot
Web Designer: Bernard Quarante
Year: 2012

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – The Sprinter applies for a job

The brief.
Develop an exclusive mailing campaign for major buyers of commercial vehicles, like fleet managers of big companies and present the Sprinter in a completely fresh and new way. 50% of the target audience was drawn from existing customers. The strategy was to keep the contact and the customer relationship on a very exclusive level and recruit potential customers for a test drive event.

The creative solution
The Sprinter is the one of the best workers a company could have. However, before you can work in a company, you have to apply for a job. So the Sprinter did: he writes his own letter application with special made tires. Each letter of application came with a link to a campaign micro site, providing video evidence that the Sprinter really had written the application itself. We raised the average response rates, because a real application letter will definitely find his way on the manager’s desk.

The creative execution
As already described: The Sprinter is as one of the best workers a company could have. And before you can work in a company, you have to apply for a job. So the Sprinter did: he writes his own letter application with special tires. But also the brand Mercedes-Benz could benefit from this completely new way of communication and strengthen its position as a innovative brand.

The Letter:

Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, and I would like to apply for a position in your company.
I have extensive experience in the area of transport and logistics, with a 15-year track record of continuous personal development that makes me among the most reliable goods transporters around.
I am made by one of the best-known and most prestigious manufacturers in the industry, and have been engineered to deliver hundreds of thousands of kilometres of service.
My greatest strengths are my durability and my large capacity. I would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities to you in a test drive.
To find out more about me and what I can offer, and for proof that this application is all my own work, please visit
Yours sincerely,
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

The results
More than 400 letters were printed by a Sprinter. Every print was an individual creation. The cost per print is about 8 Euros. Ca. 120 of them was sent to the main commercial car buyers in a first flight. A second flight will follow. 39% of the recipients watched the video evidence online. Key Account Managers reported a much higher response quote especially in the face-to-face contacts.

Advertising Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, Hamburg
Executive Creative Director: Arno Lindemann, Bernhard Lukas
Creative Director: Thomas Heyen, Markus Kremer, Jakob Kriwat
Art Director: Markus Kremer, Damian Kuczmierczyk
Copywriter: Thomas Heyen
Designer: Victor Aloji
Director: Marc Bethke
Year: 2011
Silver Lion

Happiness Brussels – Comic Sans Destroyer


Advertising agency Happiness Brussels is looking for a graphic designer with the right spirit and good taste.
How could we get a maximum number of applicants amongst the best graphic designers? We targeted the graphic design community through an online action in order to spread the word.
In graphic design communities, the Comic Sans font it is considered to be the ultimate symbol of bad taste.
Therefore, we designed the ‘Comic Sans Destroyer’, a downloadable application that will erase Comic Sans for once and for all from your computer. Only after using the application and cleaning their computer from all forms of Comic Sans, applicants can apply for the position of graphic designer.
‘Comic Sans Destroyer’ is now the ultimate tool to get rid of Comic Sans for once and for all; and at the same time it spreads the message: we only want graphic designers with really good taste.

After one week:
– Featured on the most influential graphic design blogs and websites.
– Over 20.000 unique visits on the website.
– More than 4.000 downloads of the application.
– More than 130 graphic designers from all over the world applied for the job.

Advertising Agency: Happiness, Brussels
Creative Management: Karen Corrigan/Gregory Titeca
Creative Director: Gregory Titeca
Creative: Tom Galle
Creative: Ramin Afshar