Leo Burnett Iberia for laSexta – Alcatraz Delivery

For the launch of the series Alcatraz, the Spanish TV channel laSexta created a big buzz based on a prison delivery service. People could experience how it is to be in prison without leaving home by simply ordering typical food prisoners eat in prisons. The food was prepared by a frightening man and delivered by an escorted detainee.  Courageous clients could even address their complains to a customer service. The meals were also delivered for free to important bloggers and journalists in Spain to make the campaign go viral.

In parallel, laSexta used junk mails, virals, posters and the delivery van as a mean of communication.

The brief from the client
In order to launch J.J. Abrams’ new series, ‘Alcatraz’, we decided to give our viewers a prison-like experience from the comfort of their own home Our chef ‘Butch’ was in charge of preparing a truly disgusting meal that would be delivered by our inmates in the prisoners van, always under the custody of a police man. Each order came with a dossier with detailed information about the series.

Creative Execution
The prisoners, constantly watched over by a policeman, delivered a disgusting menu using a prison van, and every single order had a dossier with detailed information about the serial and the première on the Spanish TV channel La Sexta. We promoted our service with direct-mail advertising, posters, fridge magnets etc. Furthermore, we even created customer support line manned by the prisoners themselves, in case anyone would dare to complain about the food quality or the service.
 From concept to implementation
We promoted the service, as any other food delivery would. We used junk mail, posters, fridge magnets, etc. Orders were taken by phone or on the website. We even created a customer service call centre to receive complaints. Such a peculiar delivery soon caught the media’s attention and we even made a delivery to one of the highest rated TV shows in the country, which guaranteed Alcatraz was the most successful launch of the season.
More than 1,500 orders were delivered during the first 2 weeks, generating buzz about the show and making Alcatraz the most watched première of the season, with 4.8m viewers.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia, Spain
Executive Creative Director: Juan García-Escudero
Creative Directors: Fernando Martín, Javier Álvarez
Copywriters: Alejandro Hernán, Fred Bosch, Javier Martínez, Pouline Atencio
Art Directors: Alejandro Hernán, Fred Bosch, Javier Martínez, Pouline Atencio, Seve Ruiz
Interactive Creatives: Alejandro Hernán, Fred Bosch, Javier Martínez, Pouline Atencio
Designer: Pouline Atencio
Year: 2012


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