Magnum Temptation – Ice Cream Jewel

Lowe & Partners’ Madrid agency, has designed retail activation campaign for Magnum Temptation.

 The LOLA team worked with the Catalonian culinary artist Daniel Domínguez, who created different intricate necklaces using the ingredients of the Magnum Temptation ice cream: three kinds of chocolate, crystallized caramel and fruits in caramel and cocoa.
The agency wanted to go further and they not only transformed the ice creams into gems but also the fridges that contain them, creating refrigerated display units, akin to the window displays in high end jewellery stores. Additionally each ‘shop window’ incorporates a screen where a documentary about the process of making the jewellery is played.
“To position a global brand like Magnum, sometimes you have to experiment and try specific activities in various markets, which can be transformed then into global activities for the brand”, comments Paulo Areas, Creative Director at LOLA.
“This activity is very effective in changing the “cold” and “not very premium” perception that consumers generally have about the frozen food sections in supermarkets. To convey elegance and sophistication in that specific place was a huge challenge”, adds Francisco Cassis, Creative Director at LOLA.
Advertising Agency: LOLA Madrid
Executive Creative Director: Chacho Puebla
Creative Director: Paulo Areas, Francesco Cassis
Year: 2012



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