Serviceplan for Austria Solaragency – The first annual report powered by the sun

Annual reports—traditionally soul-crushing visual creations—are suddenly getting creative. First, we had the eyewear maker that packaged its annual report as an eye-catching infographic. Now, we have a stunning annual report from the Austria Solar trade association—whose text and graphics are invisible until revealed by sunlight.The work is an elegant expression of the constant radiating power of the sun and an eye-catching way for Austria’s pre-eminent solar trade association to associate themselves with innovative thinking.

Creative director Cosimo Möller says he was working on a terrace when inspiration struck. “It was one of the last sunny days in October,” he says. “The sun was shining on my notepad and was reflected so intensely that I wasn’t able to read my words anymore. So, the idea was born: Does it work the other way round?”

This brilliantly crafted annual report for Verband Austria is almost a sure bet to pick up a Cannes Design Lion.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan
Chief Creative Officer: Alexander Schill
Creative Director: Christoph Everke, Cosimo Möller, Alexander Nagel
Art Director: Matthäus Frost
Graphic Design: Matthäus Frost, Mathias Nöselfilming


3 Comments on “Serviceplan for Austria Solaragency – The first annual report powered by the sun”

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  2. Jan de Kock says:

    I am from Cape Town, South Africa and is interested in doing something similar. I am looking for the name of the Ink Manufacturer. Can anyone please help.

    Jan de Kock

    • fra30774 says:

      Hi Jan.
      I have no idea. Probably you can contact the agency SERVICEPLAN.
      This is the link:



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