Smart – eBall Interactive Game

Daimler promoted the third generation Smart For Two electric drive car at the September 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) with eBall, an interactive game event using cars to play a digital game of Ping Pong. The interactive event was designed to demonstrate the joy of driving a highly responsive car. Visitors were invited to sign in with their driver’s license, and given instructions on forward and reverse before engaging in a live duel using laser measurement technology. The campaign was extended with print, outdoor and guerilla elements on a European tour in 2012. The campaign won a Gold Cube for Interactive (Physical Innovation) at the 91st ADC Awards.

Advertising Agency: Proximity BBDO, Berlin
Creative Directors: Ton Hollander and Jens Ringena
Art Director: Daniel Schweinzer
Copywriter: Lukas Liske
Year: 2011

Friday the 13th (and Jason) in advertising


Game World against piracy

Home Depot

Burger King

Dexter on Channel 4

In&Out (Gay Club)

Screamfest (Horror Film Festival)

Nulaid Eggs

Popeye Detergent

Renault Megane



Regal Ketchup

Hell Party (Klub Abaton)

Hi-Fi Klubben

Science World

Showoff (Production Company)


Contagion’s Microbial Billboard

Building on its reputation for always being ahead of the curve, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique outdoor installation merging science and advertising that is guaranteed to leave movie lovers, science buffs and art enthusiasts in ‘awe’ or ‘eww’.

In support of Academy Award ® winner Steven Soderbergh’s latest film “Contagion” — in theatres September 9th, Warner Bros. Pictures Canada teamed up with microbiologists and immunologists from around the world to create a one-of-a-kind bacteria message board located at 409 Queen Street West in an abandoned store-front window. On August 28th, two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria and almost overnight have revealed the true Contagion — an artistic interpretation of the spread of a virus as depicted in the film.

The public was invited to witness first-hand the remarkable growing power of natural bacteria on Wednesday August 31st from 11:00 AM — 2:00 PM. The first 50 people who arrived received passes to see “Contagion” in theatres and other themed prizes.


Don’t Call It Viral Marketing: The Story Behind Contagion‘s Microbial Billboard

The jury is still out on whether the star-studded viral outbreak movie Contagion will be a Hollywood blockbuster, but don’t blame Patrick Hickey if it isn’t. The Scottish mycologist recently led a team that used living bacteria and fungi to create two sinister-looking billboards meant to lure, or scare, people into seeing the movie. The microbes, seeded on stenciled letters in a pair of giant acrylic dishes, gradually grew to form the movie’s title behind glass windows erected in an empty storefront in Toronto, where Contagion was premiering at a film festival. The billboards were erected in late August, but gained even greater international attention last week when a time-lapse video showing how the project was done, and the eerie result, was placed on YouTube. “We picked [microbes] that would look dangerous,” says Hickey. “It’s a fusion of art and science.”

Hickey, who is director of innovation at a company called NIPHT, worked with the British firm CURB Media on the Contagion project, having teamed up with them in the past on marketing efforts using bioluminescent fungi and bacteria. He and colleagues typically spend considerable time in a lab investigating how various microbes will grow, and look, before moving out into the field. “It takes us a few weeks to see how fast things grow under certain conditions,” says Hickey. “There’s a lot of R&D going on.” This time, however, he was given such short notice that his team was still testing ideas back in Edinburgh, and e-mailing him photos, as he flew to Toronto.

Hickey says the 35 or so microbes used in the Contagion billboards were obtained from suppliers in Canada — he thought better of carrying luggage filled with bacterial and fungal containers on a flight to North America. Canadian officials provided a list of potentially dangerous microbes that were forbidden, but Hickey says he employed harmless ones, many available in school kits. Once in Toronto, he, staff members at the Canadian advertising agency Lowe Roche, and a local construction crew built and installed the 6-foot-long by 2-foot-high Petri dishes, filling each with about 10 liters of a growth-promoting agar gel. (The team has asked the Guinness World Records to investigate if these are the largest-ever Petri dishes.) One billboard was primarily composed of the same kind of fungi that produces penicillin and the other of several bacteria. Hickey is reluctant to reveal his team’s “trade secrets,” but he acknowledges that the billboard’s striking blood-like color comes from the red-pigmented bacterium Serratia marcescens. Some of the visual impact was due to chance, he adds; bacteria and mold from the outside air also took hold in each billboard before they were sealed.

Hickley had to fly back to Scotland before he saw the end result of his work, so he was even impressed by the time-lapse video. “I was amazed how it grew,” he says. Ironically, Hickey admits he still hasn’t seen Contagion. It premieres in the United Kingdom next month.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
Creative Director: Steph Mackie, Mark Biernacki
Art Director: Glen D’Souza
Copywriter: Mike Takasaki
Year: 2011

Smart Argentina – The First Commercial on Twitter

A smart one, for Smart in Argentina. Using tweets as animation frames, and asking people to scroll down their Twitter page, Smart showed their car fits in every tiny space, even in a Twitter timeline. You can check the video…

To launch Smart Argentina’s Twitter account, @smartArg, BBDO Argentina created what it bills as the first “Twitter commercial.”

Visitors to Smart Argentina’s Twitter page can scroll in Chrome using the J and K buttons to see a cute animation of a smart car traveling through the city as passersby cheer on. Of course, each frame was made out of 140 characters or less.

The brief ad, created by BBDO Argentina to launch the Smart Twitter feed, uses “animated” frames as tweets to create a flipbook effect. The famed “city car” is shown traveling down a bustling street, like notes plunked down on top of sheet music. This Smart car passes many other (bigger) vehicles, and lots of buildings (which appear to be smiling), before handily docking in a parking garage.

Bonus interactivity points: If you actually visit the Smart Twitter page, you can basically recreate the ad, just by scrolling down.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen
Executive Creative Director: Roderigo Grau
Director of Interactive Experiences: Pablo Tajer
Copywriter: Guido Lacellotti, Agustin Suarez
Art Director: Maximilaino Ballarini
Year: 2012

David O’Daniel – Movie Poster for Castro Theatre

David O’Daniel is one hell of an artist, and through his affiliation with San Francisco’s Castro Theater he is gaining quite the following. He creates silk screen posters for classic films that are released in conjunction with the screenings of those films at the theater. He’s got a great victorian-meets-art-nouveau style going on. As you can see, his sense of design is quite striking. Visit O’Daniel’s official website where you can purchase these posters and more.

The Birds

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

2001: A space odyssey


The Dark Knight

Donnie Darko

Dr. Strangelove

Easy Rider

The Exorcist



Planet of the Apes



Rosemary’s Baby


Taxi Driver


The Evil Dead

A Clockwork Orange


Titanic in advertising

 Centraal Beheer

Four men transport a heavy box with precious contents to a waiting ship. The box survives lots of dangers and finally arrives safe. Unfortunately the ship is the Titanic.
Advertising Agency: DDB Needham, Netherlands
Year: 1993
Gold Lion

Der Spiegel Magazine

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby
Year: 1998

Gradiente Home Theatre

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Brazil
Year: 1998

Alka Seltzer

Advertising Agency: BBDO Portugal
Year: 1998


Advertising Agency: Tandem DDB, Spain
Year: 1999

Titanic Food Festival

Advertising Agency: PSL Erickson, India
Year: 1999

Publicaciones Semana

Advertising Agency: Lowe & Partner, Colombia
Year: 1999

Canal +

Advertising Agency: Equator Belgium
Year: 2000

Priya Village Cinema

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertising, India
Year: 2000

Canal +

Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG BETC, France
Year: 2000

Star Channel

In a scene reminiscent of “Titanic”, the workers in an office try to fix a broken shelf.
Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo
Year: 2001

Fisherman’s Friends

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby
Year: 2003

Meio & Mensagem Magazine

Advertising Agency: Neogama BBH, Sao Paulo
Year: 2003

Citroen XSara Picasso

Advertising Agency: Duezt EURO RSCG, Sao Paulo
Year: 2003

 Soken DVD

This series show the problems when you play a DVD player. It then recommends a Soken DVD player instead. The office girl talks to her friend at the elevator about the ‘Titanic’ DVD she saw yesterday. However, she isn’t speaking smoothly. Why? Because her DVD player can’t play smoothly either.
Advertising Agency: EURO RSCG Flagship, Bangkok
Year: 2004
Gold Lion

Sony Wega Home Theatre

Advertising Agency: BBDO Chile
Year: 2004

L’Equipe Sport Magazine

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris
Year: 2005

Dakino Film Festival

Advertising Agency: Lowe & Partners, Romania
Year: 2005

 Volkswagen Fox

A ship, a man, a woman. Ship sinks. Man dead. Woman alive. Watch Hollywood’s legendary blockbuster “Titanic” in 30 seconds. Short and fun. Just like the VW Fox.
Advertising Agency: DDB Dusseldorf
Year: 2006
Silver Lion

LG Home Theater

Advertising Agency: Lowe Porta, Chile
Year: 2004


We see the memorable scene where the Terminator is going to be melted in the industrial plant, everything occurs as normal, but the soundtrack we hear is “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic. In the credits we read “Terminator or Titanic? Take Both, Tuesdays 2X1 at BlockBuster”
Advertising Agency: BBDO Guatemala
Year: 2006

Panasonic Veira Plasma TV

Advertising Agency: Lowe Porta, Santiago
Year: 2006

History Channel

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy South Africa
Year: 2006

TV Guide

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany
Year: 2006


Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels
Year: 2006

HENKEL Loctite

Advertising Agency: DDB Milan
Year: 2007

Montex Carbon Paper

Advertising Agency: Percept H, Mumbai
Year: 2007

Utopia Groups Cinema

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium
Year: 2007

McDowell’s Diet Mate Whisky

Advertising Agency: Mudra Communication, Bangalore India
Year: 2007


Advertising Agency: TBWA Paris
Year: 2007


Advertising Agency: Bambuck, Paris
Year: 2007

Megastar Cineplex

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Vietnam
Year: 2007

TAM Airlines

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Sao Paulo
Year: 2008

Toys ‘R Us

Advertising Agency: Volcano Advertising, South Africa
Year: 2008

Cape Times

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull
Year: 2008

Kaercher (immersion pump)

Advertising Agency: FJR Werbeagentour, Munich
Year: 2009

RIOS Illustration Studios

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Brazil
Year: 2009

Textliner Faber-Castell

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Malaysia
Year: 2009

Show Off Film

Advertising Agency: Fuel Lisbon/Euro RSCG
Year: 2009

Orange Foundation

Advertising Agency: Ignitionk, Madrid
Year: 2009

Rocklets Chocolate Candies

We see the Titanic sailing over the dark waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In the crow’s nest there’s a watchman, personified by a Yellow chocolate Rocklets. Suddenly, he spots a huge iceberg and informs the other Rocklets who desperately trie to alert the Captain. As soon as he takes off to do so, a huge human hand takes it away and eats it. The Rocklet was never able to inform the ship that it is about to crash into an iceberg. Super: The beginning of the history of a Rocklets is very close to the end.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Argentina
Year: 2009


Advertising Agency: BBDO Mexico
Year: 2010


Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends Duesseldorf
Year: 2010

Canal + 

Advertising Agency: BETC EURO RSCG, Paris
Year: 2010

Iffco Financial Service

Advertising Agency: Publicis India
Year: 2010


Advertising Agency: BBDO Santiago
Year: 2010

 Melody Enterteinment

The first all Arabic movie channel makes its take on ‘Titanic’.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Cairo
Year: 2010
Bronze Lion

Ford KA

Advertising Agency: Bassat Ogilvy Group, Madrid
Year: 2011

Washin Bifocal Glasses

Advertising Agency: Grey Tokyo
Year: 2011


Advertising Agency: JWT Mumbai
Year: 2011

Braun Silk-Epil

Advertising Agency: Impact BBDO, UAE
Year: 2011