The Quechua Experiment – The First Scrollable Commercial on Facebook Timeline

Quechua debuts an ad for its “two-second tents” online with a series of photos to scroll through on its Facebook timeline.

Facebook timelines for brands have only been available a short while, but innovative uses for the platform just keep on coming. The latest is from outdoor clothing and equipment brand Quechua, and in order to watch it, users must play the role of projectionist with their scrolling fingers…

French outdoor brand Quechua worked with Fred & Farid’s ‘creative influence’ agency, Kids Love Jetlag, to create The Quechua Experiment, a preview of its new commercial using Facebook Timeline. Visitors to its Facebook page scroll to the bottom, then press shift + space to see the ad (which promotes the brand’s two second tents) presented like a stop motion animation.

See the experiment on Facebook
A simple but very original way to use Facebook timeline that gives the idea of the possibilities it offers.
Advertising Agency: Fred & Farid/ Kids Love Jetlag
Year: 2012

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