Smart Argentina – The First Commercial on Twitter

A smart one, for Smart in Argentina. Using tweets as animation frames, and asking people to scroll down their Twitter page, Smart showed their car fits in every tiny space, even in a Twitter timeline. You can check the video…

To launch Smart Argentina’s Twitter account, @smartArg, BBDO Argentina created what it bills as the first “Twitter commercial.”

Visitors to Smart Argentina’s Twitter page can scroll in Chrome using the J and K buttons to see a cute animation of a smart car traveling through the city as passersby cheer on. Of course, each frame was made out of 140 characters or less.

The brief ad, created by BBDO Argentina to launch the Smart Twitter feed, uses “animated” frames as tweets to create a flipbook effect. The famed “city car” is shown traveling down a bustling street, like notes plunked down on top of sheet music. This Smart car passes many other (bigger) vehicles, and lots of buildings (which appear to be smiling), before handily docking in a parking garage.

Bonus interactivity points: If you actually visit the Smart Twitter page, you can basically recreate the ad, just by scrolling down.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen
Executive Creative Director: Roderigo Grau
Director of Interactive Experiences: Pablo Tajer
Copywriter: Guido Lacellotti, Agustin Suarez
Art Director: Maximilaino Ballarini
Year: 2012


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