Costumes Shop in advertising (the perfect post for Carnival)

Duende Azul Costumes

Headline: You, but funnier than you.

Headline: Really Real Costumes.

Special Posters were placed at Santiago’s Metropolitan Zoo pointing that the animals were actually disguised.

The Costume’s House

Abracadabra Costume Superstore

Kostum Jager (Zurich)

First Scene Costumes

Christian Dell (Make-Up Artist and Costume Design)

Housz of Costumez

The Costume Shop

Abracadabra Costume’s House

GEM Costumes

Franz Karl Weber Toys & Costumes

“We designed a simple tool to combine with ordinary objects found in each town and make them look like a person dressed up in a costume: A weather-proof speech bubble which says “Don’t recognize me, do you?” which can be easily attached to any object. We applied speech bubbles within 750m of the FCW store and at some more busy public transport hubs. “ (Online Shop)

Mardigras Costume Company


Brief: The objective was to demonstrate Maskworld’s costume and transformation competence, at first contact with potential customers such as make-up artist and property masters from film, theatre and advertising.
Objectives: The design objective was to create not only a visual, but also usable certification of Maskworld’s core competence.
Goals: Thanks to the costume-covers for the business cards of Maskworld’s management this metamorphosis competence can be proved at first meetings. They show, how easy and quick one can switch into the role of others, no matter whether it’s a demon lord, a gladiator, the Pope or the U.S. President.

Carlos Costume Shop

The objective of the promotion
Because of all the new costume shops that had recently opened in the centre of Madrid, Carlos’ Costume Shop needed to increase awareness and traffic to their store.

The Idea
Our idea was simple: we needed to convince people that we were the true masters of disguise. How? We handed out flyers in the street disguised as the typical people who hand out flyers in the street: a pizza guy, a Hare Krishna monk, a nun and the classic “We buy gold” ad man. All of them had a specific “disguised” flyer too.


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