Electrolux – The Art of Performance

The Art of Performance Track is a true manifestation of the promise that Ergorapido is the most stylish and most effective handheld vacuum cleaner in the world. It allows Electrolux to talk to consumers and press about performance in an emotional and engaging way. The outcome became a mobile art installation/vacuum cleaner product test that will be on display on different venues around Europe.

The sculpture shows how Ergorapido manoeuvres around obstacles and even under tables with a twist of the handle, thanks to its double-jointed floor nozzle. Tobias used magnets to show how the handheld unit snaps out to clean furniture, tables or the interior of the car.

The latest performance test for AEG-Electrolux Ergorapido was conducted by Swedish artist and set designer Tobias Allanson. Experienced in working with the overlap of art and technology, he built a machine to take Ergorapido through a number of challenges.

With Electrolux  test labs as a benchmark, he put together a test track that any good instant cleaner should pass. “Pick up, easy handling and flexible steering are three important qualities we have developed to excellence”, says Christer Månsson, Product Manager for the Ergorapido at Electrolux. “With this exciting experiment we wanted to see how Ergorapido performs in a test situation outside laboratories.”

“Building a moving piece around a vacuum cleaner was an unusual assignment”, says artist and set designer Tobias Allanson, who has created works for among others Urbanears, WESC, Modart and Freitag. “The biggest challenge for the machine was to show the two in one function, since the movements are more complex and I really went through some struggles with strong magnets. But my favourite one is the one where a bunch of shoes draggle the floors and Ergorapido picks it up right away.”

The machine was filmed and is now touring Europe at different exhibitions.

“I have never been this close to a vacuum cleaner before and after the project decided to get the yellow one myself. It just seems weird to not have one around anymore.”

When artist Tobias Allanson was commissioned to illustrate Electrolux Ergorapido’s performance in real-life situations, he decided to create a kinetic sculpture using a real Ergorapido vacuum cleaner. His sculpture showcases Ergorapido’s effective dust pick-up, manoeuvrability, LED headlights and 2-in-1 function in four situations in the home environment. This is a behind the scenes film about building the Ergorapido test machine.

Advertising Agency: Great Works, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Frederic Sebton
Art Director: Karl Sundin, Jakob Nielsen
Year: 2011


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