H-57/The Force Of Typography – Star Wars Posters For Charity (Complete Case History)

Digital art comes in a multitude of forms and shapes. Games, logos and website design are all forms of art in a certain way. But there is one form of digital art that always strikes a conversation when it is viewed, and that is typography. Sure, it doesn’t have to be digital at all. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of books out there that are entirely dedicated to typography in every form and shape. However, there is a rising trend of 3D typography art and typography where letters are used to create visual patterns that looks like ordinary image.

H-57 Creative Station, a Milan based advertising and design agency, has created posters depicting Star Wars characters using only typography. The well-received poster series, The Force Of Typography, has blown-up like the Death Star in popularity. With fans clamoring to purchase these posters, H-57 was unfortunately restricted due to licensing issues. With the use of a few characters H-57 has been able to create the heads of a StormtrooperDarth Vader and, of course, Yoda himself. There is no mistaking who they are supposed to look like, and at first glance, you won’t even be able to spot that they are created entirely out of characters.

With recent approval from Lucasfilm, H-57 plans on producing a limited run of 300 posters of each design, with all proceeds benefiting the Italy Make-A-Wish Foundation. The prints will be sold on eBay on October 21, 2011.

Matteo Civaschi, Executive Creative Director and Senior Designer at H-57 explains how the idea for these posters first began:

This project was born from a small home accident. My cat ‘Rommel’ was playing in the library and made my Darth Vader mask fall. When I picked it up, the mask was upside down, and I started examining all its elements. Looking at the upside down mouth, which is made in a shape of a pyramid with some slits, I realized that it formed a ‘W.’ From that point, I had the idea to recreate Darth Vader’s face using only typography.

Advertising Agency: H-57, Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Matteo Civaschi, Gianmarco Milesi
Art Director: Matteo Civaschi
Copywriter: Gianmarco Milesi

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    These are awesome!

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