DDB Paris for Tiji children’s channel – The imagination of children

A marvellous advertising campaign celebrating the imagination of children.

Childrens Campaign (2008)

Creative Directors: Alexandre Hervé, Sylvain Thirache
Copywriter: Matthieu Elkaim
Art Director: Pierrette Diaz
Peintre: Richard N’Go
Illustrator: Pierrette Diaz
Year: 2008


The Balloon (2008)

In this spot, a face-shaped helium-filled balloon embarks on an epic journey into the sky and beyond. A red helium filled balloon with eyes narrowly escapes being burst by a weather cock before launching into the sky to fly with the birds, hang out with a hot air balloon, call in on a mountaineering expedition, flirt with the Yetis. The journey takes the balloon through air traffic, past an astronaut and beyond. The ad finishes with the creator of this fantasy, the girl who lost her balloon.

Creatives: Pierrette Diaz, Mathieu Elkaim
Production Company : Wanda Productions, Paris
Director/Animator: Yoann Lemoine
Post-Production : Digital District
Music: The


Colours (2011)

A black and white forest is colored in vibrant hues under our eyes except for one sad little panda, which sets off the compassion of an imaginative little boy. In the beginning the world existed in black and white. After that, it became enriched with colors. Forests, rivers, animals, flowers… everything changed.

Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Hervé
Copywriter: Charlotte Roux
Art Director: Héloise Condroyer
Director: Akama
Production Company: Wanda
Music: Swing Jungle Colors


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