National Centre for Domestic Violence – Advent Calendar

Domestic violence against women is at its highest over the Christmas period. The pressure on creating a perfect family occasion can sometimes place so much stress on an already troubled relationship that it erupts into violence. We were asked to create something that would raise awareness of the issue amongst ministers at this critical time.

The strategy was to develop what appeared to be a conventional, Christmas advent calendar. However, behind each of the doors (which were doors and windows of houses) there were scenes of domestic violence. The juxtaposition of the festival nature of the calendar illustration with the horror of what goes on behind closed doors at this time of year provided the tension that made it so powerful. The calendars where mailed out to government ministers in the run up to Christmas.

Advertising Agency: JWT, London
Year: 2007


One Comment on “National Centre for Domestic Violence – Advent Calendar”

  1. Violence at Christmas: Peering through the frosted windows « glosswatch says:

    […] Christmas is a time not just for physical abuse behind closed doors – as illustrated by the National Centre for Domestic Violence Advent Calendar – but for emotional manipulation and financial exploitation. The fact that families often don’t […]

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