Leo Burnett Iberia – Tura: the First Advertising Awarded Dog in the World

How can an agency showcase its work and awards without arrogance. In a business where egos sometimes seem too big for an agency’s well being, Leo Burnett wanted to proudly celebrate its work and performance without ever crossing the line into arrogance. Tura, a stray dog from the agency’s creative director seemed just the perfect fit for this task.

It’s a thin line between being arrogant and just plain informative, when one talks about his or hers agency’s awards and success. Leo Burnett Lisbon’s performance in the awards shows has been very successful. And it is no secret that the more creative an agency is, the better work it does and the more relevant and attractive it become in the eye of potential clients. Tura, the dog, became the right and genuine way of being able to say it all without ever crossing the line.
How? We named Tura, the dog, the agency’s creative director. And in every work submitted for an award, Tura was added. We also created a site, where one can see Tura hard at work picking ideas, concepts and displaying her awards. Tura, the dog, became an ambassador to the agency’s work. And with her as an integral part of our creative team, we were able to always talk about our creative work and results through the acts of a dog. The most creative dog in the world. Tura was further advertised via Direct mail, Dog USB Card with Agency Credentials, event and T-shirts.

Results: with over 5,000 views online Tura’s presentation video is a good example of this idea’s reach and success. Moreover, we have been approached through Tura’s site several times in the last year. Clients have been known to want to meet her in person. And as result, Tura, the dog is today the agency’s most popular spokesperson. And having received free press in trade magazines and online, the return in investment is above the norm in this market by far.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Iberia
Executive Creative director: Chacho Puebla
Creatives: Juan Christmann, Ricardo Toledo
Year: 2010

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