Aarhus University – The Human Website

The brief
The University of Aarhus wanted more students to apply and at the same time brand themselves as an innovative and open-minded university with the students in focus. The challenge was to position The University of Aarhus as a modern university that truly understands their students by breaking away from the general perception of universities as inaccessible Ivory Towers. Therefore we decided to create a momentary feeling within the students that they were already there.
The University of Aarhus needed a stronger profile in order to stand out from the other universities in Denmark. One of the general perceptions of the universities is that they are inaccessible and disconnected with the real world. The University of Aarhus wished to turn this perception into their advantage by positioning themselves as the one university that shows a sincere understanding of (future) students’ situation.
By taking the website to the students on their shared home ground, the university certainly gave an unmistakable proof of the interest in the students and their life.

The creative solution.
We created an interactive theatre play as an exact copy of the university website, this way making an important and explicit step towards showing the students a sincere interest. A supersized laptop was built specifically for the occasion and placed in the heart of the town. In this, a theatre crew imitated the many functions of the university website: chats with student advisers, information search and pop-up films. At the end of the play, a paper pdf was downloaded and handed out to the spectators.

The results.
On the spot, a huge crowd of people gathered to see the performance, and the applause spoke for itself. The number of visitors on the university website increased by 52 percent, and the number of students increased by no less than 13 % at the University of Aarhus.

Advertising Agency: Uncle Grey, Denmark
Creative Director: Michael Paterson, Jesper Hansen
Art Director: Jacob Nusbaum
Copywriter: IbenKruse Knudsen
Year: 2010


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