Jeep Grand Cherokee – Twig Stone

The objective of the promotion
The objective of this promotion was to communicate and to create an interest around the launch of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011. To do that, we needed to reach the target audience for the car – people with an adventurous profile – in a striking manner. We wanted to explore the adventurous side of these people in an unusual way and to encourage them not only to buy the car, but also to live the adventures with it.

The Idea
People who love Jeep also love adventure. That was the starting point of our thinking. So, in order to reach the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s adventurous consumer, we sent boxes containing objects from very distant places: rocks from Patagonia, twigs from the Peruvian Amazon rainforest and water from a lake in Tierra del Fuego. Along with the objects, we also sent the exact coordinates for the objects’ places of origin and a proposal: return the rock, twig or water to where they came from, traveling this route by Jeep. Whoever actually made that trip would have all the hotel costs paid by Jeep.
The promotion gave people the chance to do something they love: facing an adventure. Unlike a common promotion, the box people received didn’t have a gift, but an object that should be returned. Therefore what people really got was an excuse to take the car and make their way to where the box contents should be returned. As a further motivation, Jeep would agree to pay for the lodging of the ones who faced the adventure. Linking Grand Cherokee 2011 with this adventure was the best way to introduce it to this audience.

The Results
The client had a high response rate: 30% of total people who received the boxes got in contact for more information about the car. And 12% of people actually bought the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011. This is an impressive figure, since the result the client used to get with similar actions was never more than 5%.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Brasil
Creative Director: Ruy Linderberg
Art Director: Alexandre Pagano
Copywriter: Cesar Herszkovicz
Year: 2011


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