LG SolarDOM Microwave – Seafood Aquarium

Objective: to launch LG SolarDom with its selling point: “The new microwave that can cook food faster.”.
Creative Solution: we create robotic-seafood in multiple varieties that you can cook in our microwave. We selected one of the biggest department stores in South East Asia as the scene for our creative solution. This fish tank is located within the food court. We let Grilled Saba with Soya, Fried Mackerel and Deep-fried Shrimp swim like real fish in a tank inside the food court. With the headline – “Ready to eat. LG Solardom cooks food 4 times faster.” This clearly demonstrated our idea that the LG SolarDom can cook food faster so it’s like taking fresh fish out of a tank and eating it right away.

Results: the electronic section within the department store saw 60% increase in consumer inquiries.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Thailand
Chief Creative Officer: Trong Tantivejakul, Marcus Rebeschini 
Executive Creative Director: Jon Chalermwong
Art Director: Somchok Kunjaethong
Copywriter: Parist Auttayatamavittaya
Year: 2011
Gold Lion


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