Evian – Baby Dance Campaign

With this new campaign, Evian is reasserting its vision of youth as a positive, universal value that everyone shares. The Live young spirit shines through in the new commercial, and features portraits of people wearing Evian’s popular ‘baby inside’ t-shirts edited together into a flipbook-style commercial that brings the babies to life with their best moves yet. To further bring the campaign to life, an interactive, user-generated version of the commercial will be released on the web. This fun, innovative application, accessible now online and soon through an iPhone application (available week of 4/25), will invite users into the Live young universe, where with just a few clicks they can become actors in the video and grab their own four frames of fame.

“The relationship consumers have with brands has changed. People want to communicate, interact and co-create with them. We saw this with the roller babies commercial that generated more than 300 spontaneous remixes online,” said Jérôme Goure, vice president of marketing for Danone Waters of America, the exclusive importer and marketer of Evian in North America. “That’s why Evian is releasing more than just an advertising campaign. This time, we are promoting the Live young spirit with an immersive brand experience that allows consumers to become a part of the new campaign and show that youth is not just a question of age, but more importantly, a state of mind.”

The Commercial
Developed by BETC Euro RSCG and produced by Legs from the famous MILK Studios in New York, the commercial uses stop-motion technology and is based on the simple principle of childhood flipbooks. Men and women, wearing a t-shirt printed with babies in different poses, appear one by one to the beat of the music, creating the illusion that the babies are dancing. The people in the video were found through a street casting in NYC where the directors asked charismatic people of different ages and styles to participate. The music, which expresses the energy and freshness of youth, plays an essential role in this commercial designed to look like a music video. A version of “Wordy Rappinghood” by Tom Tom Club was selected, remixed by DJ Mehdi with Uffie for the online version. In tribute to the “Roller Babies” film, the TV version will be broadcast with a new remix of “Rapper’s Delight”.

The Online User Experience
Fans will have the chance to grab their own four frames of fame in the interactive, online version of the commercial. All that’s needed is a plain white t-shirt and a visit to www.LetsBabyDance.evian.com or the evian® Let’s Baby Dance iPhone App. After participating, users can search by country, name or city to see which friends have joined the evian® Live young® BabyDance movement. And maybe, we all together can create the world’s longest music video…

By popular demand among Internet users after the print campaign was released, and after an exclusive release at the legendary Paris concept store Colette in 2010, the baby inside T-shirt will be for sale worldwide. The 3 different models, Nicolas, Ornella and Fred, are available at shop.evian.com 

The print advertising campaign
The campaign designed to flow on naturally from the world famous “Rollerbabies campaign”. Eight portraits by fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg show adults wearing t-shirts with the screen printed image of a baby’s body, giving the impression of what they looked like as babies. Each carries a bottle of Evian. The “Live Young” strapline, strengthens the message of the Rollerbabies film by symbolising the effect of evian on the bodies of adults of all ages.

Interactive Bus Shelter Project
From July 19 to August 16 and working with JCDecaux, evian outfitted five bus shelter units in downtown Chicago with its iconic Baby Inside creative, but with an unexpected twist. Instead of a static image, each unit featured a fully integrated screen that, when pressed, allowed the baby body featured in the creative to start dancing, complete with music bringing to life evian’s “Live young” concept. A QR code on the shelter gave consumers an opportunity to further engage with the campaign through the evian mobile website, where they could watch the full Baby Inside video and download the “LetsBabyDance” IPhone application. Once downloaded, the application allows consumers to join in and be part of a user-generated version of the video.

The screens are the biggest ever undertaken by JCDecaux. The video had sound and ran for 30 seconds total, but consumers could start and stop the animation at any time. Over 20,000 total screen activations or nearly 5,000 per location throughout the campaign. The busiest bus shelter had nearly six hours of daily playing time. There was an average of 178 daily hits per site. Throughout the entire campaign, there were nearly 500 hits from QR codes across all locations in Chicago. The interactive bus shelters were part of a larger out of home advertising campaign that also included 40 standard bus shelter panels in select Chicago neighborhoods.
“Evian has always been ahead of trends and unexpected in the way we engage with consumers. Typically, at a bus shelter, you expect to sit and perhaps read the paper or check your cell phone while passing the time,”
said Jerome Goure, VP Marketing of Danone Waters of America, Inc. “The idea here was to shake it up a bit and bring something new and exciting to people’s every day commute. After all, evian wants to help people live in the moment and to ‘Live young,’ no matter what the setting.”

Advertising Agency:BETC Euro RSCG, Paris
Creative Director: Rémi Babinet,
Art Director: Agnès Cavard
Copywriter: Valérie Chidlovsky
Year: 2010/2011
Silver Lion for the campaign
Shortlist (viral video)

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