LG Washing Machine – Washing Tunnel

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
We were tasked with launching the LG 11kg under-counter steam washer. This had to create hype and interest to ensure that customers were aware of its unique abilities and large capacity. The target market, mainly higher LSM females, see LG as a leader in innovative technology and are aware that buying LG means buying a superior product, however the client also wanted to generate excitement beyond this. The unique insight was simply the products USP – it’s really big and cleans very dirty clothing in a way other washers are unable to do. The execution, placed at a rugby match, was relevant to both client and target audience, as LG is already a sponsor of 3 South African rugby franchises. As it is one of the country’s biggest sports, with a very high percentage of female spectators, we were guaranteed to reach our target audience through the medium.

Creative Execution
In order to leverage LG’s sponsorship of Rugby in South Africa, we placed hoardings at International Super Rugby games in front of the players’ tunnels. Players would interact with the washer, running out clean, and running back in dirty at half time where they changed kits and ran out clean again. This effectively illustrated the washers USP of handling large loads and ensuring that they would come out spotless. Spectators at the games and those watching on television saw this happen, and it created the desired excitement and hype. It appeared on the web, social media sites, the press as well as television news and highlights. All these channels played out time and time again, ensuring a large amount of free publicity where even those not interested in Rugby still got to see the idea at play.

Results and Effectiveness
As a result of this media placement, the idea reached a much larger audience internationally than just those present at the Rugby matches. The idea supported LG’s platform as being a major sponsor to one of the nation’s favourite games as well as reinforcing them as the leaders in innovation. Sales of the washer increased significantly, in excess of 300%.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Johannesburg
Executive Creative Director: Liam Wielopolski
Creative Director: Ian Franks
Copywriter: Eric Wittstock
Art Director: Bruce Murphy
Copywriter: Katherine Glover
Art Director: Steve Dirnberger
Year: 2011
Silver Lion


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