Meister Camera (Leica Stores) – Pixellated Dog

To create a novel piece of advertising which demonstrates that you can take much more detailed shots with the Leica D-Lux 3 from Meister Camera than other digital cameras.

Creative execution
We demonstrated how ill-defined objects can look when you don’t use a high-definition camera like the Leica D-Lux 3. To do this, we put 3-D objects in the surroundings. The key was that each of these objects was completely made up of thousands of little wooden pixels. For example, a life-sized, pixellated dog was tied up outside a Meister Camera shop. There was a poster next to it with the headline: See it in more detail.

Photographers and people interested in digital cameras. Pixellated objects are nothing special in print. They only become innovative when seen in a new light: as physical objects in real surroundings. It’s no wonder that the installation turned out to be such an astounding attention-grabber.

Advertising Agency: Philipp Und Keuntje, Hamburg
Creative Directors: Diethern Kerner, Oliver Ramm
Copywriter: Daniel Hoffmann
Art Director: Sonke Schmidt
Year: 2008


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