Spiderman in advertising

Gracie (Jiu-jitsu Academy)


Bic Adhesive Bar

SL (Snowboard School Laax)

Books More&More (Bookstore)

Spiderman is reading book BEETLES. It is a classic and timeless childrens book written by Jan Karafiat in 1867. It tells stories of a young beatle from his birth to falling love and other adventures and challenges that life brings. It describes wonderfully the psychological growth of a young being and all that one sees and learns about the world.

Readers DEN (Comic Shop)

Premiere TV Channel

Scotch Brite (Non-Slip Gloves)

Penalty (Sport Gloves)

Samsung Navigator

Zurich Insurance

Headline: Without safety nobody wants to take risks.

Argentina Airlines

Power House (Health Club)


Akughry (Home Delivery)

Stroy Master ( Soundproof Windows)

Toyota Hilux

Audi quattro

Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

Big Flix ( Spiderman DVD Collection)

Claro TV Channel

Cruz Roja (Volunteer Recruitment)

Taiba Hospital (Ophthalmology Department)

Hospital Alemàn (Children’s Health Insurance Plan)

Seamils (Telecom Network Solution)

Headline: Out of reach?

RAC (Rescue Helicopter Service)

Veet (Hair Removed System)

Duende Azul (Costumes Shop)

Limitededition.com (Superheroes Miniatures Shop)

Stori Bathroom

Headline: Inside story. Outside Stori.

Sonora Wall Tiles

Prizm Exterior Paint

Mister Potato Head (Spiderman Edition)


LG Smartphone

Heinz Pasta (Spiderman Edition)

Twinsaver tissues (Spiderman Edition)

Anti Mosquito

Spiderman 2 (Coming Soon)

AGF (Mutual Founds)

TV2 (Spiderman Promo)

To create buzz about TV2’s premiere of the Blockbuster Spiderman 2, we created a billboard out of flypaper, which both attracts and traps flies.
The billboard was positioned low to the ground on a heavily used pedestrian route. The letters spelling Spiderman 2, which were left un-sticky, were gradually revealed in the week leading up to the screening.

New Excelsior Theatre

Atari (Spiderman Game)

Burger King (Spiderman Promotion)

Happy Meal McDonald’s (Spiderman Promotion)


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