Asahi Newspaper – The Asahi Newspaper Moves

The Asahi Shimbun, the top share newspaper in Japan, renews greatly its layout and figure. To communicate the “movement” we made all the ads on the paper move. Most readers watched the advertising much longer than usual (about 20min per person) because of the surprise that the newspaper ad moved and the accuracy of the movement.

The Moving Ad told both of the renewal of Asahi Shimbun and what clients (of Asahi Shimbun) want to say at the same time.
As a result, the Moving Ad was watched by 1.3 million families of the reader and attracted the attention from over 100 of internet media like blogs, SNS, videos on Youtube and TV news.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu Kansai, Osaka
Executive Creative Director: Takaaki Yamazaki
Creative Director: Jurichi Harima
Art director: Mamoru Ichino
Year: 2008
Gold Lion


One Comment on “Asahi Newspaper – The Asahi Newspaper Moves”

  1. El ingenio despierta | ifahto says:

    […] de ellas sin inversiones millonarias y con excelente respuesta en ventas. Por ejemplo, el caso de Asahi Newspaper en Japón, el cual había caído en crisis debido al embate digital, pero se recuperó, tanto en […]

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