Sydsvenskan Daily News – The First Media Choice

In a fiercely competitive media and advertising market, it is vital to build effective relationships. Sydsvenskan Daily News’ target market consists of media agencies, advertising agencies and advertisers – a group that usually is very hard to please. Our objective was to remind them that when they have something important to tell the world, they should choose Sydsvenskan Daily News.

Our aim was to reach only the most prominent and influential people in the business. We decided on an approach based on a sense of community and chose to emphasise the very first milestone in these people’s lives – their birth. In Sweden, it is customary to place an announcement in the births column of the local newspaper, to manifest this unique and blissful event. Therefore, the target group quite simply received a DM package with their own birth announcement – a simple reminder to them that Sydsvenskan Daily News is “the first media choice”.

The response rate was fantastic, almost everyone (more then 90%) mailed or called and expressed
their thanks. Some of the comments: “Maybe the best direct mail ever sent to me.” “Even my
mother was touched.” “I was totally astonished and surprised.” “What a great idea! It made me very happy.” “I just wanted to say thanks for the package with my first ad. What a lovely idea”

Advertising Agency: The Fan Club, Malmo
Creative Director: Christian Barret, Ola Obrant Andreassom
Year: 2005
Gold Lion


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