South Africa’s Anti Piracy Foundation – Pirated DVDs

South Africa’s Anti Piracy Foundation has come up with a inventive new weapon in the fight against pirated DVDs –fakepirated DVDs. According to the Financial Mail, the new campaign involves joining pirate vendors at street corners to sell fake discs, but with a twist. Only when the buyers of the fakes play the DVDs will they realise they’ve been fooled.
After a few moments of the genuine movie, a message appears on the screen: “Thank you for buying this DVD. Your R40 has been donated to the Anti Piracy Foundation. Piracy is a crime.” Advertising agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris, which developed the campaign, says that while the bold strategy is risky, it’s necessary to combat the problem of copyright theft. Read more:

Discourage customers from buying pirated DVDs, whilst raising funds for the Anti-Piracy Foundation – an organisation committed to fighting the crime of DVD piracy.
Innovative Media Strategy
To use actual pirated DVDs, which are typically sold on busy street corners throughout South Africa, as the medium. This is the best way of targeting actual purchasers of pirated DVDs with the additional spin-off of raising funds! The campaign was launched by creating and selling our own pirated copies of blockbuster DVDs like “Tsotsi”– the Oscar winning movie, and also the most pirated DVD.
During the movie, our ‘pirated’ DVDs stop running and a message flashes on screen thanking people for buying the DVD, notifying them that the money they paid has been donated to the Anti-Piracy Foundation and notifying them that piracy is a crime.
It is very difficult to pinpoint exactly who is buying pirated DVDs, so the best way of reaching them is through the product they are purchasing – the pirated DVDs. The knock-on effect has created doubt in the piracy market. The purchaser is unaware as to whether they are purchasing actual pirated DVDs or our ‘fake’ copy which only shows a few minutes of the movie. Our DVDs are self-funding- the selling price covers production and distribution costs. The more we sell, the more we produce. Illegal sales have dropped as buyers are doubtful that they will get the DVD they want.
After all, people who buy pirated goods are now donating money to fight it.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris
Creative director: Damon Stapleton, Camilla Herberstein
Copywriter: Jason Kempen, Jonathan Smith
Art Director: Kirk Gainsford, Darren Borrino
Year: 2006
Gold Lion


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