Ogilvy Mexico for Mattel – Little car, great unconventional ideas

Matchbox Toy Car – LITTLE HAND

To promote the fact that Matchbox makes the most realistic scale model toy cars.
Creative execution
We developed stickers of human hands that were placed on different car windows, on parking lots, malls, toystores, supermarkets and streets. The position in which the fingers were placed simulated the hand of a kid grabbing the car, as if he is about to play with it
This effort helped create brand awareness, primarily by word of mouth and media exposure.

Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Copywriter: Daniel Gonzales
Art Director: Gonzalo Villegas, Demian Najera
Year: 2007

Hot Wheels – STANDS

Hot Wheels needed one new-media space that could interact closer with kids allowing the new strategy to be positioned: “Hot Wheels has all the adrenaline and speed of car races in scale”.
Creative execution
Mexican boys are used to getting together with friends in the streets and park squares to play “the little road” on the sidewalks. Starting off from this insight, we developed stickers pretending to be people seated watching a car race but in a similar scale to the Hot Wheels Cars. These items were stuck where this “little road” game took place; then kids played and experienced the new brand strategy.
This action increased the brand awareness and made sales grow up to 30% versus the former year.

Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Copywriter: Sandra Flores
Art Director: GIvan Carrasco
Year: 2008

Matchbox Toy Car – EYE/FINGERNAILS

Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Copywriter: Miguel Angel Ruiz, Rafael Martinez, Luis Elizalde
Art Director: Ivan Carrasco, Gerardo Arias
Year: 2008

Hot Wheels – BIG BOY

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Hot Wheels is a loved mark in Mexico. The challenge was to make an innovative Outdoor.
Creative Execution
Everybody has had a little car in the hands. This time, Hotwheels make people feel as a little car, with a really big boy outdoor looking at them. The outdoor was installed in a very transit avenue, at México City.
The reaction was impressive. It was impossible not to look at the huge image. This piece have thousands of really quality impacts per day.

Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Copywriter: Abraham Quintana
Art Director: Ivan Carrasco, Mario Salgado, Jaime Gonzales
Year: 2010
Bronze Lion

Hot Wheels – SPEEDWAY

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
Hot Wheels is a brand that creates great experiences and amazing creative advertising, this way, fathers and children can identify our brand and make it his own.
Our target enjoy speed and challenge, they have the perception that Hot Wheels are small cars that help to express this.
The idea works because nobody can ignore this and everybody wants to tell his friends or relatives how amazing it can be.
The consumer feels part of Hot Wheels, being part of a toy that is generating a brand experience.
Creative Execution
Two giant children shape structures were placed in Mexico-Cuernavaca speedway. They make you live the experience of being inside a Hot Wheels.
Results and Effectiveness
We continued with the leadership brand positioning, communicating their goal about not selling a product but the fame that Hot Wheels obtained through an ad.
This caused that this piece of communication were mentioned in blogs, social networks, websites and local media. This was not only an outdoor piece, there were also all sorts of unpaid mentions covering different targets we wanted to achieve.

Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Copywriter: Carlos Meza, Sergio-Diaz Infante
Art Director: Ivan Carrasco, Francisco Hernandez
Year: 2011

Hot Wheels – TRACKTAPE

For more than 40 years, Hot Wheels products have been a children´s favorite. Although extremely fun, tracks don´t have the immediacy and portability of playing as cars do. How to invite kids to play with Hot Wheels cars and tracks whenever, wherever? We developed the Track Tape. A simple, economic and fun product that allows kids to transform every place into a true race track. Besides, the Track Tape works as advertising, placed exactly where the target is by the own target market

Chief Creative Officer: José Montalvo
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz Reyes
Creative Director: Victor Alvarado/Fernando Carrera
Art Director: Victor Alvarado/Fernando Carrera
Copywriter: Fernando Carrera/Victor Alvarado
Year: 2011
Bronze Lion


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