Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai – The 70-Meter Spit

Spitting is a national habit in China. The Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai wanted an anti-spitting public awareness campaign targeting migrant workers in Shanghai. Most migrant workers have been educated the sputum in spits contains germs that spread diseases. But many do not know the germs are not contained within the spot of the spit. The wind helps to carry the germs that are in the spray of the spit to further distances. According to the Public Health Bureau Of Shanghai, germs can spread to as far as 70 meters depending on the wind conditions. So how do we make them see this fact?


The solution is simple: make the germs visible. Make the message obvious to the migrant workers. We created charcoal artworks that show how far the germs could spread from its source. A total of 51 artists consisting of graffiti artists, graphic designers, and fine arts students were involved in this gigantic piece of social art. And in the middle of the artwork we have an arrow that points to a spot of spit. On the arrow we fit in the message. We chose places that are near the migrant workers’ living quarters to showcase the artwork.

Results and Effectiveness: public awareness was heightened further by various media coverage. The extra publicity helped to spread the word about this unknown fact about spitting to more people.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Shanghai
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Lee
Art Director:Xiao Kun, Kelvin Leong, Kevin Lee, Deng HuaZhang Lei, Robin Wu
Copywriter: Kit Ong, Adams Fan
Illustrator: Nial O’Connor, Huang Haibo, Bao Siwen, Minsheng Zhang, Xu Xueyong, Hui Yao
Year: 2011
Gold Lion/Shortlist (Grand Prix For Good)


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