Harry Potter in advertising

Playstation 3/Blue Ray

Marani Eyewear

Crisol Bookstore

Harry Potter at PVR Cinema

ODEL Department Store – Harry Potter Promotion

 Promotion done at the Department Store ODEL, for the release of the new Harry Potter book. The spoon was magically moving in the cup on its own.
This simple yet innovative deployment immediately captured the public’s attention. A captured video was posted on youtube and became one of the top 40 most linked videos of that week, resulting in 53,880 views, as well as newspaper and TV coverage.
With an investment of merely Rs.2,000 (USD20), the campaign generated a total of Rs.100,000 (USD1,000) in Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE). The entire stock of 150 books was completely sold out in hours, generating a total revenue of Rs.412,500 (USD4,125). The Return on Investment for this project mounted up to 256 times.
ODEL, Colombo’s premier department store, had to compete with all the major bookstores who were frantically promoting pre-bookings for the much-anticipated “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”.
We wanted to bring a bit of Harry Potter Magic to ODEL. Shoppers at Odel’s in–store eateries were amazed to witness a self-stirring cup of coffee. Beside it lay a mock copy of the “Deathly Hallows” carrying the message, “Book your copy right now for a deposit of Rs.500.”


Videomarathon 2003 – Reality sucks

BED Club – Drag Show

Electronic Arts – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

LT Libreria Tecnica

Fundacìon Par

Suzuki Motorcycles School

Odyssey Multimedia Center – Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows

Super Glue

Harry Potter BlueRay Collection – Promotion

The objective of the promotion
To advertise the arrival of the Harry Potter saga in high definition at Livraria Cultura.
The Idea
We’ve recreated one of the most famous passages in the saga – the passage through platform 9-3/4, using a technology called fogscreen. We’ve projected over a smokescreen the wall of the platform. So, people could cross the “brick wall” as if they were wizards.
By it’s innovativeness, it was an important attraction in the store, taking customers directly to the movie’s shelf, prompting an interaction with consumers, enjoyment for all ages, hundreds of spontaneous mentions in blogs about advertising, innovation, the series fan clubs among others, in Brazil as well as abroad. It allowed a “magic” experience for consumers, bringing them close to the series reality.

Titanic Magazine – Harry Potter Dies Promotion

The objective was to create a low budget promotion reinforcing the Titanic’s image as Germany’s number one satire magazine while generating new subscribers. On 27.10.2007, the very day when the last Harry Potter book was finally released with much ceremony, the Titanic, in true kill-joy spirit, revealed on various advertising mediums around the book’s point of purchase (pedestrian zones and book stores) that Harry would supposedly die on page 652, thereby eliciting the very strong reactions that a magazine of its nature is meant to.
What better way to promote Germany`s No. 1 satire magazine, famous for eliciting both malicious joy and laughter in equal measures, by creating a promotion that would do just that. The response was overwhelming: after the promotion the number of subscribers increased by 2,3 %. And the following edition of the Titanic magazine was sold out so the print run had to be increased by 5 %.
For the consumers this promotion was confirmation that Titanic is the best, therefore meanest satire magazine in Germany.


Red Peppers Audio Boks

Terramycin Plus Ointment

Beloura Shopping Center

Harry Potter at The Sun Theatre – Ambient

Seventy MM – Online Book

Mike Hutcheson’s book

Coca-Cola Cinema Ticket

Coca-Cola wanted to invite some executives from important Spanish companies and their families to the Première of the latest Harry Potter film. We were asked to create an invitation for that event that could fit in a A5 envelope.
Harry Potter is a film based on the power of magic so we came up with the idea of a blank card, with no text. A magic card. So in order to read the text you had to use a trick. The magic trick was rubbing the surface with a wet cloth. But of course the text would disappear again after a while.
No response was expected in any way by this action. However Coca-Cola got a lot of congratulations calls.

Kinokuniya Bookstores – Harry Potter mounth

Winnie the Pooh teaser trailer: How do you spell adventure?


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