Coca-Cola Zero – Impossible Experiences

Boat Accident (Ambient)

Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Istanbul
Creative Director:Oktar Akin
Art Director: Fira Yildiz
Copywriter: Deniz Tan
Year: 2008

The World’s First 3-sided Table Football (Environmental Design)

The Brief
Table football is one of the most liked socializing games in pubs, bars, workplaces, schools, and clubs with few rules. But there is one rule since the beginning: only four people can play the game. In order to show the target people that there are zero limits and rules we invented the new breed of the game: the Zero foosball which has 3 sides to accommodate 6 friends. Coke Zero is the biggest invention of Coca Cola lately. Coke Zero: real Coke taste, zero sugar. The brand aims to drive back young male adults to the Coke franchise. In the age of 18-25 guys leave their childhood and step into the adults’ world of obstacles and limitations. Coke Zero wants to help them see, imagine more possibilities in life than they think. If Coke Zero is possible anything is possible. The challenge was to bring the brand purpose into life via transforming limitations, norms, rules into new never seen positive experiences.

The Idea
After having the idea, we had to make it real. Several engineer groups worked on the plans for one month, we even involved the Hungarian foosball association. To reassure about the design’s enjoyability, we invited an ultimate expert for a final check.

Results foosball debuted on the most popular Hungarian music festivals.
We managed to invent a unique design medium, which not only transferred clearly the brand essence, but provided a surface where every player spent at least 15 intense and joyful minutes with the brand. It created excitement for more than 520 000 people on the spot, and the WOM even doubled the reach. The new phenomenon quickly spread on the target group’s most visited sites. The festivals already indicated their interest for the Zero foosball for the upcoming year. No one could just pass by our never seen design and game innovation.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Budapest
Creative Director: Peter Tordai/Vilmos Farkas
Copywriter: Linda Zador
Art Director: Matyas Kobor/Miklos Voros
Account Director: Marta Dorgai
Year: 2009

Enormous Vending Machine (Ambient/Special Build)

Original taste. Zero sugar. Prove it’s possible. Send “ZERO” to 7015 and pick up your can here and now.

Advertising Agency: Universal McCann, Madrid
Creative Director: Josè Antonio Nogales
Copywriter: Natalia Parra
Art Director: Cristina Valle
Year: 2009

Inverted Pyramid (In-Store Marketing and Promotional Packaging)

The Brief
Coke Zero’s communication effort was to build on the equity of “making the impossible possible” which is true to what the brand promises (having that real Coke taste with zero sugar). All materials, even point of sale, had to reflect the proposition. In supermarkets and groceries where everything would blend into the shelves, it seemed impossible to stand out. Our task was to disprove that.

The Idea
How to create something impossible, then make it possible AND functional? We needed to stop shoppers in their tracks the moment they saw the product. So why not use the product itself and stack them all in a big pyramid – then turn the whole thing upside down.
Careful planning and collaboration with groceries had to be made. A pole designed as the bottom-most Coke Zero can ran from the ground up, supporting the whole structure. The shelves were made so thin, they almost looked invisible. And stock boys were instructed to constantly replenish cans to maintain the pyramid’s form.

The Inverted Pyramid display vividly separated Coke Zero from the sea of sodas in the shelves. Clear proof was the 13% sales increase in supermarkets and groceries since installation of the special stands.
The proposition was brought to life in-store. Shoppers experienced the impossible made possible first hand as they shopped and picked up products from the display.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett Manila
Creative Director: Raoul S. Panes/Alvin Tecson
Copywriter: Therese Endriga/Cey Enriquez
Art Director: Mon Pineda/Farlet Vale/Steph Mangalindan
Year: 2010


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