Naturalia – The first PDF commercial in history

The brief
The campaign was targeted for new costumers, using the ones we already had by using an existing database.
With zero investment in media, the strategy of the campaign was to use the only resources they had at the moment to launch their annual donation campaign: their e mail database, their friends on Facebook, their followers on Twitter and their website.

Creative Solution
We made a commercial that would mean zero investment in digital media, had a format that any computer could read, be light enough to send or download, and be good enough so people wanted to spread the message: the first commercial made in a PDF format.
The projected response was to increase their funds by 10% in the 3 weeks during the launching, as well to increase their e mail data base by 10%.
Nobody had ever made a commercial in a PDF format. A basic format that used in a “slideshow” mode in the acrobat reader or preview programs, can have the same effect of a flipbook if you keep the down or forward arrow buttons pressed. The way the commercial worked, was a direct analogy of how Naturalia works: with the help of people. By their donations and volunteered work.

The results
The commercial was sent by e mail to a 1500 addresses on Naturalia’s database. And the link to download it was also posted on their Facebook wall and “twitted” for their followers on Twitter.
Naturalia’s e mail database was amplified by 25% and their friends on Facebook went from 2501, to 3680 in 3 weeks. The commercial had 52 803 downloads. Their funds increased by 20%.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Mexico
Executive Creative Director: Miguel Angel Ruiz
Creative director: Manuel Vega
Art director: Gonzalo Villegas
Copywriter: Manuel Vega
Year: 2011


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