National Sea Rescue Institute – The Underwater Radio Campaign

Insights, Strategy & the Idea
The National Sea Rescue Institute is a non-profit organization that conducts rescue operations across South African waters.
They needed to recruit individuals capable underwater. We had the insight that the best place to find individuals capable underwater, was underwater. We just needed a way to reach them.

Creative Execution
Through research, we discovered that there are insulated speakers that can make the spoken word audible underwater.
We rented some and began broadcasting recruitment messages underwater in pools, gyms and training facilitates across the country to group that makes great recruits like divers, synchronized swimmers and underwater hockey players.
Recruitment forms were handed out wherever we went.

Results and Effectiveness
We were able to reach a captive audience of water savvy individuals in their element. With the help of our underwater recruitment drive, the NSRI was able to increase their numbers from 880 to 920.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy Cape Town
Executive Creative Director: Chris Gotz
Creative Director: Gareth McPherson/Jacques Massardo
Copywriter: Guy Lewis
Year: 2011


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