Burger King/The Simpsons Movie – Simpsonize Yourself

Summer 2007: The Simpsons Movie was unleashed on the world and BK was one of many brands doing a cross-promotion. Determined to use more than the typical “art-on-a-cup” approach, BURGER KING® found a way to bring fans closer.

Working directly with The Simpsons Movie producers/animators, they created a spot, entitled “World Domination”, depicting how the live-action world is becoming “Simpsonized”, thanks to BK®. It invited fans to a BK-branded online generator (www.simpsonizeme.com) that allowed fans to “simpsonize” themselves. BK® also altered its menu by adding the Ultimate DOUBLE WHOPPER, a burger fit for Homer-sized appetites, endorsed by Homer himself.

On July 22, 2007, the BURGER KING® Simpsons promotion launched during an actual episode of The Simpsons.
The “World Domination” spot invited viewers to Simpsonizeme.com which was immediately flooded with fans uploading their pictures and using ”Have It Your Way Technology” to create their Simpsonized selves. Several rich media web banners had games and demos that drove traffic to the site.  A traveling SimpsonizeMe photo booth also allowed the news media to Simpsonize themselves on the spot in various malls around the country. Krusty started a new burger war with The King and Homer hyped the Ultimate Double Whopper in new 30s.

SimpsonizeMe.com, turned 45 million uploaded fan photos into “Simpsonized” versions. Over 25 million people from 90 countries visited the site, which also received outstanding attention from Internet blogs, television and print news media sources. ABC’s Nightline featured it in a dedicated segment about the campaign stating, “it is the perfect marriage of two famous brands”. The Ultimate Double Whopper sales set a record for new product intros and the halo extended to the original Whopper sandwich which broke records as well. The Simpsons Movie was the highest grossing animated film ever.

Advertising Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky
Creative Director: Rob Reilly/Bill Wright
Interactive Creative Director: Jeff Benjamin
Art Director: Neil Heymann

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