The Viral Creativity of The Viral Factory

Established in 2001, The Viral Factory is an award-winning digital marketing and media company. To date, their work has generated over a billion views worldwide. They turn brand messaging into cultural currency by creating content that people actively seek out and share with their friends.

This was the first clip they ever made, to launch the company. “We received 300 emails telling us we were sick bastards for blowing up some poor dudes head. We didn’t, it’s fake in case you’re still wondering…”

This is their best works.

1 – AmBX PC Games – GAMES BREAKOUT (2006)

amBX is a new ambient technology being launched to PC gamers in September 2006. The technology is being introduced to this audience first because of the games industries/PC gamers want to evolve and innovate and ultimately improve their gaming experience. The viral was created to promote the launch of the new website and to cause a buzz online within the PC community. The movie has been awesomely successful with PC gamers beginning to take an interest in the amBX technology.
Since its launch (17/03/06 – 24/03/06) the movie has had 179,838 unique views, 26,577 WMV downloads and 4,820 MOV downloads. Gold Lion.

2 – Diesel – DIESEL XXX 30th Birthday Party (2009)

Diesel is celebrating its 30th birthday with a risqué ad that weds a montage of 1980s porn films with cartoon animations. The 120-second film has been dubbed Safe For Work XXX, a play on the commonly used warning tag used on pornographic material NSFW. The clip, created to celebrate the trendy clothing brand’s “Dirty Thirty”, is being seeded online today to promote a series of global parties starting on October 11. Developed by agency the Viral Factory, the viral features clips from a host of 1980s porn films, with animated overlays of people eating corn, playing the maracas, eating a banana and playing a pinball machine to mask the pornographic content.
The aim of the film is to “remind people that Diesel is a brand not to be taken for granted” as well as promote the company’s XXX parties.In the first week the film was viewed over 4 million times and has now achieved over 14 million views. The film has over 25,000 positive comments and generated widespread international press coverage. Gold Lion.

3 – Samsung Omnia – UNBOXING (2009)

Unboxing videos are a fairly new addition to video genres online but are rapidly gaining a place in the popular psyche and not just amongst the techie hard core. They basically tap into a human truth which is that the opening a new toy is often the most exciting thing about owning a new product. We knew that the audience would appreciate an unboxing video that takes things to a whole new level.
The film has been viewed over 4 million times, was No.1 on, achieved widespread press coverage and has a 5 star rating on YouTube. Silver Lion.

4 – Axe Deodorant – RAVENSTOKE (2006)

The Viral Factory were briefed to create a viral film to build on the successful Lynx/Axe advertising campaign, “Spray More, Get More” in a new dimension for the world wide web.
A news reporter goes to Ravenstoke, Alaska to film a most unusual phenomenon. The people of Ravenstoke have resorted to drastic measures to attract more women to their town. They know how scent can attract the opposite sex, so they have sprayed their whole town with Lynx/Axe. Bronze Lion.

5 – Trojan Condoms – TROJAN GAMES (2004)

A viral video “out-take” of an athletics event called the Trojan Games. The client’s brief was to announce the launch of Trojan condoms in the UK. The objective was to create a viral effect among young men and women online. Gold Lion for the campaign.

6 – Samsung Digital Camcorder H205 – MASTER OF BUSINESS CARD THROWING (2010)

Here is a man who plays with the business card all the time.The whole thing was performed for the new Samsung Digital Camcorder H205 launch and it was also filmed by H205. It is like he is throwing a tiny ball or something sharp and the show is absolutely amazing!!! please check this out and enjoy the performance!

7 – Samsung Netbook n310 – COMPUTER IS ALIVE (2009)

Samsung’s successful viral marketing team is back with yet another video. This time they promote N310 laptop that does some interesting things on the trade floor.

8 – Samsung G800 – HOW WE MET (2008)

How we met was created for the launch of the new Samsung G800 mobile phone. Samsung’ objective was to appeal to the so-called ‘YouTube generation’ and create an engaging and entertaining film that would also showcase the new G800 phone’s 5 mega-pixel camera with unique 3x inner optical zoom.
1,622 photos were taken over four days to create a stop animation film of a Stickman and Stickwoman, which were drawn directly on to the skin of the main characters’ bodies in order to illustrate the story of how they met.
With over 9 million views the film has achieved widespread viral success. It was featured on the UK and global YouTube homepage, which is editorially controlled and cannot be brought for promotional purposes. Furthermore the film was awarded 31 Youtube honors, has been favourited 17,444 times and was recently nominated for ‘Most Creative video of 2007’ in the YouTube awards. Silver Lion.

9 – Samsung NV24HD Video Cameras – AMAZING YAWNING LIONS (2008)

10 – Samsung LED Television – EXTREME SHEEP LED ART (2009)

To support the launch of a new range of Samsung flat panel TV’s coming out that use LED’s, The Viral Factory were tasked with making a film that showed the wonder of LED technology.
Shot in Wales, with a cast of local shepherds, their sheepdogs and flocks, the film features 300 sheep wearing LED light up coats, being herded into a series of ever more improbable shapes and pictures. In the first three weeks from launch the film had achieved over 6.5 million views, has a 5 star rating and widespread international press coverage.

11 – Samsung Ultra Edition 2 – MILLIMETRES MATTER (2008)

To build awareness of Samsung’s new Ultra Edition II range of mobile phones, which includes the world’s slimmest phone at just 5.9mm thick, we created a film called Millimetres Matter. The distinctive slimness of the handsets and the smart technology features are captured in the balletic grace and beauty of the natural world under the microscope. The viral illustrates insects up close and personal, whilst playfully including a selection of minute pies and desserts which results in a microscopic pie fight – encapsulating the idea that millimetres really do matter. The film has been viewed over 3.4 million times across various tracked sites and achieved high levels of buzz with over 100 tracked blog posts. Qualitative, survey based, research also revealed that 56% thought the film was impressive and 34% said after viewing the film that they would consider purchasing a Samsung mobile. Shortlist.

12 – Samsung HD 8910 – CAMERA TRICK CHALLENGE (2009)

This clip was shot on an I8910 HD phone, a new camera phone just released by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera that can actually record and output video in HD format. It was shot in one take, with no post production or special effects of any kind. Everything you see here was done “in-camera”. Our challenge to you is to figure out how we did it. Hint: it’s worth watching in HD…

Here’s the making of the trick video

13 – Samsung Jet – SUPERFAST STUNT (2009)

Were you at London’s Piccadilly Circus on June 22 at 11.47am? Manage to catch a stunt involving a UFO and bungee jumping elephants. The event seems to have completely managed to escape the attention of the world’s media. But it all really happened if we’re to believe a new viral campaign to promote the alleged superfast capabilities of the Samsung Jet phone. A new video posted on YouTube entitled, Superfast Stunt, appears to show hoardes of shoppers milling about in Central London who are taken a back as a Jet branded UFO sweeps into view. Out leap two bungee jumping elephants who bounce back into the aircraft and zip off. It all happens in just a few seconds. Thankfully for Joe Public the action is caught on 52 hidden cameras. For everyone else, they haven’t got a chance of capturing this superfast stunt, unless they own a Samsung Jet Camera, of course. Cue interviews with observers talking about the amazing nature of what they’ve just seen, as if it’s been for real. “It was so quick I did manage to get a photo. I got a photo of the elephants,” says one young woman as she holds her Samsung Jet phone up to the camera….

14 – Qualcomm – BUTTERFLY ATTAK!

Leverage the possibilities offered by social media to create an attention-grabbing, irreverent April Fools Day gag which features Qualcomm innovations, involves actual Qualcomm employees, and lives beyond April 1st.
Create a gag, anchored by a soon-to-be-released Qualcomm product and a distinct character, that begins before April 1st and plays into the speculative nature of social engagement online.
Campaign Overview:
While at The Viral Factory, our team was approached by Qualcomm to create an April Fools Day campaign for 2010. Qualcomm was pleased with 2009’s effort and was looking to create an even larger, deeper, broader gag. With this in mind, our team developed a campaign that began in the days leading up to April Fools Day with the release of two amateur videos showing men being viciously attacked by butterflies. The videos came with no branding, no explanation, and no context. As expected, the social web began to speculate about where these videos came from—the videos were even aired on local news affiliates—and they quickly generated hundreds of thousands of views. On April 1st, Qualcomm released an emergency press conference, accompanied by takeovers of their Facebook and Twitter accounts, continually updating their audience with immensely serious butterfly safety tips and information about Dante Manscup, butterfly wrangler, and his sidekick Terrance the Rabbit. The campaign continued with the release of Qualcomm’s Butterfly Combat Simulator, a shareable facebook application featuring an animated Dante collecting dangerous butterflies in 5 different environments.
The gag consisted of 3 videos, a Twitter and Facebook takeover replete with dozens of posts and new profile copy, and a facebook application; all with Qualcomm’s fanpage serving as the central hub.The campaign accumulated 1.5 million views, over 700 blog posts, over 1,000 tweets, and saw a 25% increase in Qualcomm’s Facebook fans.
– 1.3 million+ views
– 700+ blog posts
– Increased Qualcomm Facebook likes by 25%
– Featured as editorial content on ESPN television
– Named as one of the top April Fool’s jokes of 2010 on,, PCWorld, Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Tech Digest, Asylum, Daily Finance, and more
– Front page of College Humor and Creativity Online
– Aired and placed on multiple local Fox news affiliates nation-wide
– Facebook & Twitter profiles linked to in majority of blog posts—with recommendations to visit in nearly all
– 850+ tweets
– 3000+ Facebook shares, 800+ Facebook likes


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